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SODI RACING TEAM - Comunicato n°50

01/10/10 Extraordinary Hat Trick for Sodi At Ostricourt GPO!
SODI RACING TEAM - Grand Prix Open Karting - Ostricourt



Three victories in the finals and as many in pre-finals, from KZ2 to KF3 as well as KF2: this was the fantastic result achieved by Sodi Racing Team at the Ostricourt French Championship. Overall, this means that at least 4 finals, 5 pre-finals and 4 pole positions - not to mention all the best lap times in race - came to reward all the efforts made by technicians and drivers during the GPO meeting held in northern France. Congratulations to winners Pierre Ragues, Alex Baron and Pierre Gasly as well as to the whole team for their hard work

However, the Ostricourt meeting was not all rest for drivers. On the contrary, the Ostricourt track was repeatedly washed by rain during this fourth GPO of the season and conditions kept changing due to Fall's sudden showers.


Unlike what happens usually, the leader and most battle-hardened driver of the Team, Anthony Abbasse (KZ2), had a series of problems in each of his races, so much so that he was forced to a few of the exciting catch-up races that are his trademark. With his 2nd and 4th place, however, Anthony scored many points and remains solidly in the lead of the French KZ2 Championship, now that the last meeting of Laval, at the end of October, is approaching.
And when it is not Anthony's Sodi that dominates KZ2, it is Pierre Ragues' kart that makes sparks fly. He was unbeatable this weekend: he only conceded a fourth best time in timed qualifying on Saturday, just in time to warm up and walk off with the whole jackpot on Sunday night.
Regardless of whether the track was dry, wet or both, none of his opponents, even the most brilliant, could dislodge the Norman driver and his ST32BV from the first place during the whole meeting.
A success that marks a milestone for this elegant and smiling champion, recent winner in the famous «Le Mans Series» (car racing) and now second in the French KZ2 Championship.


Podium-KF3.jpgKF3 drivers had not an easy task either, since in addition to changing weather conditions,  they had to put up with early wear of rain tyres, after their heavy use during the competition.

Though Charles Leclerc was often very fast, it was Pierre Gasly who had the final word.

 He followed a cautious approach on Saturday because his main concern was to manage his advantage in the Championship, but then he went for victory in the last final after being constantly on the attack. Léo Roussel, who brilliantly concluded the World Cup, climbed on the third step of the podium after a complicated debut in the meeting. Just like their team mates in KZ, Pierre and Charles occupy the first two places of KF3 provisional standings!

Finally, Alex Baron was the protagonist of a real show in KF2, on Sunday, both in dry and wet weather conditions. He put timed qualifying, pre-final and final straight in his pocket, with a long series of best lap times in race that discouraged his rivals. Like an experienced showman, Alex made a little excursion off track just when he was comfortably in the lead, during the final, and then caught up and passed without the slightest trouble the driver who had taken advantage of the situation, as if to demonstrate that Sodi chassis are really impossible to beat, in any circumstance. His American team mate Andrick Zeen achieved his best result of the season with an extraordinary 6th place conquered after a superb catch-up, with performances in timed qualifying that could only rival with those of Alex. Terrific!

After performances like these, which only confirmed the extraordinary effectiveness of Sodi chassis in all weather conditions - rain, dry, etc., the end of season promises to be brighter for the Sodi Racing Team!



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