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Team > SODI



Sodi chassis proved to be particularly fast on the Italian track of Lonato, last weekend. Second in KF2 timed qualifying, Alex Baron was always in the lead with his Sodi/Parilla and won three qualifying heats as well as the pre-final. During a final race held in the rain, Baron duelled for victory and achieved a fantastic 3rd place on arrival.


Charles Leclerc concluded an equally superb race in KF3. Poleman in timed qualifying, he won three out of five heats. But unfortunately the driver from Monaco lost a few places in the pre-final due to some broken valves. Charles went back on track determined to take his revenge, regained 15 places in the final and finished 8th.


In KZ2, Anthony Abbasse had the means to make it to the top of the standings with his Sodi/Maxter after a 5th best time in timed qualifying. After getting a double dose of bad luck, he retired in the first heat after a collision, lost some time at the start of the second heat for a small problem and won the third heat. The pre-final gave him the chance to recover from 24th to 4th, with slick tyres on a track that was still slippery. The weather did not help him much in the final and he concluded this Winter Cup in the top 10.


But the Sodi boys and their karts have proved to be in top form as never before and the season has started under the best auspices for the French make and its supporters.



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International > WSK Master Series

Reaching 230 drivers, the WSK Master Series is getting ready to the live TV coverage from Muro Leccese on February 27 with the finals broadcast on Rai Sport from 1:00 to 3:00 pm. Class 60 Mini alone has well 85 drivers and an original double final.


With 35 national flags, driver numbers are up to 230 for the WSK Master Series at La Conca. In Muro Leccese, it is getting ready an important meeting between drivers from all over the world; it is the WSK Master Series, a great karting event scheduled at La Conca International Circuit in two weeks' time. In 230 registrations, a noteworthy element is given by 35 nationalities from Europe, Asia, North America and South America. Among 60 Mini young drivers in particular, there are well 29 nationalities.


A great event TV live on Rai Sport. The first of the WSK Master Series 5 rounds marks the start of the complete TV live coverage Rai Sport gives to the whole series. Representing the concluding phase of the race weekend, Sunday Finals on February 27 will be broadcast live from 1:30 to 3:00 pm. At the same time, live pictures and reruns in the following days will be available on the web thanks to the Motorsport website TV coverage will end with a 50' special report commentating the entire weekend, always on Rai Sport, on Friday 4 March.





A crowded starting grid for 60 Mini. A large entry for 60 Mini brought to raise the ceiling of 85 drivers. Therefore, WSK Promotion management has found a way to also gratify so many little drivers coming from very distant countries such as Asia and America too. Indeed, 68 drivers will get through the qualifying practice and will be divided into two groups of 34 each and compete in two separate Pre-finals. The 17 best drivers of every race will run Sunday afternoon Final. Such a change in the traditional schedule providing for a single Pre-final will necessitate carrying out alterations to the timetable on Sunday 27 that therefore will become richer in races.


Teams from 21 countries. Drivers will be supported by the leading teams of 21 countries such as AB Motorsport, AVG Racing, Baby Race, Birel Motorsport, CKR, CM Motorsport, Comer, CRG, DP, DR Emilia Kart, Energy Corse, Equipo Jamkart, Gamoto, Gandolfi, Genikart, Intrepid Driver Program, Jolly Team, Kosmic Racing Dept., KSB Racing Team, Lenzo Kart, MGM Racing, Morsicani Racing, Prima Racing, Ricky Flynn Motorsport, Scuderia PCR, Sined Motors, Team Komarov, Tony Kart Racing Team and Junior Racing Team, To-Win, Tribe Corse, VBK Promotion and Ward Racing.


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Pilot > Beitske Visser

18/02/11 - 07:25

First Winter Cup in Blue



Beitske Visser had already been at a Winter Cup, though not in KF3, three years ago and without any noteworthy results. She had already raced in KZ2 in Lonato, but it was last year, in the WSK Euro Series, with a final second place on top of it.


In 2011, Beitske has been at her first KZ2 Winter Cup, racing against most of the best kart drivers in 125cc gearbox. 2011 is a year in blue for Beitske, since blue is Praga's colour that decorates her official Intrepid/TM, motorised by Tec-Sav. And on her debut with this colour that she really likes, the young Dutch treated herself a best time in timed qualifying, no less. Though she admitted that her starts in the heats were not perfect, Beitske was good at exploiting her burst of speed to remain in the top 5 and set again the best lap time during the race.


In the pre-final, the right option was chosen to race with slick tyres on a wet track that dried out over the course of the race. That allowed Beitske to move up after being pushed at the start of the race. 10th at the start of a rainy final race, she gave it all, but could not do better than 16th. Beitske was not much disappointed at the result, though, and remains focussed on her only goal, victory, to be ready for the second meeting of the season, the WSK Master Series in La Conca, at the end of February.

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Team > CRG



Sin dalle prime battute della stagione 2011 si è visto subito che Max Verstappen ha grandi ambizioni nella KF3. Secondo alle prove cronometrate ha poi infilato una serie perfetta di 5 vittorie nelle manche. Mentre le migliori squadre erano in difficoltà su una pista diventata scivolosa, Max ha continuato a dimostrarsi molto veloce terminando la sua cavalcata sotto la pioggia in seconda posizione, risultato che dimostra il potenziale del suo CRG/Maxter.


I piloti KZ2 hanno avuto maggiori difficoltà nel concretizzare e bisogna anche ammettere che le variabili condizioni meteo di domenica pomeriggio hanno trasformato la competizione in una partita di poker senza avere tutte le carte servite. Arnaud Kozlinski ha dimostrato le prestazioni del suo telaio CRG con motore Maxter, giungendo tra i primi tre nella classifica intermedia con una vittoria di manche al suo attivo, mentre Jonathan Thonon ha recuperato posizioni per le fasi finali. La scommessa di partire con gli pneumatici da pioggia in prefinale non è stata vinta in quanto la pista si è asciugata molto rapidamente nel corso della gara. Thonon si è abilmente destreggiato nell'ultima corsa riuscendo a rimontare fino alla 4a posizione.


La delusione che si percepiva all'interno del team CRG è dovuta al fatto che il mezzo è stato messo a punto perfettamente e che la vittoria non ha ricompensato il lavoro svolto dai meccanici a causa di condizioni meteo molto variabili. Ma la partita è solo rinviata!



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Video > Divers

17/02/11 - 09:41

Mario kart is Back



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