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Beitske VISSER - Comunicado n°22

08/06/11 Riding the Momentum of Success
Beitske VISSER - WSK - Master Series - Siena



Very competitive during the whole Italian weekend, Beitske Visser continued her extraordinary progression in the WSK Master Series. The Dutch girl fought for victory in both races. On the Siena circuit, she won for the first time in KZ1, but what matters most is that she constantly showed that she was competitive in all conditions, such as when it started to rain during Sunday's final...


104_3496.jpgIn a pack where she was, as always, the only girl racing in the very difficult 125cc gearbox category, her opponents never treated her with white gloves. But it does not matter, because that only strengthened her great determination to continue making progress, improving and winning. In Siena, the list of entered drivers was not as long as at previous WSK rounds, but the level was still very high in the lead pack, with the grouping of the two KZ1 and KZ2 categories (same karts, same weight, with a difference at license grade level).
She set the 5th best time in the timed qualifying session, and then she made an excellent start in the first heat and won. In the second heat, she set the best lap time of the race and secured a place on the front row for the final race by concluding with a second place. "In the final race, the temperature was a bit different and my kart was not as effective as I hoped. But I managed to conclude in third", said the driver who defends Praga colours.
Sunday started with a success in the first heat, soon replicated in the second. All of a sudden, it began to rain. "Since the beginning of the season, weather changes have been frequent in Italy, but I have rarely benefited from them. I have often had to face the ardour of my opponents. This time I really wanted to show again my competitiveness on this circuit, where I had already won in 2010".
After a good race start, she was quickly shoulder to shoulder with Italian Delli Compagni. "When I realised I could keep my main KZ1 opponent behind me, I ran no risk. So I won the combined classification, but my goal to win the KZ1 category had been accomplished". Two weeks after her victory at the BNL Karting Series, this new success will allow Beitske Visser to go to the forthcoming European Championship in Germany with a winning mentality.




Designs On the Podium

Fifth in the WSK Master Series standings before she came to Siena, Beitske Visser went up three places thanks to her performance in Tuscany. "There is only one meeting to go in this five-round series, to be held in late September on the new Viterbo circuit, in Italy. My goal will be to keep my place on the KZ1 final podium. I still have a little chance to conclude with a second place, but the gap with the leaders is rather wide and things are not going to be easy", Beitske pointed out.

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