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The sky had been overcast for some time over South Garda Karting when the KF-Junior started for their final. Kush Maini (Tony Kart / Vortex) not only managed his start well, and also gained a second on the first lap against Davide Vidales (Energy / TM) who passed Teddy Wilson (Zanardi / Parilla). Zahar Slutskiy (DR / TM) was up to 4th, followed by Lorenzo Colombo (Tony Kart / LKE). Sanctioned in the prefinal, Artem Petrov (DR / TM) lost even more ground in the early laps, while Ivan Shetsov (Tony Kart / Vortex), also penalised 10'', returned quickly to 6th position behind Marta Garcia who recovered 5th after passing Slutskiy earlier. The other driver punished in the prefinal, Noah Watt (FA Kart / Vortex) gained 16 places by halfway and moved into the top 10 with very fast times.


Maini was not worried in the lead, but Colombo fought Wilson and came back to Vidales. The expected attack took place on the 15th of 20 laps, and Colombo went 2nd. Garcia then fought with Vidales and Wilson, and the group was joined by Watt. The attacks were occurring at a rapid pace. Garcia paid the price and dropped to 14th which calmed the game down a bit. Maini won without challenge from Colombo and Vidales. Watt missed the podium after a memorable race: fastest lap time and 22 places. Shetsov finished 5th, Fredrik Vesti (Energy / TM) 6th, Wilson 7th and Slutskiy 8th.



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Leonardo Marseglia (CRG / TM) started by taking pole position over the 37 drivers in 60 Mini at the 26th Andrea Margutti Trophy in front of Marzio Moretti (Tony Kart / TM), Giuseppe Fusco (Tony Kart / TM), Luca Giardelli (Tony Kart / TM) and Lorenzo Ferrari (Tony Kart / TM). In the wake Marseglia won his two races and was at the head of the class on Saturday night, always closely tailed by Moretti and Giardelli while Mattia Michelotto (Energy / Parilla) made his debut in the top five ahead of Fusco.


Moretti kept the pressure on Marseglia during the prefinal while Michelotto led the way behind the two leaders before being surpassed by Giardelli at halfway. Moretti ended up attacking at the exit of the last corner and finished 43 thousandths from Marseglia who put on a brave face. Giardelli finished 3rd, Fusco took up 4th on the final lap at the expense of Michelotto.


The start of the final didn't change the positions in the top four, Jacopo Giudetti (Tony Kart / TM) just about the getting the better of Michelotto in 5th position. But this stability didn't last. Marseglia immediately went on the attack to return to his favourite position, the lead, in front of Moretti. Fusco also increased the pace in 3rd position ahead of Giardelli. The top four quickly built a big gap to the pack led by Michelotto and Francesco Crescente (Energy / TM) in 6th, Jose Antonio Gomez (Croc Promotion / TM) 7th and Tereza Babickova (Tony Kart / TM) qualified through the Repechage, in 8th.


Fusco passed Moretti to take 2nd place on lap 7, while Giardelli was pushing Moretti in 4th place. Fusco then threatened the leader Marseglia and attempted a daring attack on the last lap under braking that didn't come off. Marseglia therefore won the Margutti Trophy in 60 Mini after having long been the leader. There was a good recovery for Fusco on the second step of the podium in front of Moretti, Giardelli finished 4th, Crescente 5th with the fastest lap and Michelotto 6th.



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Lorenzo Lapina (Italcorse / Modena) took the lead at the start of the KZ2 prefinal but gave up after a technical problem before he had completed the first lap, leaving Alexander Schmitz (Tony Kart / Vortex) to regain the lead. But Massimo Dante (Maranello / TM) soon went on the attack to take control, while Davide Fore (CRG / TM) puts pressure on Schmitz and stole his 2nd place on the 4th lap. The top three dug out a significant gap on the peloton led by John Norris (Mach1 / TM) ahead of Enrico Bernardotto (Maranello / Modena) 5th and Sauro Cesetti (Jesolo / TM) 6th.


From 8th place, Tommaso Mosca (Maranello / TM) had already regained 5th ahead of Sean Babington (Energy / Parilla). Fore took Dante under braking on lap 13 and Schmitz took the opportunity to go 2nd. At the same time Cesetti captured 5th place. A long way back, Lorenzo Gianonni crashed and gave up. Schmitz became very threatening in the last two laps, but Fore resisted and won the race by 61 mils. Dante finished third by a little distance, with Bernadotto 4th by more than 4.5'' then Norris 5th, Mosca 6th, Giacomo Pollini (CKR / TM) 7th and Maxim Martynyuk (CRG / Modena), who set the fastest lap, in 8th.


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There was a perfect start for Kush Maini (Tony Kart / Vortex) in the KF-Junior Prefinal in the 2015 Margutti Trophy, closely followed by Noah Watt (FA Kart / Vortex). A clash cleared the ranks in the pack. Teddy Wilson (Zanardi / Parilla) took the lead on the 2nd lap ahead of Maini, while Watt fell down the grid. Ivan Shvetsov (Tony Kart / Vortex) got 3rd place ahead of Zahar Slutskiy (DR / TM) and Ivan Grigoryev (Kosmic / Vortex). Maini then took the lead in a boisterous group of six drivers. David Vidales (Energy / TM) and Artem Petrov (DR / TM) were looking good, and were close to Lorenzo Colombo (Tony Kart / LKE) in 7th and 8th places.


Maini escaped while Shetsov and Wilson competed for second position. Slutskiy gave up ground to Grigoryev and Vidales who ended up 4th and 5th. Marta Garcia (FA Kart / TM) moved into the top 10 by passing Petr Ptacek (Formula K / Parilla). Petrov, the fastest on the track, continued his effort to pass Colombo and Garcia for 6th. The fight intensified for 3rd place but Maini was still leading by 2.8'' ahead of Wilson and Grigoryev. Vidales was back to 4th from Petrov, who gained 13 places up to the last lap, Garcia finished 6th, Shevtsov 7th and Colombo 8th. The unfortunate Watt moved up 10 positions, but still ended up 16th. Petrov is under investigation.


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The weather was still beautiful on Sunday in the late morning for the KF Prefinal. The start was a bit strange with an inner lane that was far ahead which determined the order on the first lap: Alexander Vartanyan (Tony Kart / Vortex) followed by Leonardo Lorandi (Tony Kart / Vortex) who had started 7th, Sasakorn Chaimongkol (Kosmic / Vortex ) 3rd, Richard Verschoor (Exprit / Vortex) 4th, Max Fewtrell (FA Kart / Vortex) 5th, Aatu Moilainen (Tony Kart / Vortex) 6th, Christian Sorensen (Kosmic / Vortex) 7th, Juan Correa (Energy / TM) 8th, Rokas Baciuska (Energy / TM) 9th and Benjamin Lessennes (Zanardi / Parilla) 10th.


Fewtrell then dropped down again before returning from 10th to 5th place in the end of the race, while Correa crashed with Marco Moretti (Tony Kart / TM) in mid race. Vartanyan controlled the race and lined up fastest laps until the finish. Lorandi encountered last lap problems and narrowly saved 2nd place against Verschoor. Moilainen finished 4th in front of Fewtrell, Lessennes returned to 6th and Sorensen 7th.


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