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ENERGY Corse - Comunicato n°21

09/05/11 Tailor-Made for Victory
ENERGY Corse - European Championship - PF International



Regardless of the type and importance of the event, Energy and its official team always prepare a meeting with maximum professionalism and the usual attention to details. Nothing is ever left to chance when it comes to technical and organisational choices. Chassis models such as Eclipse in KZ and Kinetic in KF have long proven their reliability, just like TM engines from well-known engine tune-up specialists GKS and Rizzi, but the Energy Corse team also knows how to make a difference by never neglecting the human component. Within the team there is a common willingness to keep moving forward, according to a management concept aimed at helping drivers find their own way to reach their goals. Recent victories by Olsen, Hansson, De Conto and Johansson in prestigious events have proven the effectiveness of this approach...




- WSK Euro Series: 2 victories in Portugal
In this international series that gathers all the best international teams and most certainly the most impressive drivers, the Energy Corse team achieved an endless series of podiums. Sami Luka (KF2) and Joel Johansson (KZ2) went as high as second place in their respective finals held in Sarno (Italy) in March. Five weeks later, in Portimao (southern Portugal), Swedish driver Johansson showed some magnificent performances in KZ2 both on Saturday and on Sunday and now has a good advantage in the Championship. Accustomed to giving his best in the final part of his races, Dennis Olsen concluded with a second place in KF3.


Hansson-Robin-KF3.jpg- Margutti Trophy: Hansson on the Podium
One thing is for certain: there is always an Energy driver ready to climb on the podium. In the great Italian classic, the Andrea Margutti Trophy, Robin Hansson played his cards well in the lead pack and concluded with a second place in the final in March.


- WSK Master Series: Double Success in KF3
Already winner of a final at La Conca, Paolo De Conto repeated his successful performance in Castelletto di Branduzzo, in the hard-fought KZ1 category, where he is now leader of the provisional standings ahead of several well-known drivers. In KF3, Robin Hansson also had a taste of the joys of victory. In late March, the Swedish driver staged an impressive performance by carving his way up from 9th to first place in the final race. Dennis Olsen made quite a leap forward in the Championship by securing a superb double success for Energy. In constant progression, RussianVasily Romanov achieved a 6th and a 7th place in the final stage.


- North and South European Trophies: Qualification Achieved
As many as 12 drivers racing on Energy chassis succeeded in qualifying for the European Championship, to be held in Spain. Dennis Olsen (Norway), Thiago Vivacqua (Brasil), Robin Hansson (Sweden), Vasiliy Romanov (Russia), Alex Lambertz (Germany), Javier Cobian (Spain), Stefano Dell'Aquila (Italy) in KF3, Tom Lorkowski and Gilles Beckord (Germany), Sami Luka (Belgium), Nicolaj Moller-Madsen (Denmark) and Ville Mäntylä (Energy North Europe) in KF2 accomplished this very important mission, and some of them also showed some pretty good performances. Olsen, for example, added a title to his already long list of achievements by winning the North European Trophy in England, in May. Congratulations to the Energy Corse team, as well as to Jedi Racing Team and Energy North Europe Team on their fruitful cooperation.

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