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SODI RACING TEAM - Communiqué n°55

Sodi does not do things like everyone else, and this is well known! The new racing structure established by the French make is no exception to the rule. The name "Sodi Junior Team" (SJT) hides, in fact, an innovative concept, which has nothing to do with the other Junior Teams that multiply in the paddocks. It is not a copy of the official team, but rather a structure intended for the private teams that already cooperate with Sodi, designed to allow them to work in the best conditions.




In Gildas Mérian's words: «It is a tool that Sodi places at the disposal of private teams to reward them for cooperating with us. At a minimum cost, we offer them the chance to benefit from a series of quality services, both from a technical and a reception point of view, at a level that they could not afford if they were isolated».


The Sodi Junior Team is first of all a racing structure, an articulated lorry and a large-volume tent, capable of accommodating in the best conditions several drivers during major national and international events. SJT is entirely managed by François Lepesqueux's team. In addition to a classic workshop area, of a comfortable size, with a stock of spares, the SJT provides a reception space for drivers, their entourage and their partners, who are treated like VIPs. A «hospitality» area is placed at their disposal for meal preparation. Transfers between circuits and hotels are ensured by two minibuses with SJT colours.


No efforts have been spared to let each host cultivate there their interests, effectiveness or leisure, without having to worry about all the day-to-day structure management problems. Technical teams can focus on kart setups, drivers can relax and eat at best and their entourage can take advantage of a friendly and refined atmosphere.


Four private teams have currently access to the SJT : Antonio Rodriguès' Win Max Kart Racing, Thierry Lépinne' Eurokarting , Ludovic Vève's Ludo Racing and Steeve Guarato's SG Driver's. Since their first experience at the Varennes GPO, alchemy has begun to appear since the Sodi Junior Team has seen some of its drivers reach the top : in KF3, a victory for Paolo Besancenez on Saturday and for Valentin Moineault on Sunday, with Léo Roussel winning Sunday's final in KF2.


It is for this reason that Sodi has decided to follow and support more specifically the promising drivers within these teams and to give them the status of «Sodi Selected Driver». Léo Roussel and Antoine Lepesqueux for KF2, and Paolo Besancenez, Florian Latorre as well as Jérémy Demarque in KF3 are part of this programme.


Since its first appearance, the SJT has seduced its lucky beneficiaries, including technicians, drivers and their entourage. Thierry Lépinne, Eurokarting boss, confirms it: «It is a fantastic initiative! I could have never had a structure of this quality. We can really work in good conditions, until late, and without having to worry about all the side issues. In the future, I will be able to travel lighter. And then, not being forced to pack up everything on Sunday evening is really nice!»
Paolo Besancenez's family shares the same view: «We were not biased, it was a nice surprise in Varennes. Lepesqueux's team gave us a very warm welcome and they are always ready to lend an ear and create a friendly atmosphere. The structure is very nice, everything is neat, it really gives a good impression. Thank you Sodi!»

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