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The last qualifying heats for KF on Sunday morning have changed the classification: Ilott and Russell went out in the traditional start crash, Nielsen was delayed in the same way in the next. Karol Basz (Tony Kart / Vortex) regained the lead of the class ahead of George Russell (Birel / TM) and Dorian Boccolacci (Energy / TM) were back on the second row, but on the inside! Nicklas Nielsen (Kosmic / Vortex) will be at his side and Armand Convers (Kosmic / Vortex) behind him ... Callum Ilott (Zanardi / Parilla) is 7th, Lance Stroll (Zanardi / Parilla) ninth, Ben Barnicoat (ART GP / TM) 10th and Alex Palou (CRG / Parilla) 14th because of a penalty. Valentin Moineault (ART GP / TM) ensured his qualification in 18th position despite a penalty of 3'' behind Martin Kodric (FA Kart / Vortex) who claimed two straight wins.



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The Brazilian Felipe Braga (Veloz Management) finds some of his favorite element, the sun on Sunday morning WSK Euro Series at La Conca.




Philosophical despite his 54th position in the rankings, Max Defourny says at least he will not be pushing at the start of the prefinal, starting so far back. After all, he only has ten places to recover to qualify!




For Anton Van Grunsven, life is beautiful in red at AVG Racing.




Gabi Aubry, in the morning and but still smiling, 100% happy with his life as a driver.




An enigmatic relationship with his model for the photographer Giovanni Cuna ...



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Leonardo Lorandi (Tony Kart / Vortex) has at last overtaken his brother, Alessio, in the qualifying heats of the WSK Euro Series in La Conca. More consistent, he finished first in the standings in KFJ, with only one win, followed by the Briton Tom Bale (FA Kart / Vortex) and then Alessio third. The Indian Jehan Daruvala (FA Kart / Vortex) confirmed his growing potential with his 4th place ahead of the Russian Nikita Sitnikov (Tony Kart / BMB). The highest score would have gone to the British driver Lando Norris (FA Kart / Vortex) with 3 wins, if he hadn't been penalized 10'' during his first heat for a questionable maneuver.

There was a good performance for the American Devlin DeFrancesco (CRG / Vortex) in eighth position, still only on his second event in the category. The top French driver in 26th is Gabriel Aubry (Birel / TM) with inconsistent performances, and Julien Darras (Tony Kart / Parilla) suffered mechanical problems in 33rd position and is not yet strong enough, a problem that also affected Arthur Lehouck's (Lenzo / LKE) results significantly in 41st. In 54th, Max Defourny (Kosmic / TM) has had a hard day with problems on the track.

But this hierarchy may be changed during the two pre-finals on Sunday morning, where the top 17 will get into the final.



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Francesco Celenta (Zanardi / TM), Riccardo Negro (DR / TM) and Marco Zanchetta (Maranello / TM) were at the front of the first KZ2 final at La Conca during the first half of the race before Negro gained some distance from his classmates. Daniele Delli Compagni (CRG / TM) then joined the small group. Next Jan Midrla (Birel / TM) and Tomi Dragan (Lenzo / LKE), mingled with the fight, while Negro won the final with a lead of 2.5''. Midrla climbed into second position, ahead of Dragan and Zanchetta. Simas Juodvirsis (Energy / TM) was fifth, Celenta sixth and the French driver Maxime Roy (Birel / TM) was seventh for his first race in the at AVG Birel Racing.



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Although it was dry, the start of Final 1 in KZ1 set the tone of the race. Jorrit Pex (CRG / TM) took advantage of Max Verstappen (CRG / TM), Marco Ardigo (Tony Kart / Vortex) started very quickly, but Ben Hanley (ART GP / TM) dropped down the standings. Jérémy Iglesias (Lenzo / LKE) jumped into fourth position behind Ardigo, Jonathan Thonon (CRG / Maxter) was fifth ahead of Jordon Lennox-Lamb (CRG / Maxter) and Kozlinski (Birel / TM).

Iglesias was well on the pace in 3rd position, Thonon retired with a mechanical failure and Paolo De Conto (Birel / TM) climbed inexorably. Verstappen managed to take advantage of Pex halfway through and both CRGs got away. Ardigo fought bravely but lost places, De Conto finally took third position and in fourth Lennox-Lamb set the fastest lap. Iglesias finished 5th from Kozlinski, Hajek was 7th, Andrea Dale (CRG / Maxter) 8th, Ardigo 9th and Roberto Toninelli (Birel / TM) 10th.



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