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GPO Karting - Communiqué n°12

10/03/10 News About the Grand Prix Open Karting
GPO Karting - Grand Prix Open Karting - Varennes / Allier



A series like no other, which is both national and international, the FFSA French Karting Championship 2010 (Grand Prix Open) promises to be a success, considering the direction followed by the Federation and the interest already shown by a number of drivers and professionals. Given the challenges that mark these difficult economic times, the FFSA showed clear-sightedness and the capacity to react quickly. This year, the GPOs will be less expensive, more open and more accessible at the different levels of competition.


In the framework of the French Championships, the FFSA Grand Prix Open Karting events offer an excellent opportunity to race in the international categories - KF2, KF3 and KZ2 - in order to discover the meaning of top level competition or just to show one's performances at a reasonable cost. Indeed, if the very good drivers certainly offer an excellent reference point for the whole group, private drivers and teams still have a real chance to achieve good results and even gain a victory or a title. Contrary to other international series, in GPOs factory teams or large structures do not necessarily monopolise the first positions. Amateur karters still have their place in the French Championship!


Thanks to FFSA efforts, the budget for a GPO season remains affordable in the CIK categories. In addition to that, the quality of the organisation and the strong media coverage of the GPOs ensure a very positive image of the competition and promote partners' confidence. With the debut of the Mini/Cadet, Nationale, Rotax and X30 categories, each round will host different groups of participants, thereby providing an interesting show for the public and all the people accompanying drivers. Teams will be able to widen their offer to fans and make their transfers more profitable. It will be an additional chance to provide drivers of different levels and ambitions the opportunity to meet.


A set of tyres offered at each meeting


The FFSA decided to reduce the tyre bill of all participants, by offering a full set of racing tyres per meeting, that is a 50% bonus on this sensitive item. According to the contract awarded to Bridgestone last year (for a three-year period), the Japanese manufacturer will provide tyres type YKC for KF3, YKB for KF2 and KZ2, and YKP for all drivers in wet conditions.




The second important point is that the Championships standings will take 8 out of 10 results into account, in order to better manage the imponderable part of competition and offer the opportunity to skip one weekend without losing the chance to stay in race for the title. A new opportunity that should appeal, in particular, to the Belgian drivers racing in the national championship.


The FFSA has also shown its willingness to be more open by including important Cups in the federal calendar. The French Cups Rotax and Rotax Master, X30 and X30 Gentleman will be added to the GPO programme as well as the French Cups Mini and Cadet and the French Championship of the National category. As a consequence, there will be a wider public and hardly-fought races at each round and level.


The relevant registration procedures will be communicated soon.

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