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Kevin SUSILO - Communiqué n°5



After spending an entire year in Italy, far from his native country, young Indonesian Kevin Susilo can make a satisfactory assessment of his 2009 season. After some remarkable results at the Open Masters and WSK, he has become one of the protagonists of the continental kart circus. Kevin is now focussing on KF2 and his recent tests with DR Racing have shown that is talent is not limited to KF3, a series he knows pretty well.


By coming to live in Italy, Kevin Susilo has sacrificed everything to his passion, far from his country but maybe a little closer to the world of karting. Under Danilo Rossi's wing, he can now take advantage of the best possible conditions to learn his job as kart driver. Danilo confirms the growing talent of his young protégé, whose motivation is solid as a rock. Though Kevin has already shown great speed talent, he now has to learn how to fight more effectively in the pack. This is his next aim.


He achieved his best year results at the Open Masters, the well-known Italian championship. Kevin showed his speed twice in KF3: 2nd in the La Conca final race in May, he did it again in Sarno, in July, and finished second in the meeting, just behind Danil Kvyat, who is one of the best drivers in the category. Overall, he was 13th in the championship standings, which counted 77 drivers.


SUSILO-2009.jpgKevin also distinguished himself at top international level during the WSK. In Genk (Belgium), he was regularly in the top 15 during timed qualifying and in the heats before dropping back in the pre-final, then he staged a superb 10-place recovery in the final race. At the last round in Lonato, he had to carve his way up, then qualified during an exciting repechage heat and ended 19th after a great final.


In Macao (China), at the CIK-FIA Asia-Pacific Championship, Kevin remained comfortably in the top 5 with a third best time in timed qualifying, a second place in qualifying heats and a 4th place in pre-final. Unfortunately he had to stop in the final and could not do any better.


But his most brilliant 2009 performance remains his successful debut in KF2, the category of confirmed talents. After a very encouraging practice session in Lonato, Kevin showed he was capable of rapidly taming his new machine, as only great drivers can do. Even better, he was 6th at the last competition of the year, the Trofeo Invernale «Ayrton Senna» in Sarno, at his first race in KF2, after a series of good time results.


Thanks to his excellent state-of-mind, well supported by Danilo Rossi and the whole Racing Team, Kevin Susilo is learning very fast and is developing all the means to become a kart champion soon.

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