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GPO Karting - Comunicato n°25

30/11/10 GPOs: 2010 has just finished, 2011 is already in the making
GPO Karting - Grand Prix Open Karting - Laval



Now that the titles of the French Karting Championship 2010 have been assigned to Pierre Gasly (Sodi/Parilla) in KF3, Enzo Guibbert (FA Kart/Vortex) in KF2 and Anthony Abbasse (Sodi/Maxter) in KZ2, it is time to look back at a GPO 2010 season full of teachings. The FFSA evidently won its wager when it retook control of the organisation of the showcase series of French karting, attracting many national and foreign drivers. The addition of the French Cup has proved to be a good idea and a solution that will be maintained in future, too, to the satisfaction of everybody, drivers, teams, fans and organisers. The constant growth of the group of participants in KF3 - the junior category - is reassuring about the future of this event.

Overall, nearly 150 drivers entered the French Championship this season, in KF2, KF3, and KZ2. Considering the current context, this figure is very satisfactory, though organisers have stronger ambitions for the years to come. The outlook for the 2010 season was a difficult one, both from an economic and a sporting point of view. Events witnessed very high levels of performance, with the national leaders reaching the top of the international standings and offering a clear reference point for all the participants to the GPOs.

18 chassis brands were represented since the opening meeting and it was Sodi that won the constructors' championship in KF3 and KZ2, as well as the title of Champion of Champions, while Tony Kart was assigned the title in KF2.

The addition of categories more accessible to amateur drivers within the framework of the French Cups (Rotax Max, Rotax Master, X30, X30 Gentleman, Minime and Cadet), as well as the French Championship, National category, held in Varennes, amplified the success of the GPO events, where sometimes there were as many as 150 entered drivers. The choice proved to be a wise one for the drivers involved, who were very happy to race in a GPO, for the teams, which increased their driver potential, and also for the organisers, who found themselves in a better position to profit from their efforts. 2011 will confirm and consolidate this new course.

GPO 2010 did more than simply staying on course this season in terms of reception, organisation and media exposure. The FFSA motor-home has perfectly fulfilled its role as the nerve centre of the events and now nobody could even think of doing without it. Circuit decoration was ever present, transforming tracks like never before. It was a nice way to thank the many partners of the events as well as to attract the media. As for TV, at the beginning of the season Star Production provided coverage for the first GPO and broadcast its first images on the Web site, while Orange TV replaced it for the final event in Laval. News, press releases and dossiers as well as a Web site (the famous allowed member of the press at regional, national and international level to report at best on the Championships.

The calendar for 2011 has already been prepared by the FFSA and dates have been carefully chosen to avoid interfering with other important meetings. The KF3, KF2 and KZ2 categories are traditionally the backbone of the calendar. Together, Rotax and Rotax Master have a fully-fledged French Cup title, while the National category - success obliges - will hold three meetings for the title, including two within the GPO framework.






26-27 March: Varennes/Allier - GPO + French Cup X30 & X30 Gentleman
07-08 May: Angerville - GPO + French Cup Rotax & Rotax Master
28-29 May: Ostricourt - GPO + French Championship National 1
20-21 August: Laval - GPO + French Championship National 3
29-30 October: Essay - GPO + French Cup Minime/Cadet

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