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International > KARTCOM



As usual Kartcom has prepared the unofficial intermediate classification to follow the heats of the WSK Champions Cup at La Conca. There are updates at the end of the races, then according to the published penalties.



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International > WSK



Under the new CIK regulations, KF and KF-Junior are using the new anti-contact front bumper fastening. Triggering of the system is not in short supply in the heats of the WSK Champions Cup, and the sound of plastic scraping on tarmac is often heard in Junior, but less in KF. Bumpers are sometimes even dropping during the formation lap.

Some drivers go into the pits to put the bumper in place, which costs them about 15-20'', while others continue and are given a 30'' penalty afterwards.

Penalty management is monopolising the attention of the stewards and delays the publication of results, which is understandable for the first experiences in racing.

That said, the first impression, to be confirmed, reveals starts that are  significantly less turbulent than races in the past.



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Team > RFM



The RFM boss Ricky Flynn doesn't hesitate to go out in the rain, on the edge of the track to better train his young drivers. After having watched a few laps during the warm-up, he stops them and shows them the best lines on a map of the circuit, laminated to withstand the weather. His experience is particularly important regarding the wetter areas to avoid and where a driver must stay absolutely away from. Hot tips that really work are part of the instructional strategy of the famous English team.


Reread the interview with Ricky Flynn published in the Best of 2014 CIK-FIA.





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Artistique > CIK-FIA



Voici donc l'image qui a permis samedi dernier à Manuella Nicoletti de remporter le concours de la meilleure photo de la saison CIK-FIA 2014. Le ciel de Zuera, dramatique, les étendues d'Aragon, immenses, et un kart qui file, solitaire, vers la victoire. La composition et l'éclairage de l'image ont séduit les participants de la cérémonie qui ont voté majoritairement pour elle. Après la fausse polémique du cadre blanc qui a secoué le microcosme des photographes l'an passé lors de la victoire de Philippe Kalmès, les larges bandes blanches de la photo de Manuella, qui a choisi un format plus allongé pour accentuer la référence au western des paysages espagnols, n'ont soulevé cette fois aucune critique. Sa victoire a fait également l'unanimité chez les professionnels. Bravo Manu !



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International > WSK



The wind has stopped blowing, but rain replaced it over the region of Muro Leccese, after thunderstorms overnight. The internet has also suffered from the unfavourable conditions and now the competitors in the Champions Cup will face a slippery track for the qualifying heats with possible changes in the hierarchy.



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