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Kevin SUSILO - Communiqué n°7

28/04/10 Kevin Susilo: An Indonesian in Europe!
Kevin SUSILO - European Championship - Wackersdorf



As always, the debut of the international season is always a very busy time and Kevin Susilo has already attended five important meetings in 2010, in addition to a few test sessions to fine-tune his preparation. Now this young Indonesian promise who races in the KF2 category knows his DR-Parilla very well, and he can exploit the qualities of his kart to their full extent. Willing and ready to enter the top 10...


France, Italy, Belgium or Spain... Kevin Susilo continues to visit countries where great champions of karting and car racing wrote the most beautiful pages of history. But though this path seems natural for a European driver, it is much less so for this young Indonesian, who left his country to the conquest of karting championships organised in the old continent!


Kevin.jpgWhat is his goal? To reach the top at international level as quickly as possible. In order to do that, he can benefit from the precious advice by Italian Danilo Rossi, who was five time karting Word Champion. Rossi has recently launched his own brand of karts, DR, and Kevin is one of his proud representatives. "I know that the team is doing the maximum for me and this pushes me to do likewise", Kevin pointed out. "But I have just made my debut in KF2 and this is not the easiest category. Many drivers are more or less on the same level. One or two tenths plus or minus can make you gain or lose many places. You cannot relax, ever, and you always have to try and go as fast as possible. The same is true in the pack. There is always a rival who puts you under pressure. It's an excellent school of life, though. For the time being, I keep improving and I have demonstrated that I can beat drivers more experienced that I am. I am going to continue like that".


As we can see, Kevin Susilo does not lack determination and this quality has already made him emerge in several occasions. In March, at the Andrea Margutti Trophy in Castelletto di Branduzzo, a circuit South of Milan, he reached the final phase and demonstrated how better he is in the rain. The following week, he did even better in Lonato, at the second round of the WSK. After a clean race during the qualifying heats, where he landed three times in the top 10, he finished 14th out of 84 starting drivers. "I was immensely pleased with this result and it was a great disappointment to be forced to abandon the pre-final and then the final. I had a real chance to re-enter the top 10".


Kevin did not have a chance to take his revenge at the following WSK meeting in Zuera (Spain) because a few race and mechanical problems had the better of his motivation. Now the young Indonesian is heading to Germany and the Wackersdorf circuit, for the debut of the European KF2 Championship...

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