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Maxime Furon-Castelain - Comunicato n°2

The 2017 karting season for the young Franco-Luxembourg driver Maxime Furon-Castelain has confirmed an early talent, already spotted in Minikart during his flawless domination at the Rotax France Challenge and his two wins and five podiums during his last five races in 2016,.



Even though a regulatory change for 2017 meant he was one of the youngest junior rookies at the age of nine, he proved, from the first national race to be among the best Cadets by finishing 4th in the Open Kart at Lavilledieu. He confirmed his form at Angerville, Soucy and Salbris, again ranked in the top six, with the Kartshop team.

His coach Jonathan Hélias said: "Maxime's progression at nine years old, coming directly from Minikart is not only unusual, it is especially promising and encouraging. His potential is immense".

Unflinching determination in the face of difficulty
Unfortunately Jonathan Hélias's absence from the circuits for medical reasons has forced Maxime to work with a succession of different mechanics. And racing incidents prevented him from competing in the 2017 Rotax Final. But these unfavourable circumstances revealed a rare determination for his age with an unconditional commitment on the track and a spectacular ascent.

For Maxime's father "to see Maxime negotiate his discharge from the hospital himself after his violent crash at Val d'Argenton to move up 10 places in the Final the next day, or to keep his thumb dislocation quiet at Anneville to be certain of racing in the Final and to move up 18 places does not surprise me as his energy for racing and his determination to win are strong. But gradually, he is maturing and is learning to manage his commitment on the track more effectively".

Winning meeting
Maxime repeated his Sens Trophy performance by crossing the finishing line in front of the Prefinals and Finals of the French Cup. Fabrice Etienne worked with him during this race: "Maxime is a driver of great determination with a keen sense of attack. He is also a young driver with a great work ethic which will enable him to continue his training as a driver, as well as the management of his equipment and his racing strategies".

End of multi-victorious season
Due to a lack of consistent performance, Maxime wanted to change the technical environment
and with Team Kart Pro Racing won three of the last five races of his season. "Winning the Oscar Petit Final at Varennes after starting from 26th place on the starting grid was my best race in 2017," said Maxime.



Continuing his sporting progress in 2018
At age 10, Maxime joins the VDK team in X30 Cadet for 2018.
For his parents: "By crossing the finish line as leader of the three races that he took part in in 2017 on the circuits of Soucy and Ancenis, tracks of the future French Championships and Cups in Junior, with different engines, Maxime has a claim to enliven the 2018 season. But he preferred to avoid changing the size of his chassis four times in four years. With the X30 Cadet, he will use a full-size chassis with which he feels comfortable and is the size of those he will use for the next seasons. Thanks to his dual French and Luxembourg nationality, he will continue his progress in Belgium and England against older and more experienced drivers with VDK Racing".

Maxime thanks all those who has trained him, helped, repaired, supported, sheltered, pulled, sanctioned, encouraged, motorised, fed, cared for and towed him as well as the drivers against whom he has measured himself on the French tracks, and their families.

A special mention first for all the excellent volunteers and officials race after race, then for the professionals he works with, like Marc Berteaux for his sporting back-up. Special respect and thanks to Michel Guignard for his attention to the youngest drivers and to the FFSA ACADEMY for its warm welcome during these last few weeks.

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