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International > Rotax Max Euro Challenge



Marcus Armstrong (FA Kart - Dan Holland Racing) proved the fastest in the first qualifying session in Rotax Junior at Castelletto with 50'' 004, 3 thousandths ahead of Max Timmermans (FA Kart - Dan Holland Racing) and Dean MacDonald (Tony Kart - Strawberry Racing). Luc Willemse (FA Kart - Team TKP) took the 4th best time and Rinus van Kalmthout (CRG - Racing VF) was 5th, 8/100 off the fastest time.

Thomas Preining (FA Kart - Team TKP) upped the pace in the second session by crossing the 50'' barrier, 49'' 871 more exactly, and three tenths faster than Dzianis Slavinski (Tony Kart - Racing M), Mauricio Van der Laan (Intrepid - Intrepid Driver Program), Mick Wishofer (Birel - KMS Motorsport Birel) and Max Hofer (Birel - KMS Birel Motorsport).

So sign Preining took the Junior pole ahead of Armstrong and Timmermans, MacDonald was 4th, Willemse 5th, van Kalmthout 6th, Jose Enrique Brito (CRG - CRG) 7th, Dave Wooder (FA Kart - Dan Holland Racing) 8th, Richard Verschoor (FA Kart - Team TKP) 9th and Slavinski 10th. Jean-Baptiste Simmenauer (Tony Kart - Jana Racing) was 11th, Louis-Ferdinand Simmenauer (Tony Kart - Jana Racing) 25th, Adrien Renaudin (Sodi - KPR) 29th, Antoine Perceval (Tony Kart - SG Drivers) 50th and Jean-Noël Sarfati 52nd (Tony Kart - JN Sarfati).



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The temperature was 25 ° C at Castelletto for qualifying at the second round of the Rotax Max Euro Challenge. The Seniors opened the running, and Brett Ward (FA Kart - Dan Holland Racing) set the fastest time of the first session with 49'' 074, followed closely by Joseph Reilly (Tony Kart - Strawberry Racing). Dries Vanthoor (FA Kart - Team TKP) came in third position ahead of Martin Mortensen (Tony Kart - RS Competition), Luke Knott (Tony Kart - RL Racing Dept UK) and Nicolas Picot (Sodi - KPR) in 6th.

The second session was not  faster than the first overall, but Harry Webb (Tony Kart - Strawberry Racing) still set a time of 48'' 968 which gave him the pole position in the group. Edward Brand (Intrepid - Intrepid Driver Program) set the second fastest lap of the session ahead of Pierce Lehane (FA Kart - Dan Holland Racing), Philip Vollstedt (Tony Kart - RS Competition) and Lukasz Bartosuk (CRG - CRG).

In the third session, Guan Yu Zhou  (Tony Kart - Strawberry Racing) posted a 48'' 927 around the 1256m track at 7 Laghi and so took pole position in Rotax Senior. Lars Lamborelle (Tony Kart - Strawberry Racing) set the 2nd fastest time in the session, in between previous two in times, ahead of Edward Tansley (Tony Kart - Coles Racing), Constantin Schoell (FA Kart - Dan Holland Racing) and Ilari Pispanen (Birel - KMS Birel Motorsport).

The unofficial overall standings shows Zhou ahead of Webb and Ward with Reilly 4th, Brand 5th, Vanthoor 6th, Lamborelle 7th, Lehane 8th, Vollstedt 9th and Mortensen 10th. Nicolas Picot is 19th ahead of Xavier Pozzoli (Kosmic - Sonic Racing Kart), Julien Hermouet ahead of Julien Falchero 29th, Vincent Fraïsse 41st Anthony Fotia 48th, Maxence Laurent 61st and Cecilia Martini 62nd.



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International > CIK-FIA



114 drivers are at Zuera for the second round of the European KF and KF-Junior Championships, from 134 during the first round at La Conca. 22 competitors are not here in Spain, but there are two new drivers entered for the race. There are different specific reasons for this drop of about 15%. The simultaneous running of the Rotax Euro Challenge at Castelletto justifies the absence of Guan Yu Zhou and Rinus van Kalmthout, Adrian Munoz has not recovered from his accident at La Conca, and school reasons in this exam period have also been cited. But nobody is fooled ... The high cost of international competition limits access to most drivers, which is not new.

Equipment or team changes were allowed at Zuera. An undisputed specialist in the exercise, David Beckmann is driving a Tony Kart / Parilla in his own tent this time, close to Keijzer Racing. Sophia Floersch is now driving a FA Kart / Vortex at the Emilia Kart team, Kush Maini has joined RB Kart Technology on an Exprit / Vortex. Austrian Simon Reicher has entered the round with an FA Kart / Vortex with MM Racing Kart. KF, Kevin Rossel is using a Vortex in Spain instead of his usual TM and Egor Stupenkov has joined Forza Racing at the wheel of a Tony Kart / TM.



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Press > TKart

30/05/14 - 10:48

TKart #10



Exclusive: Sebastian Vettel goes karting!

For Issue 10 of TKART Digital magazine we went to Lonato to meet Sebastian Vettel and we tell you why his is a life in the sign of fate. We also bring you plenty of Tech Tips: learn how to get ready to race in the summer heat in Connect the Dots, get useful advice on Mini ROK Vortex engines from USA tuner Daniel Brodogna in How To, and take a look at all the best racing shoes on the market in Showcase. All this and much more on TKART Digital magazine!


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International > Rotax Max Euro Challenge



172 drivers, including twenty French, have entered the second round of the 2014 Rotax Max Euro Challenge at Castelletto di Branduzzo. Timed qualifying will begin on Friday, May 30th from 14:00 at the 7 Laghi circuit. The qualifying heats will be completed on Saturday, between 9:50 and 6:20 p.m. ET. The Repechages will be on Sunday morning between 10:00 and 11:00, from 11:20 to 12:20 for the prefinals and the finals between 1:00 p.m. to 3:20 p.m.

The live-timing and live TV are accessible from the page.

The forecast is for dry weather and 25 ° C on Friday, rain on Saturday morning, drying in the afternoon and 24 ° C for Sunday. The important stages of the meeting and the results are to follow on Kartcom from timed qualifying onwards.



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