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Under grueling heat, the KZ drivers just finished their two heats on Saturday. In KZ2, Simas Juodvirsis (Energy / TM) is on pole with a win and a second place ahead of Mirko Torsellini (Tony Kart / Vortex), also a winner, but fourth in the second race. Joel Johansson (Energy / TM) was then ahead of Riccadro Negro (DR / TM). There was an interesting seventh position for Clement Da Silva (Praga / TM). Jordon Lennox-Lamb (CRG / Maxter) was delayed by clutch problems in race one, but was able to climb into fifth in race 2.

There was a great duel between Jorrit Pex (CRG / TM) and Ben Hanley (ART GP / TM) in KZ1, with a small advantage for the Dutch over the British driver. Marco Ardigo (Tony Kart / Vortex) with 4th and 6th is third for the start of final one. Anthony Abbasse (Sodi / Maxter) finished second in heat 1, but had to retire in heat 2, as Paolo De Conto (Birel / BMB), was fourth in heat 1 and in heat 2 retired. Kozlinski (PCR / TM) started with a retirement before rising to seventh in the last hear.



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The program of the day is running a little late after the sort of incident that one does not want to see on a kart track. At the finish of the KF3 BD race, two drivers, at the back of the pack, made contact close to the line and came off the track at full speed, one of them hitting the official waving the checkered flag. Hit in the legs and shoulder after going flying, the unfortunate official was evacuated by ambulance, but his condition did not seem very serious.



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But where is Ilott? He had already passed for top of the SuperPole ...


In KF3, Callum Ilott (Zanardi / Parilla) confirmed his domination by winning the Superpole ahead of a brilliant Bryan Elpitiya (Zanardi / Parilla) by 5/100, 3rd George Russell (Intrepid / Vortex).

Antonio Fuoco (Kosmic / Vortex) finished on the wire perfectly equal with Ben Barnicoat (ART GP / Parilla) who was leading for much of the session. Nicklas Nielsen (Kosmic / Vortex) was the second official Kosmic in the top three in front of Olsen and Tiene. Charles Leclerc (ART GP / Parilla) experienced technical problems which didn't not allow him to defend his position.



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The KZ1 waited until the last 4 minutes of their session to take to the track where the temperature has now reached 40 degrees. Everything will hang virtually on a single lap. Jorrit Pex (CRG / TM) won with 58'' 526 in front of Anthony Abbasse (Sodi / Maxter) and Ben Hanley (ART GP / TM). Paolo De Conto (Birel / BMB) finished fourth in front of Patrik Hajek (Praga / Parilla). It was not certain whether these lap times indicate the true hierarchy of performance. The future races will probably show more clearly, as each competitor will need to manage their tyres well.



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Riccardo Negro (DR / TM) led the way in qualifying in KZ2, Mirko Torsellini (Tony Kart / Vortex) replied, Negro returns, then Joel Johansson (Energy / TM) invited himself into 2nd place ahead of teammate Simas Juodvirsis, then Torsellini took pole but Negro did not let it go and set pole with 59'' 539, and Torsellini second, Johansson third, Juodvirsis fourth, Philipp Orcic (CRG / TM) fifth, Jordon Lennox-Lamb (CRG / Maxter) sixth by 2.4 tenths.



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