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Beitske VISSER - Press release n°5

08/06/10 WSK Euro Series: Vice Champion 2010!
Beitske VISSER - WSK - Euro Series - Sarno



On her first participation in the WSK Euro Series, Beitske Visser showed an extraordinary performance by finishing second in a karting event that could be easily mistaken for a European Championship. A girl at this level in the KZ2 category is something never seen before!


In the first weekend of June, Beitske Visser went back to the Italian circuit of Sarno, where she had already been in April for the European KZ2 Championship. "When you go back to a track you know, you always feel you can do better than the previous time", the Dutch girl declared. "As far as I am concerned, my goal for the WSK Euro Series final race is clear: victory! I know I have the potential for that, although I have to compete against drivers who are more experienced than I am".

Her words prove it: Beitske has the determination that distinguishes great champions. Very much focussed on the discipline where she revealed her talent, she trained hard with the Intrepid Kart team as well as with Tec-Sav before the race. In timed qualifying, Beitske set the best times in her group in KZ2, less than one tenth of a second away from her famous team mate Lammers, who races in KZ1.

Totally focussed on her job, she confirmed her talent by winning the two heats in her category. However, she was not fully satisfied, because she often felt the pressure of her rivals in the pack. "When I drive, I try to reach perfection and I felt my equipment could be improved. In karting, you are always in an unstable position that can change suddenly any second".

Beitske.jpgBeitske could not imagine how true her words were; unfortunately, things did not go well on Sunday. "In the pre-final, I made a good start, but I bumped into some KZ1 drivers and I lost time behind them, because in WSK drivers from these two categories race together. So my rival De Conto had the chance to catch me. However, I felt I was good enough to stay ahead of him".

Beitske Visser was the fastest on track in KZ2, but her rival literally forced his way to overtake her and she had to content herself with second place, this time. For the Dutch girl, the final race offered a chance for revenge. But this time, another driver sent her off track after a risky overtaking manoeuvre. On arrival, Beitske found it hard to hide her disappointment, especially because no penalty was given. "I kept my second place in the WSK Euro Series, which is the most important thing, but I am disappointed I have to wait to achieve my victory goal, just when I was that close". Nobody doubts that an even more determined Beitske will go to France at the end of June, for the last meeting of the European Championship.



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