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The second round of the WSK Euro Series was raced on the Val d'Argenton Circuit, in France, Chiesa Corse was present with 5 drivers.

Callum Ilott - KF3 - The bolt of lightning makes contact
Consistently one of the fastest on track, he wins one heat and in two also scores best lap: too bad for one heat where he's out at the start due to a contact and finishes 18th. In prefinal B, he recovers well, starting 6th and closing 2nd. In the Final, however, he pays for a difficult start and two contacts that, as he is fighting for top positions, force him into 15th place. In the general standings he is still 3rd.


Lance Stroll - KF3 - Protagonist, but unlucky
His 7th place in Superpole is the preable to a great first half of the weekend: he wins two heats and claims 2nd overall at the penalties count. But in the prefinal, as he is in the lead, his raced is damaged by a technical problem caused by a puddle on the track's final stretch; shortly after a contact knocks him out, keeping him from qualifying for a final where he would've been a star.




Dan Ticktum - KF3 - Consistently up top
At the penalties count he is 4th overall (2nd, 5th, 3rd and 2nd), after placing 8th in Superpole. In the prefinal he holds a great pace the wntire race and ends 3rd, behind Ilott. In the final he aims for the podium, but finishes with a nice 6th place, his performance not as good as usual due to the peculiar nature of the French circuit. He is now 7th in the general standings.


Thiago Vivacqua - KF2 - Injured, but he tries...
His aim is to improve what shown in the qualifyings, which this time, as often happens, he gets wrong. In the heats he ends up in a bad accident that destroys his kart and that impairs the use of his hand for the rest of the weekend and, although he shows a progressing performance (23rd, 18th, 13th, 10th and 7th), he doesn't manage to qualify for the finals.


Nikita Mazepin - KF3 - Great recovery
In the qualifyings he is excluded for under-weight and so in the heats he has to chase the pack (he starts last in each one). The Russian driver knows he can't get anything wrong and does a good job at qualifying for the prefinal. Here he ends 14th, which means qualification for a final that at first there seemed to be no hope for. Here, however, a contact forces him in positions far from the top.



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