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While the formations are nearing completion, WSK promotion has jsut planned the first 2008 event : it is scheduled a free practice session for all th registered teams, from january 24th to 26th. Th tests will take place at La Conca International Circuit, which will host afterwards the openning race of the season. The three-days session will be organised in minute details in order to ensure the best performances to the work that the teams will carry out. For them, among other opportunities there will be a verification of lap time thanks to the presence a timekeeper team of Italien Timekeepers Federation that will stay at the complex throughout the tests. The partcicpation to the test session is subjetc to booking, to send by e-mail to

During the january free parctice, the main field of action will be the tyres, in fixed supply to every category also for the next year : indeed, before the tests begin, it will be defined the assignment of the three main brends (Bridgestone, Dunlop and Vega) to the categories KF2, KF3 and KZ2. Concerning the KF1, it has been already officialized the supply of the Bridgestone special compound tyres, the same ones adopted in the CIK-FIA championships.


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