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Beitske VISSER - Communiqué n°3

21/04/10 The Podium: A Good Habit for Beitske
Beitske VISSER - WSK - Euro Series - Zuera



Karting is a difficult discipline, both from a driving and technical point of view, but it becomes even more complex when it reaches international level. Good results are never easy to achieve, but repeating positive results is even more challenging. In Spain, at the third round of the WSK Euro Series, Beitske Visser overcame the difficulties inherent in this sport to climb on the podium again. The rest of the season can be seen in a more optimistic light now...


After stopping at the two Italian circuits of Muro Leccese and Lonato in March, the WSK Euro Series moved to Spain, near Saragossa. The Zuera track has been tailor made for the 125cc gearbox karts that Beitske Visser drives this season in the KZ2 category. "Here we reach very high speeds, it is really cool. There are several parts where you can overtake and my equipment is working better and better. Free practice went fine, I feel confident about the race", the fast Dutch girl commented.

KSP_129_3569.jpgOfficial competition started with timed qualifying. Beitske was fourth in her category. According to the programme, each driver has to go through two qualifying heats and drivers are not willing to show generosity within the pack. At the wheel of her Intrepid-TM, she was not intimidated and took advantage of the situation to set some excellent lap times. "I love it when the track gets covered with rubber deposits and grip increases more and more during the race".

Unfortunately, this situation changed on Sunday, after rain fell on part of Spain. "We had to start from zero with adjustments", Beitske pointed out. "But it takes more than that to discourage me, so I started the final phase armed to the teeth. I felt my performance was going better lap after lap and I even gained one place". In addition to that, the KZ2 category is integrated with the KZ1 pack, which gathers the most experienced kart drivers at international level. "Making your own race while fighting against more experienced drivers is highly motivating".

In the final race, Beitske Visser distinguished herself on the two scoreboards: second in the final race in KZ2 and in the top 10 in the overall standings. "For the time being, Italian De Conto is my reference point in the category. He has won again this time, but I keep getting closer to him. I even managed to drive faster than him in the final race and my goal is to beat him soon. I am really determined to do that".

She is definitely one of the most well-known girls in international karting, propelled to second place in the championship now that three out of five WSK Euro Series rounds have already taken place.



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