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Beitske VISSER - Communiqué n°31

03/11/11 Beitske Surpasses Herself
Beitske VISSER - WSK - Final Cup - Ortona

The last great international meeting of the European season for the elite of karting, the WSK Final Cup, was a not-to-miss event for KZ1 specialists, with most of the best word drivers present at Ortona, on the Adriatic cost of Italy. Beitske Visser, who displayed again the orange colours of an Intrepid chassis, had quite a hard time at the start and during qualifying. But that did not dampen her strength of mind and it was with great determination to do well and real competitiveness that the Dutchwoman crossed the finish line of the final in 5th place!




Beitske Visser's season is about to end, but that does not stop her from always aiming for victory, each time she enters a race. Rightly considered the best female driver on the international scene of the 2011 karting season, the Dutch karter faced again a sizeable challenge at the WSK Final Cup, which was held in a single meeting. At Ortona, she could see the even small problems are never easy to overcome... "During the qualifying, my chain broke, so I could't drive anymore. Before it broke my times were in the top 5, but the times were going faster each lap. So I was dropped down to the 15th place".


Beitske-Visser.jpgDetermined to recover, unfortunately Beitske Visser (Intrepid/TM-Tecsav) was pushed at the first start and fell at the back of the pack due to the damage suffered by her chassis. The second heat allowed her to regain confidence after an excellent recovery drive from 29th to 15th place. Unfortunately she could not repeat her performance in the last heat due to an engine breakage. "A start from 24th place in a pre-final was not really what I had hoped for. Fortunately I made a good start and I could cross the finish line in 14th place by setting some excellent times during the race".
After another crash at the start of the final she dropped back a few places. The remaining 16 laps were not too many to recover ground. After passing several drivers, including one on the last lap, she concluded this WSK Final Cup with a 5th place. "I am also pleased that I was constantly among the fastest on the track, though I was often slowed down by the traffic". Although the problems she suffered during the qualifying phase deprived her of a possible podium, Beitske Visser showed again her speed and her qualities as a fighter!

Direction: Las Vegas

The 15th edition of the famous Supernationals will be held in the week of November 20th on the parking lot of Rio Hotel in Las Vegas (USA). This race, which is a bit crazy and gathers almost 500 drivers, will be Beitske Visser's last outing in karting for 2011. Nobody doubts that she will try to finish in beauty with a good result, also to forget her disappointment of last year. But the Dutchwoman will be often seen on a track again for the planned single-seater tests.

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