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National Event > FFSA Karting

Teddy Legendre (Tony Kart / TM) won the prefinal ahead of Guillaume Capietto (ART GP / TM) in KZ125 Gentleman then Thomas Bailly (Tony Kart / Maxter), Fabrice Quaix (PCR / TM) and Romuald Beauvois (PCR / TM).



Legendre started perfectly while Capietto was locked up.and then down to 33rd. Yannick Savard (Birel / TM) moved up to second from Franck Savouret (FA Kart / Maxter), Benjamin Sionville (Sodi / Pavesi) and Bruno Bénabent (Kosmic / TM). Savard took the lead from the 3rd lap and Legendre threatened Savouret. The leader increased his lead so, 1.5'' after 6 laps with the remaining three pursuers together. Savouret was passed by Sionville and Legendre was fourth before giving up. Bénabent and Beauvois rejoined the chasing group formed by Savouret and Sionville with Erwan Boisnard (Tony Kart / TM) and Marc Berteaux (Birel / TM) on their heels.

Savard created a gap then therefore Boisnard passed for fourth behind Savouret and Sionville. Boisnard then resumed third position from Sionville. It was near the end of the race. Yannick Savard won the Coupe de France KZ125 Gentleman after takinf the French Championship at Mirecourt. Franck Savouret, who had lost his second place in Lorraine after a penalty, was this time on the second step of the podium ahead of Erwan Boisnard, Benjamin Bénabent and Bruno Sionville.



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International > GPO Karting



Another title was awarded after the final of KF2 under the now grey sky at Laval. Valentin Moineault (Tony Kart / Vortex) went on the attack when the lights went green while Pascal Belmaaziz (DR / Vortex) didn't waste time. Nicolas Gonzales (DR / Vortex) led the first lap ahead of Moineault and Hubert Petit (Sodi / Parilla). Belmaaziz immediately regained third position. Paul Boutonnet (Tony Kart / Parilla) advanced to sixth from Sébastien Bailly (Swiss Hutless / TM) and Anthoine Hubert (Tony Kart / Vortex). Belmaaziz took second from the third lap ahead of Moineault, but received a warning for the race start as the external file started earlier.

Hubert returned to the lead, sharing the fastest time with Gonzales. Gonzales and Belmaaziz were slightly further back, Moineault was closely followed by Boutonnet and Hubert who was putting the pressure on. Boutonnet reacted, passing Moineault, Hubert also passed his teammate. Gonzales was a good 3 tenths ahead of Belmazziz, Boutonnet, in third, closed, Hubert in fourth was a bit far back. At the finish Belmaaziz was clearly the leader. But Gonzales won the race ahead of his teammate, third was Boutonnet then Moineault returned to 4th from Hubert Petit, Compere and Bailly.

Belmaaziz's penalty cost him the title, the problem is that we believe responsibility was not clearly established in this case.




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It was overcast at the start of the KF3 final, but rain was not forecasted. A crash decimated the second group, but the lead remained with Jules Bollier (Kosmic / Parilla), ahead of Callum Ilott (Zanardi / Parilla). Gabriel Aubry (Birel / TM) was barely in the hunt, from fourth, he lost six places in the middle of the circuit. Darras, Leuillet and Lessennes were on the sidelines. Ilott was a victim of neglect, Emilein Carde (Kosmic / Parilla) was injured, not seriously, after a contact.

The race was still conducted led by Bollier, who had a big lead, ahead of Arthur Lehouck (Sodi / Parilla) and Matteo Raspatelli (Tony Kart / Parilla), 4th was Jérémy Demarque (Sodi / Parilla), 5th was Aubry back with the fastest lap. The chasing group of 4 drivers was very nervous. Raspatelli could not keep pace with his opponents, Aubry captured second place with Demarque who was very incisive in his wake with Lehouck 4th and 5th Raspatelli. Sixth, ahead of Bonduel was Valentin Naud (Kosmic / Parilla), Paolo Besancenez (Sodi / Parilla) and Dorian Guldenfels (Sodi / Parilla).

Bollier had a lead of nearly 3'', Aubry failed to pass Demarque, but retained his second position to the finish to win the title.




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Charles Fiault (Sodi / Maxter) made the best start in the final, Maxime Roy (Tony Kart / TM) followed closely, Christophe Benoit (Birel / TM) wasnt intimidated by Nolan Mantione (Birel / TM) and ensured his third place ahead of James Glenister (Kosmic / TM). The top 3 were the fastest, Mantione was back to fourth from Amos Mechoulam (DR / Vortex). Fiault remained the race leader. Had Roy made his calculations and knew this would give him the title? It was quite possible.



Actually, no, Roy grabbed the lead on lap 10 after the fastest lap. Mantione went off the track in right after the start, apparently with tires worn to the limit. Roy escaped irretrievably to win the title after successive fastest laps. Benoit didnt abandon his hopes of taking second position from Fiault, but he could not pass.

Indisputable victory went to Maxime Roy, synonymous with the national title in KZ2, and ahead of Charles Fiault and Christophe Benoit. The podium was also the final ranking of the French Championship.



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Pascal Belmaaziz (DR / Vortex) started well in the pre-final in KF2, followed closely by Anthoine Hubert (Tony Kart / Vortex), Nicolas Gonzales (DR / Vortex), Hubert Petit (Sodi / Parilla), and Paul Boutonnet (Tony Kart / Parilla ), who soon returned to the pits. Gonzales took second, Hubert Petit was now third. Sébastien Bailly (Swiss Hutless / TM) advanced to 6th place ahead of Valentin Moineault (Tony Kart / Vortex).

The top four widened the gap from the 5th, Bryan Laloux (Kosmic / Vortex). Bailly stopped on the track on lap 7, Moineault returned to 6th. Gonzales was close to his teammate, a tenth separated them on the 9th lap. Victor Compere (Kosmic / Parilla) returned to freewheel. Hubert retired on lap 13. The race was won by Gonzales who passed Belmaaziz on the last round, 3rd was Petit and Laloux finished 4th, Moineault was 5th.



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