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Sebastien Bourdais won the repechage from Robert Wickens. There was a big fight between Franck Montagny and Jerome D'Ambrosio which finished to the benefit of the Belgian driver on the line and top three qualified for the finals of ERDF Kart Masters on Saturday. After unbearable suspense, the audience greeted the qualification of Montagny with in excess of 100 dB encouragement.


Sébastien Ogier and Jean-Eric Vergne were ahead at the start of the Stars final, but he rubbed against the Red Bull driver on the 2nd lap and was out in the Tecpro. Vergne moved to the front and took off, but his machine was affected by a power problem. Meanwhile, Stéphane Sarrazin and Jules Bianchi were fighting, Bianchi pulled off incredible braking so was able to drop Sarrazin. Bianchi increased the pace and closed the gap on the leader who tried everything on a damaged kart, so much so that he went wide which let Bianchi past.


Bianchi added his name to the new honours list of the ERDF Kart Masters, JEV took the second step of the podium and Stephane Sarrazin the third. But the party continues on Sunday with a program similar to Saturday which will offer great opportunities for revenge ...



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Dorian Boccolacci part en 1ère position de la finale des Juniors, samedi à Bercy. Mais le Monégasque Charles Leclerc passe rapidement à l'attaque et s'échappe vers une victoire grandement méritée. Derrière lui, Esteban Ocon a pris l'avantage sur ses adversaires qui continuent à se battre pour la 3ème place : Florian Latorre, puis Dennis Olsen menacent tour à tour Boccolacci qui fait mieux que résister pour conserver sa place sur le podium. 


De la bagarre, il y en a aussi en queue de peloton. Anthoine Hubert, Paolo Besancenez derrière Stroll le 6ème, Callan O'Keffe qui monte sur George Russell avec des lourdes conséquences pour le résultat final de ces deux Britanniques décidément peu gâtés. Leclerc reçoit sa coupe de vainqueur des mains de Nicolas Deschaux, le président de la FFSA, Ocon 2ème et Boccolacci 3ème.



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Sébastien Ogier won the first semi-final thanks to an excellent start. Jules Bianchi made a spectacular ascent to the cheers of the public who stood up at each of his passes. The Ferrari driver finished a magnificent second place ahead of Lombard, the pole man, Gary Paffett and Sebastien Loeb - the top 5 drivers are qualified for the finals.


Superb on his own at the top of the semi-final 2 was an imperious Jean-Eric Vergne. Stephane Sarrazin overtook Romain Grosjean who finished fourth behind the Portuguese Filipe Albuquerque. In fifth, Tristan Vautier gained access to the grand final.


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There was a big bang from Olivier Lombard with 31''044 in Qualifying so he won the pole position in the ERDF Kart Masters at Bercy on Saturday night. The fight for second place was fierce with Sebastien Ogier tough to beat, but finally dislodged by Romain Grosjean, despite a fairly serious contact with the Tecpro, with a time of 31''221. Jean-Eric Vergne took fourth ahead of Sebastien Loeb who delighted the Bercy arena again and ended with a spectacular spin on the line.



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Charles Leclerc, on pole, reacted quickly when the lights went out, which was not the case for Esteban Ocon who had a problem with his throttle and couldn't start. Leclerc pulled away from his pursuers, Anthoine Hubert, Paolo Besancenez and George Russell. Further back, Dorian Boccolacci and Florian Latorre were fighting. Boccolacci attacked Russell under braking and lost 2 positions. Ocon was back in eighth place. Hubert now threatened Besancenez for second place, while still resisting Boccolacci and Latorre.


Leclerc happily won the race in front of Hubert then Besancenez third, Boccolacci fourth, Latorre 5th. So this was the first kart race for the electric Sodi, the STX. We'll have to get used to the almost total silence of the machine of the future. Fortunately, three speakers were running and the public were enthusiastic, so the atmosphere is warm at Bercy and that's good.



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