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SKF France - Communiqué n°1

The SKF Kart Unit is a revolutionary solution designed to boost performances, and that is exactly what one would expect from a component used in racing karts. An original design, attention to the smallest manufacturing detail and state-of-the-art materials have been perfectly combined by SKF. 2010 World Champion Nyck De Vries has certainly made the best choice with his Zanardi chassis equipped with the SKF Kart Unit and special engine bearings manufactured by SKF.


The Idea
The SKF Kart Unit is a rear-axle bearing with concentric geometry, the ConCentra solution patented by SKF. It is such a simple and logical solution that it should be universally adopted. Assembling, disassembling and cleaning operations become very easy, and these "details" are greatly appreciated by mechanics. As for drivers, they will most certainly notice the performance gains ensured by low friction in the unit and high-precision centring of the shaft during races, which eliminates all risks of misalignment.


The Characteristics
A bearing specifically designed to adapt to racing conditions, polymer housing, steel or ceramic balls that help maintain low friction and reduce heat, phosphate-coated ring, low-viscosity grease, and a removable contact-free protection unit.


The Result
More than the long list of victories in all the categories, what comes to mind when results are mentioned is the name of a driver: Nyck De Vries, unanimously recognised as a prodigy in the world of karting.
This world champion, known for being a perfectionist, displays the SKF colours on his spoiler. It is a way to show that he truly believes in the effectiveness of SKF bearings (SKF Kart Unit and engine bearings). And he provided plenty of evidence of that.


Special Engine Bearings
The technical superiority of SKF bearings also contributes to boost kart engine performances, at crankshaft level, with specific products capable of ensuring high-qualify results even with very tight budgets. The characteristics of these bearings increase effectiveness and extend durability as well as offering, as usual, the highest performances on the market.



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