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Beitske VISSER - Communiqué n°4

12/05/10 Beitske Conquers Again
Beitske VISSER - WSK - Euro Series - Genk



Beitske Visser's results continue to improve. After reaching the first row in a European Kart Championship and regularly climbing on the podium at international level, the 15-year old Dutch girl has proved to be ready to fight - and win - on equal terms against more experienced drivers. Comfortably second in the WSK provisional standings after the third podium in a row conquered in Belgium, she now has victory as her priority aim.


When you bump into Beitske Visser in the paddocks, it is hard to imagine that behind that young face there is a formidable fighter. But if you ask about her in international karting circles, to her rivals and to journalists, you will learn that she is actually one of the most well known girls in this sport where all drivers, regardless of their gender, are treated just the same. Since the beginning of the season, her progression in the WSK Euro Series has been simply impressive. Beitske has become a regular on the podium during this Championship, from which the future talents of car sports have emerged over the last few years. After Italy and Spain, this time the Dutch driver did a brilliant job near her home country, Holland, on her Intrepid-TM prepared by Intrepid official team (Italy) and by Tec-Sav (France).

Podium-Visser.jpg"Of all the circuits where major international events are held, Genk is the one I know best because it is in the north of Belgium, not far from Holland. I went there more motivated than ever". Her determination to do well has been evident since the very beginning of the competition. Beitske Visser knows how to take the best out of her 125cc gearbox kart with 45 HP for about 100 kg, and she achieved a little exploit in the qualifying heats. "For me, WSK is always a special challenge. True, I am in KZ2, but we race together with the best drivers in the KZ1 category. And in Genk, I crossed the finish line first in one of the heats, ahead of all KZ1 and KZ2 drivers together. In the pre-final, I started from the second row, just behind European Champion Lammers and World Champion Thonon. Of course, my intention was to maintain the first place in my category, but also to dearly defend my place amongst KZ1 drivers!"

Unfortunately Beitske was bumped into at the beginning of the race and slipped down to 20th place! Chances of a first victory in KZ2 vanished. But this fast Dutch girl did not give up and staged a remarkable recovery. Third in her category in the pre-final with best lap in race, she gained another place in the final race. "At the end of the race, I managed to come closer to Yard Pex, the winner, but he closed the doors well and I could not pass". Celebrated by all the public in Genk, this new podium allows Beitske to consolidate her second place in the WSK Euro Series.



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