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AVG Racing - Comunicado n°1

31/05/10 A Winning Team
AVG Racing



After an extraordinary European KZ2 Championship with the late Thomas Knopper in 2007, the Dutch team AVG Racing has become a reference point on the international scene of karting. Worthy representative of the Italian brand PCR, the team led by Anton Van Grunsven - former international-level driver - keeps showing high skills and effectiveness. Manuel Renaudie and his team mates have already been able to benefit from it in 2010. And the game is not over yet...


European Championship, WSK Euro Series and German Championship: AVG Racing has started a long European tour that will continue for the whole season. In 2010, a few new drivers joined the Dutch team, including talented Manuel Renaudie, who is an expert in the KZ1 category. The French driver is now perfectly integrated in his new environment, as he himself explained. "I got in touch with AVG during winter. I knew the reliability of the team and the reputation of PCR, a brand I raced for for several years. With PCR collaboration and the technical support by TM, I believed we could achieve some nice results together".


The WSK Season started under the best auspices for Renaudie in La Conca (Southern Italy) with a third place in pre-final. Unfortunately, he had a slight collision at the start of the final, but the AVG Racing team and the driver arrived in Lonato - this time in Northern Italy - with the certainty they could rely on some very competitive equipment. Indeed, they got a nice fourth place in the final race. "We kept trying and our efforts were rewarded at the European Championship in Sarno, where I took the third step of the podium in Race 2 with the fastest lap during the race", Manu continued.


Unfortunately, luck was not always on Renaudie' side. At the third WSK round in Zuera, Renaudie achieved the pole position and won his two qualifying heats, but a mechanical breakage stopped him from competing for victory. And at the following meeting, in Genk, it was the sparking plug that got in the way of a good result. "It's part of the race", Manuel commented. "But I am really happy with my equipment. PCR has always manufactured some excellent karts and the Advance 2010 model is totally satisfactory". No doubt that AVG will be one of the protagonists by the end of the year...




PCR and AVG: a Beautiful Story


AVG Racing became PCR importer in the Netherlands over three years ago. Already on the first year of collaboration, the team celebrated its first major international title at the European KZ2 Championship, won by the late Thomas Knopper. In its headquarters north of Eindhoven, AVG has a nice working tool with warehouse and workshop. And indeed, Anton Van Grunsven does not limit himself to the role of team manager during races. He is also a well-know engine preparer. The "AVG Power" division motorises most of the team drivers, such as Aleksander Van Meever, Menno Meijers, Maiken Van Grunsven and Dylan Davies. Indeed, last 16th of May, in Kerpen, Manuel Renaudie won the first meeting of the German Championship at the wheel of a PCR equipped with a TM engine, prepared in the AVG workshops.

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