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Compétition très disputée en KF2 entre Leclerc et Moineault, avec Compère puis Bailly en outsiders, dominations de Fiault le samedi et de Roy le dimanche en KZ2, une catégorie KF3 partagée entre Besancenez et Ilott, le GPO d'Angerville a connu un beau succès sportif sous une météo très ensoleillée pendant les deux journées de course.


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13/05/12 - 19:47

GPO Angerville day 2

In the KF2 races Moineault, Bailly, and Leclerc were at the front, and Roy and Ilott dominated in KZ2 and KF3, on a beautiful second day of the Angerville GPO round, it was sunny but not hot.

The Monegasque Charles Leclerc (ART GP / Parilla) won the KF2 final, but not without a fight. Starting from pole Valentin Moineault (Tony Kart / Vortex) was indeed formidable, finishing with two second places in the races. The Belgian Sebastien Bailly (Swiss Hutless / TM) has upgraded his equipment, and was the most consistent in performance on Sunday, which allowed him to win the prefinal and finish on the podium. Paul Boutonnet (Tony Kart / Parilla) confirmed his speed, third fastest in qualifying, and was fighting at the front in the final where he took 4th place. Remy Deguffroy (Tony Kart / Vortex) and Bryan Laloux (Kosmic / Vortex) scuffled for top positions in both races.

Maxim Roy (Tony Kart / TM) greatly strengthened its leading position in the Championship by winning in KZ2 on the second day. Starting from pole, the winner of the prefinal after a battle and dominating the final, Roy is more than ever the man to beat. Julien Poncelet (ART GP / TM) made the most of his machine which is still under development with an energy that contributed to the intensity of racing, each time finishing in 2nd place. Both in terms of success and performance, Charles Fiault (Sodi / Maxter) made a comeback in the championship. Pierre Ragues (Sodi / Maxter) was equally brilliant but less fortunate, while Laurent Marchandise (CRG / Maxter) confirmed its position in the GPO.



This time the British driver Callum Ilott (Zanardi / Parilla) was not thwarted in his victorious march in KF3. Taking pole, winning the final, plus he added the prefinal to the list after the penalty for Gautier Becq. Gabriel Aubry (Birel / TM) upped the pace even more since yesterday. Second in the prefinal, he was in a collision at the start of the final and had to settle for a very good comeback with the fastest lap instead of fighting for victory. Paolo Besancenez (Sodi / Parilla), third in the prefinal, lost his chance at the start of the final, but still finished the weekend in a strong Championship lead. Also note the good performance from Jules Bollier (Kosmic / Parilla), which put him on the third step of the podium.



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Behind Alexis Couturier (Tony Kart) and Quentin Bonnier (Intrepid), the struggle was intense from the start of the final for the Coupe de France Rotax Max between Sébastien Rambaud (Sodi), Renaud Bertin (PCR) and Mathieu Dyrbusz (Tony Kart). Dyrbusz was one of the fastest at the start of the race and dislodged Bonnier from second. This resulted in a beautiful battle, Bonnier was not at all resigned to stay third. Thomas Pottier, then Jules Gounon retired.

Bertin got mixed in the battle for 2nd place by attacking Bonnier, and Dyrbusz. Couturier had gained a narrow lead of seven tenths of a second from the duo increased to 1.3'' when Bertin attacked Bonnier. The chasing pack now consisted of six drivers with Rambaud close enough to Bonnier, in third, and Dyrbusz was controlling Clement Traglia (Tony Kart) and Lukas Colairo (Tony Kart).

Bertin was back with the leader, Couturier, while Bonnier was only 6/10 back. The race was far from over with 10 laps remaining. Weaver did not fall apart under pressure and maintained his lead of about 4/10. Bonnier in turn reduced the gap to Bertin. Couturier controlled the situation even if he increased his aggression due to the risk from Bertin, who finished behind by less than a tenth. Bonnier finished on the third step of the podium.




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Jérémie Charon (Tony Kart) s'élance encore en tête pour la finale décisive de la Coupe de France Rotax Master, suivi par Pascal Bielatowicz (Exceed) et Pascal Huteau (Kosmic) qui ne tarde pas à lui subtiliser la 2ème place. 4ème Jean Letard (Kosmic), Christian Bourdais (Intrepid) et Cyrille Bracquart (Birel). Charon s'échappe inexorablement, plus de 2'' d'avance au 6ème passage.


Quatre pilotes groupés peuvent briguer la 2ème place: Huteau, Bielatowicz, Letard et Bracquart, tandis que Bourdais et Olivier Dambielle (Intrepid) luttent pour la 6ème position. Charon caracole en réalisant plusieurs meilleurs tours d'affilée. Bagarre serrée pour la 4ème place entre Letard et Bracquart, ce qui permet à Bielatowicz, 3ème, de souffler pendant quelques tours.


Charon pointe à 4'' devant Hutteau au 17ème des 25 tours, Letard a finalement rejoint Bielatowicz et le passe assez facilement pour le gain de la 3ème place. On s'achemine vers une victoire écrasante de Jérémie Charon devant Pascal Huteau, mais la 3ème place n'est pas assurée à deux tours de l'arrivée. En fait Dambielle attaque Bielatowicz, ce qui libère Letard de leur menace et lui offre la 3ème marche du podium. 4ème Dambielle, 5ème Bracquart, 6ème Bielatowicz et 7ème Bourdon. Dambielle sera pénalisé de 5 places par la suite à cause de son départ.




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It was a surprising KF3 final hierarchy behind the leader Callum Ilott (Zanardi / Parilla). Amaury Bonduel moved up to second ahead of Roman De Leval (Kosmic / Parilla), Thomas Landais (Sodi / Parilla) and Julien Darras (Tony Kart / Parilla). Paolo Besancenez (Sodi / Parilla), Gabriel Aubry (Birel / TM), Jeremy Demarque (Sodi / Parilla) lost a lot of time in a collision at the first corner.

Darras was already gaining ground and forced his way to third on lap 6, followed by Gautier Becq (Sodi / Parilla). The recovery was well underway for Besancenez in 12th, Defourny was 13th and Aubry 14th. De Leval would like to reel in the leader, but the gap remained fairly constant. Jules Bollier (Kosmic / Parilla) was in fifth position ahead of Bonduel, Landais and Lehouck.

As always, the leader on the Zanardi accelerated after the halfway point to allow him to take a comfortable lead over De Leval. With the fastest time, Aubry was now back in 10th position ahead of Bryan Elpitiya (Zanardi / Parilla) who had started on the last row in the company of Defourny in 12th. Becq stayed in Darras's slipstream, in third, but Bollier got in between them, and took third with two laps remaining. The top three was now clear: Ilott for victory, second place for De Leval and third for Bollier. Darras was fourth after holding third for most of the race, Becq fifth, Lehouck sixth. Aubry was seventh with a long series of fastest laps, he was 22nd on the first lap, Landais was 8th, Bécamel 9th and Defourny 10th after starting 33rd.




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