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International > CIK-FIA European Championship

Paolo De Conto (Energy / TM) came into play during the second qualifying heat for KZ1 at Wackersdorf on pole next to Jérémy Iglesias (Intrepid / TM). They were followed on the second row by Roberto Toninelli (Lenzo / TM) and Beitske Visser (Intrepid / TM). We were also watching 5th placed Bas Lammers (Intrepid / TM) who will do anything to get back in the fight. 10th on the grid, Marco Ardigo (Tony Kart / Vortex) managed to win the previous race starting from the same position. The track was dry.




De Conto, Iglesias, then later Visser, and Convers tailgating Lammers, the start was better this time.
L2: Lammers attacked Convers for 3rd place, Visser lost places to go 8th.
L3: De Conto escaped on the lead (+0.6'') and Toninelli moved up to 5th.
L4: Lammers went into 3rd. Anthony Abbasse (Sodi / Maxter) was 12th, with the fastest lap.
L5: Lammers overtook his teammate Iglesias to gain 2nd.
L6: De Conto led by 1.3'' from Lammers, Iglesias, Toninelli, Convers, Lavanant, Brenna, Ardigo, and Visser.
L8: Ardigo in 8th, threatened Brenna.
L10: Behind De Conto, there was a bundled pack of 4 drivers. Ardigo passed Brenna.
L11: Lammers got away from Iglesias, followed closely by Toninelli. Ardigo was repassed by Lavanant.
L12: Brenna attacked Abbasse for 8th, while De Brabander, in 17th was the fastest on the track.
Finish: Victory for De Conto, far ahead of Lammers, Iglesias, then Toninelli in 4th, Convers 5th, Ardigo 6th, Abbasse 7th and Lavanant 8th. Visser finished 12th.



Info Kartcom with Kartlink / © Photo KSP



The rain has moved away from Wackersdorf and it was a totally dry track for the 1st qualifying heat for KZ1; A against C. Jonathan Thonon (CRG / Maxter) and Jérémy Iglesias (Intrepid / TM) were on the front row, followed by Rick Dreezen (Tony Kart / Vortex) and Beitske Visser (Intrepid / TM). Iglesias took the advantage initially, but a collision at the first corner changed the game, Alessandro Bressan (CKR / TM), was in second position ahead of Marco Ardigo (Tony Kart / Vortex) and Simone Brenna (TB Kart / TM). Thonon and Carlton had retired, Piccioni was 23rd and Visser 24th. Kozlinski was also at the back. Simo Puhakka (PCR / TM) advanced to the third.

Ardigo took control on the 4th lap by passing Iglesias, Puhakka was now 21st. Brenna was behind Iglesias, then it was Dreezen and Convers. At the halfway point, Ardigo was 2.5 seconds ahead of Brenna, who was being tailgated by Dreezen. Convers went 4th and 5th was Bressan. On lap 8, Brenna lost 3 places in favor of Dreezen, Bressan and Convers. Kozlinski and Visser ran together behind the pack, but Koko was lapped. Convers remained on Dreezen's bumper. Ardigo won ahead of Dreezen and Convers, Bressan finished 4th, 5th was Iglesias.



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The weather has been beautiful so far in Bavaria, but the cloud cover was increasing from the start of time trials for the KF1 World Championship in Wackersdorf. Paolo De Conto (Energy / TM) was long leader of the 1st group standings, but Jonathan Thonon (CRG / Maxter) finished strongly with a time of 48''142, 1 tenth ahead of his opponents. In 3rd, Jérémy Iglesias (Intrepid / TM) was in front of Rick Dreezen (Tony Kart / Vortex) and Roberto Toninelli (Lenzo / TM). Beitske Visser (Intrepid / TM) was ranked sixth in front of Alessandro Bressan (CKR / TM) and Bas Lammers (Intrepid / TM) who was slightly behind.

There were a few drops of rain for the second session. The times were approximately four tenths slower than in series 1 and Kozlinski (CRG / Maxter) was fastest in the early laps, ahead of Marco Ardigo (Tony Kart / Vortex) . But it all changed in the final seconds: Yannick De Brabander (Parolin / TM) set a fastest lap with a time of 48''532 ahead of Ardigo who improved and Tony Lavanant (PCR / TM). Koko did not go fast enough to get better than 5th. Abbasse finished 7th, 10th was Mich.



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International > World Karting Championship



Mikko Pakari (Maranello / Maranello) and Matias Köykkä (CRG / Maxter) had a few laps at the top of the table in the first group for timed qualifying in KF1 at Wackersdorf before Nyck De Vries (Zanardi / Parilla) set a 49''662. But Leo Roussel (Sodi / Parilla) surprised everyone at the end of session by setting provisional pole with 48''601.

The second session was wet and performanced dropped by about 30'' on slick tires. Therefore, the tightrope walkers were playing their trump card, Dylan Lahaye (Maranello / Maranello) was doing very well with 1'20''757, 3 full seconds faster than Sébastien Bailly (Kosmic / Vortex) and Chris Lock (Tony Kart / Vortex). Chamberlain and De Ridder did not even set a time.


As might be expected, Leo Roussel took pole for the final later in the day. Lahaye is on the front row in Race 1 on Saturday afternoon, De Vries and Bailly on the second.



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International > "U18" World Karting Championship



30 days from D-Day, the count-down has begun for the 134 Drivers who will take part in the second edition of the CIK-FIA “U18” World Championship and Academy Trophy. Within one month they will have found a shelter under the tents pitched by the CIK-FIA in the paddock of Ortona, in Italy, and will get ready to discover, for most of them, this new circuit which saw the light only just a few months ago on the initiative of the Dragani father & son. The complex is bound to appeal to the Drivers with its 1,500 metres course, complete infrastructures, vast paddock and, should the summer be up to its reputation in the Abruzzi region, its pleasant weather conditions.

The majority of “U18” Drivers (13 out of 83) and chassis brands (12 out of 15) are Italian, so they will race on home ground and try to make the most of it before the following stages, scheduled for France and Bahrain.

Any advantage or big Championship lead after the first event will however have less impact than in 2010 because since the “U18” World Championship (as well as the Academy Trophy in fact) comprises three events only, the point allocation has been revised. Whereas in 2010 only the top 15 of the Final of each event scored Championship points, the 2011 point-scale has provisions for allocating some points to all the finalists, according to a degressive scale from 50 points for the winner to 7 points for the 34th classified Driver. There will also be points for the top 15 after the marathon constituted by the 15 qualifying heats! Finally, to give the B Final an interest that the former consolation final did not have, the top 6 of the “little” final will be awarded a few Championship points (from 6 points for the winner to 1 point for the 6th). The B Final to be held on the Sunday afternoon will concern Drivers classified between 35th and 68th further to the heats. The racing programme of the Sunday afternoon will thus be reinforced and Drivers will have more track time. So this is for everyone’s benefit, Competitors, Public and Organisers.



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