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The season of Grand Finals ! Thanks to the usual date of the CIK-FIA World Championship at the end of September, the 2017 calendar has continued and the grand finals of the brand trophies have followed one another from mid-October to mid-November in Europe.




The 6th IAME International Final reached new heights with its 454 drivers present at Le Mans (FRA), while the 15th edition of the Rok Cup International Final gathered 415 participants at Lonato (ITA), simultaneously with the 360 ??qualifiers for the 18th Rotax Max Grand Finals Challenge at Portimao (PRT). Success continues for these large-scale events attracting drivers from around the world to a unique event.


Kartcom has again closely followed the Rotax Grand Final for eight days in southern Portugal, enjoying exceptional weather. It was an opportunity to appreciate the universal use of the new cylinder from the Austrian brand in all categories. Rotax plays an important role in a market where competition is growing in some areas. The result is very positive with tighter races than ever and a minimum of technical problems to solve on a large fleet of 360 engines, straight out of the box. The new engine package proposed by Rotax undeniably has the strong attributes needed to start the conquest of the market.


The Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals also remains an extraordinary event whose organisation is becoming more and more convincing. Admittedly, it is a different competition in which the margin of manoeuvre for the teams is very small. This does not prevent some professionals from bringing their very useful skills to give an advantage to their drivers. The atmosphere at Portimao, half-sporting, half-festive, was excellent, especially between the participants in each national team. On the track, the battle was tough, to take advantage of the essential slipstreaming and not to take a spoiler penalty.


On that point, there is unfortunately a change in behaviour that is detrimental to the value of racing of any type. It is now very effective to prevent an opponent overtaking by staying on the inside track. We have also seen that a brief well placed braking could surprise and thwart any attempt to overtake. Unfavourable practices that are practically impossible to sanction for the moment, on which a general reflection is needed.


The 2017 racing season is now over. The balance sheets, the various awards ceremonies and the preparations for the coming year will all be highlights of the news in Kartcom News No. 38, released in mid-December.


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