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The start of the second race of the Academy Trophy went very well after a warning briefing before the race. Benjamin Lessennes stayed ahead of Javier Cobian, Joonas Lappalainen, George Russell and Amaury Bonduel. The Russian Alexander Maslennikov didn't long retain his 6th place, letting Mattia Drudi, Paolo Besancenez and Alec Weckström past. Erwan Julé advanced to 12th, Alex Gill was already back in 15th position.

Besancenez set the fastest lap, and passed for fifth on lap 6. Adeline Prudent moved up to 19th position. Lesssennes was behind the leader, and the double threat from Cobian Lappalainen was confirmed. They first passed Cobian, while Drudi was given the opportunity close up and overtake Cobian easily. Russell didn't seem capable of reaching the podium, he was steadily losing ground.



Drudi was the fastest on the track, he took second place on the 10th lap. Besancenez was fourth after passing Cobian, Julé advanced to 8th. Drudi stole first place from Lessennes on lap 14, Besancenez was closer to 3rd placed Lappalainen. The Finnish attacked Lessennes, but the drivers touched and lose time. Besancenez took the opportunity to go second with Weckström in his wake.

Victory went to the Italian Mattia Drudi, with Paolo Beanscenez 2nd and Alec Weckström 3rd. Lappalainen finished 4th, Maslennikov 5th, Lessennes 6th, Cobian 7th, Julé 8th. Adeline Prudent completed her recovery in 15th position, just behind the poor Russell. Alex Gill had another unfortunate non-finish with a technical problem that left him to watch from the edge of the track.



Race conditions:

Air Temperature: 24.5 ° track temperature 37 ° partly cloudy, strong wind



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Sat Webster (ART GP) took the lead early in the B final of the U18 World Championship at Angerville. A collision took place at the start and a kart barrel rolled, unrestricted by gravity. Alain Valente (Swiss Hutless) took second position ahead of Andrea Zemin (Righetti), Gregory Antonov (MS Kart) and Nicholas Surguladze (Zanardi). The "slow" procedure neutralised the race until lap 5 due to another accident at the centre of the circuit.

Good comeback from Damiano Marchesan (Sodi), third shortly after halfway. Webster escaped irretrievably without excessive effort, Valente defended from Marchesan, which is how they would be ranked on the finish line. Surguladze finished 4th from Valtanen in 5th.



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The competitors started in the reverse order of the grid for Prefinal 1. Federico Savona (Top Kart) moved firmly ahead of Thiago Vivacqua. Ben Barnicoat was quickly back in 3rd position, but the back of the pack that the best comebacks were expected. Anthoine Hubert, Joseph Mawson, Henry Easthope, and Ricky Collard were all grouped from the 18th position backwards, with Charles Leclerc two places ahead behind Matthew Graham.

Hubert passed Leclerc in battle with Graham, shortly after halfway to gain 14th place. This set up a heated last lap between Hubert and Graham who defended very strongly, even though a crash was avoided. Savona won from Vivacqua and Barnicoat, Mäntylä was 4th, Dlougy 5th. Hubert Petit finished 7th, Graham 13th, Hubert 14th, Leclerc 15th, Easthope 17th, Mawson 18th, Collard 19th and Gounon 21st.

The layout of Angerville doesn't seem to favour spectacular recoveries as we have seen on other circuits in this championship.

Race conditions:

Air temperature: 23 ° track temperature 37 ° partly cloudy, strong wind



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The Academy Trophy final B was a lively race because of the sometimes overflowing enthusiasm of some competitors. Felix Hirsiger was alone at the front while it was a close fight between Diego Borelli, Tazio Torregiani and Adrian Rozycki. The Polish retrieved second place, James Abela made a mistake going over a curb. Then Frank Merilhat attacked Torregiani for fourth place, followed by Theodoros Zaharelis. On the limit Rozycki came back hard on the leader and attacked from far back on the last lap. Hirsiger was second at the end with Borelli 3rd, Merilhat 4th and Zaharelis 5th.



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Race 1 of the Academy Trophy was distorted at the first corner by a crash, caused by the bad behavior of some when braking. The leader Alex Gill was badly shoved into the gravel, it was over for him. At this level of competition, this type of problem is totally unacceptable. We felt the pressure mounting in the heats on Saturday, without appropriate sanctions being applied ... This is the consequences. Adeline Prudent was also stopped by the incident, but Erwan Julé, Paolo Besancenez and Alec Weckström were delayed but continued.

George Russell was the initial leader before being dislodged by Benjamin Lessennes. Joonas Lappalainen then joined in the fight for the lead. Russell reclaimed the lead on lap 8, Lappalainen was now glued to the back of the leader with whom he had a great duel. Lessennes in second returned to attack Russell, along with Javier Cobian and Amaury Bonduel. Russell yielded and fell to fifth. Lessennes managed to escape the group who were battling. The win went to the Belgian Benjamin Lessennes from the Finn Joonas Lappalainen and Spanish Javier Cobian. Bonduel passed Russell on the last lap to win 4th place.




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