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Beitske VISSER - Comunicato n°37

07/05/12 Beitske Reverses the Situation and Wins at Zandvoort
Beitske VISSER - ADAC Championship - Zandvoort



Beitske Visser celebrated her very first victory in single-seater racing on the circuit of Zandvoort. After being involved in a spectacular crash that caused her serious back pain, the young Dutch driver proved to have great mental strength and an iron will by pursuing a clear victory within the Lotus team. And this was just her second participation in an Adac Formel Masters Championship meeting.


A month after showing off her skills on the circuit of Oschersleben, in Germany, Beitske Visser (17) had a weekend marked by several ups and downs in a Championship whose mission is to showcase future high-level talents in car racing. During the first free practice sessions, she missed the opportunity to fine tune her car adjustments and to familiarise with the circuit owing to a fuel pump problem. But her run of bad luck did not stop there.
"I was highly motivated by my participation in this Formula Adac Masters round held in my home country, the Netherlands", Beitske commented. "In the qualifying session I started with the will to set an excellent time. But when I wanted to brake, going into the chicane, my back brakes did not work and the front wheels locked up. I went straight, I crossed the gravel trap and I hit the front barriers at over 100 km/h! When I came out the car, my back hurt a lot and I was taken to hospital to do some checks".
As a consequence, Race 1 took place without Beitske, who showed great courage by getting back into her single-seater for Race 2. "Racing in those conditions was really difficult because I felt great pain in my back. I had a hard time finding again the right feeling at the wheel, but in the end I set some excellent times. I slipped down to 12th place after reaching 6th, and then I moved down to 8th. Thanks to the reversed starting grid, I started from pole position in Race 3, as a consequence of all the problems I had during the weekend".
At the start, the driver who was beside her on the grid managed to take the lead. But after five laps, Beitske Visser took command in front of the stands. Despite her back pain, she managed to increase her pace and won with a clear lead. "It was a nice feeling to climb onto the top step of the podium in the famous circuit of Zandvoort, especially after all the bad luck I had suffered".
A meeting that had started so bad finally ended on a positive note thanks to the talent and will power demonstrated by Beitske Visser! Unfortunately, because of her accident, she lost some important points in the Championship, where she is currently 8th.



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