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CRG RACING TEAM - Press release n°61

25/09/12 World Cup for KF2: Extraordinary One-Two-Three Finish for CRG
CRG RACING TEAM - World Cup - Zuera



After dominating the World Cup for KZ2, CRG chassis proved to be equally competitive in the classes without gearboxes. Wearing their suits with the colours of the well-know Italian team, Felice Tiene, Max Verstappen, and Jordon Lennox-Lamb achieved an extraordinary one-two-three finish at the World Cup for KF2, a result which is extremely rare in such a prestigious competition and proves that CRG chassis are among the best products on the karting market today. Congratulations to all the drivers, to the CRG official team and to engine mechanics for this extraordinary performance!


Three chassis of the same brand in the first three places of a World Cup is something both unusual and extraordinary! A look at CRG drivers' performances during the World Cup for KF2 highlights that this final result was not a matter of chance, but the proof of CRG's karts extreme competitivess.
Already during timed qualifying, Jordon Lennox-Lamb, Max Verstappen, and Felice Tiene were in second, third, and fourth place respectively. Then the three drivers won 8 out of 10 qualifying heats and took the three best positions on the pre-final start grid. During the race, no other driver succeeded in changing this ranking order. In the end, the order of arrival in the pre-final was the same as the final race, with the World title for Felice Tiene (CRG-BMB/KVS), ahead of Max Verstappen (CRG-TM/CRG Holland) and Jordon Lennox-Lamb (CRG-BMB/KVS).




"As soon as the wheels of my CRG touched the Zuera track, my performance was excellent", Tiene commented. "Then the team did an excellent job and I would like to thank them for this victory, which is the most beautiful in my career". "Felice has been very strong here and his victory is well-deserved. I did everything I could and this second place in such a hard-fought race is an excellent result, which mitigates a bit my disappointment in KZ2 at Sarno", Verstappen added.
As for Lennox-Lamb, he stressed in particular this extraordinary one-two-three finish. "Of course, I would have liked to win this World Cup, as I did three weeks ago in KZ2, but I am very happy to be on this podium, which I dedicate to the whole team. CRG is an incredible team, capable of the greatest accomplishments".
CRG-Tinini chassis were clearly head and shoulders above the others at Zuera, as also demonstrated by Tom Joyner who took a brilliant 4th place with his LH-BMB/KVS and came very close to the top 3, despite a start from 11th place!


CRG Just Misses Out on a Podium in KF3

In KF3, it was Alex Palou's and Vitor Baptista's turn to show some brilliant performances on their CRG-BMB/KFS karts. Unfortunately the Spaniard lost ground in one of the heats, and was forced to catch up. After starting from 14th, he brilliantly concluded with a 4th place. As for the Brazilian, he lost his podium chances in the pre-final. Despite his distant 26th at the start of the final, Baptista did not give up and managed to move up to 7th at a pace very close to that of the leaders! Congratulations to all other drivers equipped with CRG and LH chassis at Zuera.



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