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International > GPO Karting

The sky was very clear at Angerville at midday and it was under strong sunlight the KF2 drivers went out for their final. The front row was occupied by Andrea Pizzitola (FA Kart / Vortex) and Kenny Vermeylen (Tecno / Parilla), but the result is not bad either for Victor Sendin (Tony Kart / Vortex), Pascal Belmaaziz (DR / Parilla) , Hubert Anthoine (Sodi / Parilla) and Alex Baron (Sodi / Parilla). Corentin Gilson (CRG / Maxter) was late getting started.

Pizzitola took the lead, but Sendin was immediately second, while tailgating were Belmaaziz and Vermeylen. From the back of the grid, Leo Roussel (Sodi / Parilla) had already got to 11th on the 2nd lap. Vermeylen dropped Belmaaziz. The top 4 were well grouped within two tenths of one another, and Hubert, in 5th was not far away. Vermeylen could prove threatening to Sendin who stepped up his efforts in approaching Pizzitola. Roussel was now 7th, just behind Guillaume De Ridder (Tony Kart / Vortex).

There was drama on the 8th of the 21 laps, Pizzitola weakened and let his 3 pursuers past. Sendin found himself in the lead ahead of Vermeylen and Belmaaziz. The TKF driver set the fastest time in the race, Vermeylen did not seem able to attack, but maybe he was waiting, as he then set the fastest lap. Both drivers had dropped their pursuers. Pizzitola was now back down in 7th position.




Sendin still had some in reserve and controlled the situation perfectly to the checkered flag, pocketing definitively the fastest time in the race. Vermeylen was 2nd, 3rd Belmaaziz, Hubert 4th, 5th Roussel and 6th De Ridder.



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International > FFSA Karting



Maxime Gravouille (Kosmic) and Alexandre Finkelstein (Tony Kart) were on the front row for the pre-final of the Coupe de France Rotax at Angerville, and Finkelstein escaped followed by Nicolas Picot (Tony Kart) and Charles Magnin (CRG) before he disappeared. Gravouille took 3rd place in front of Thomas Ricci (Intrepid) and Giovanni Ucci (Kosmic).


The positions did not change mid-race but Picot moved closer to the leader who did not intend to let it go and got a little further ahead, to ensure his victory ahead of Picot and Gravouille. Ucci was 4th and Ricci 5th.



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National Event > FFSA Karting

08/05/11 - 13:39

Charon on track in Masters

The leader at the end of the hears, Jeremie Charon (Tony Kart) suffered the domination of Yvon Pater (Sodi) in the first lap of the pre-final of the Rotax Masters Cup in France which opened the afternoon's racing in the GPO at Angerville. But Charon pulled himself together and got back in order. Pascal Bielatowicz (Exceed) was in 3rd place, followed by Cedric Gardin (Tony Kart) and Stéphane Picque (Intrepid). The gap was widening rapidly for the leaders, and Charon emphasised the point with the fastest lap. Gardin captured third position to the detriment of Bielatowicz while Picque was losing ground. Franck Rouxel (Sodi) was strong enough to take 4th place from Bielatowicz.



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International > GPO Karting



Dorian Boccolacci (Birel / BMB) and Paolo Besancenez (Sodi / Parilla) wereon the front row, so the KF3 prefinal should not be monotonous. Boccolacci started perfectly, Besancenez managed to find his place on the inside line, followed by Hubert Petit (Sodi / Parilla), but Esteban Ocon (FA Kart / Vortex) quickly captured third position. He then attacked Besancenez, but Petit had the opportunity to take 2nd place and returned to the lead.

Boccolacci was under threat and ended up 5th. With a small lead, is was hounded by Ocon. In Boccolacci's wheeltracks, Benjamin Gerard (Tony Kart / Vortex) was pressing. He was soon joined by Valentin Naud (Tony Kart / Vortex). Meanwhile at the bottom of the pack, Valentin Moineault (Sodi / Parilla) set the fastest lap and went 21st. Gerard was passed by Simon Tirman, his teammate, to go fourth.


Petit was aintaining a small lead of 0.5'' on Ocon, followed by Besancenez, while the TKF boys Gerard and Naud returned to the top three. Boccolacci was struggling to retain his rank. Victory went to Hubert Petit, Ocon was passed by Besancenez on the wire to 2nd place. Gerard finished 4th, 5th Naud, Tirman 6th.



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Départ réussi pour le poleman Thomas Mich (Birel/BMB) en préfinale KZ2, Tony Lavanant (PCR/TM) passe en 2ème position avec autorité, avant de faire une cabriole. Anthony Abbasse (Sodi/Maxter) prend donc le sillage de Mich, suivi par Charly Bizalion (Intrepid/TM), Charles Fiault (Sodi/Maxter), Mathieu Gaillard (Energy/TM) et Yan Pesce (BRM/TM). Fiault repasse Bizalion pour la 3ème place, Abbasse se rapproche de Mich.


Lavanant cravache en 7ème position. Abbasse est maintenant dans les roues de Mich et Gaillard menace Bizalion pour la 4ème position. Abbasse s'empare de la 1ère place au 10ème passage, Fiault revient lui aussi sur Mich, Gaillard est venu à bout de Bizalion qui perd du terrain dans la manœuvre et se retrouve dans le viseur de Lavanant. Fiault fait le forcing pour se rapprocher de Mich, le 2ème, d'autant plus que Gaillard reprend régulièrement du terrain sur lui.




Victoire nette et sans bavure pour Anthony Abbasse, loin devant Thomas Mich, Charles Fiault, Mathieu Gaillard, Charly Bizalion et Tony Lavanant 6ème.



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