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The 2nd round of the WSK Euro Series was raced on the Val d'Argenton circuit, in France.

Praga Kart goes home with a 3rd place in final 2 of the KZ1, and is in the game for the Championship...



The KZ1 of the WSK Euro Series features the world's best drivers and karts: Patrik Hajek and his Praga Kart, thanks to 3rd place claimed in Final 2, prove they can race with the best. Hajek is 7th in timed qualifying on Saturday and in Final 1 is forced to leave due to a contact. But on Sunday he goes wild and, after a great recovery in the second heat from 18th to 5th, in Final 2 he scores 2nd best lap time and ends in 4th place due to a contact, but is then given back 3rd place by the race judges. In the championship he is 8th in the general standings. Also in KZ1 is Bas Lammers: in the qualifyings he is 3rd best, then places 8th after the heats, and in Final 1 puts in fast laps to end a step from the podium, 4th. On Sunday he confirms his speed in the heats (5th, 7th) and claims 8th in Final 2, collecting important points for the championship: he is now 4th in the general standings.
Praga Kart was also present in KZ2. Martin Doubek, in Final 1 charges from the back and is 8th, then confirms the result in both heats on Sunday, to climb up to 6th in Final 2. He is now 3rd in the general standings.

Alexander Schmitz and Adam Janous are also stars of heat recoveries in the Finals: the first rises from the rear to 11th in Final 2, while the second in Final 1 does even better by claiming 5th.



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