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Beitske VISSER - Communiqué n°24

28/06/11 The Successful Series Continues
Beitske VISSER - WSK - Euro Series - La Conca



Fully confident after her recent performance at the European Championship and her victories at the WSK Master Series as well as the BNL Series, Beitske Visser moved up another level on the La Conca circuit. She celebrated her first WSK Euro Series podium in KZ1, after battling with the world karting elite as equal during the whole weekend. Hard efforts made by this 16-year old Dutch girl proved fruitful again...


Beitske Visser continued to exploit at best all her female sensibility and her strive for perfection, two elements that allow her to improve her performances at each race. In the blazing hot temperatures of southern Italy, she had to keep her head cool and analyse the situation at best to adapt the set up of her equipment to the extreme heat and grip conditions experienced by drivers.
"The track had been resurfaced not long before the race. With the scorching temperatures we experienced, the asphalt grip was incredible, with almost 45° C on the ground. It was physically demanding. One had to remain focussed, keep the good trajectory and make no mistakes", the Dutch girl commented. But thanks to her numerous trips all over Europe, and especially to Italy, Beitske has always shown good adaptation to these high grip conditions.
She immediately staged the fourth best performance during timed qualifying. After some very good qualifying heats, she made an excellent start in Final 1. In the lead pack the battle was raging. "Unfortunately the end of the race was hard because of a problem with my front wheels. But I fought until the end to keep Marco Ardigo behind me and conquer the 5th place".
The following day, her Intrepid chassis with Praga colours was always very effective in high grip conditions. With her TM engines prepared by the Tec-Sav French team, she even went as high as second in one heat, where she also set the second fastest time in the race. "Again, I made a very good start when Final 2 start lights went off. Lap after lap, the positions began to settle. I was fourth on track, but I saw that a driver had been inflicted a penalty, so I preferred to secure my place and climb on the third step of the podium. After the lack of success I had experienced at my first WSK Euro Series meetings, I was happy with this result".
In Final 2, the number of points is higher than in the first final, so Beitske Visser made a jump forward up to 10th in the WSK provisional standings, with only one meeting to go.



WSK Euro Series

Since the European Championship and the World Cup are held in just one meeting, the WSK Euro Series is the most important of the events integrating more meetings (4 in 2011). In the KZ1 group where Beitske Visser races, the best world drivers are not willing to make favours. Special attention is required, first to keep one's place and then to move up the order. Perfectly integrated in this very difficult category despite her young age (16) and her still limited experience in KZ1, Beitske drives a 125cc gearbox kart with 45 HP power for just 175 kg. As for the weight-power ratio, it is definitely the very best that can be found in traditional karting!

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