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Max DEFOURNY - Comunicato n°2

26/04/11 A Brand New Start
Max DEFOURNY - WSK - Euro Series - Portimao

Max Defourny decided to continue his international karting season in KF3 Juniors with a new team and a new kart. This young Belgian, who still lacks the experience of his opponents, learnt a lot of lessons during the first races of 2011. But with the burst of speed, ambition and determination that are his main features, Max is looking forward to just one thing: fighting in the lead pack as quickly as possible.




> At the Wheel of a CRG-Parilla

After racing in an environment that did not suit him, Max Defourny preferred to interrupt his cooperation with Intrepid to join Belgian team VDK Power, CRG Junior Team. "I have known the Verdaasdonk brothers for many years", explained Alain Boumal, who assists Max. "We speak the same language, there is true confidence between us. They have a long experience in international karting and know how to react effectively and quickly according to the different situations. CRG chassis offer real added value and the Iame Parilla is one of the most powerful engines currently in KF3. I am very optimistic about the rest of the season".


> A Strong Mind...
Max Defourny has already entered five meetings since the start of season 2011, which began in late February with the WSK Master Series in La Conca, where Max had a small fright during an accident where he was bruised at the sides and legs. This premature retirement was soon forgotten and the 12-year old Belgian came back two weeks later, at the WSK Euro Series in Sarno, again in Italy. "Max has continued his discovery of the category, in particular of wide tyres that offer huge grip", Alain Boumal added. He then entered the first meetings of the French Championship in Varennes sur Allier and of the Belgian Championship in Mariembourg. "He knows that we have lost some time with this change of chassis brand and that we also have to find again new references for adjustments. An electrical problem also deprived Max of the best result in Belgium. But he feels very good from a mental point of view and knows that the best days are still to come".


Max-Portimao.jpg> Already Among the Best
With the second round of the prestigious WSK Euro Series in Portimao Max Defourny went back on the saddle. "In Portugal, he reached another level. He progressed during free practice and concluded with the 14th time (out of 82 entered drivers) in timed qualifying preceding drivers such as Olsen, Verstappen, Ivanovic, Hansson or Fuoco. Afterwards it was a pity to see so many unsporting behaviours in the pack and so few sanctions in such a highly professional event, where all major international teams are represented. He suffered two small collisions without any fault on his part and he lost the chance to show some good performance. But he was very fast on the track, as proven by his 8th best time during warm-up".
Next Meeting for Max: the North European Trophy in Brandon, England, a race where his main goal will be the qualification for the final phase of the European Championship.

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