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FFSA Academy - Press release n°27

After getting noticed last December during the Richard Mille Young Talent Academy at Le Mans, Jules Mettetal has just fulfilled his single-seater hopes with his victory in the 2019 Winfield Volant at the Paul Ricard circuit.



A former top kart driver, Jules has diligently prepared for his career in single-seaters by taking part in FFSA Academy training courses. Specific physical training, mental preparation and driving on the simulator were on the agenda for this crucial phase in a young driver's career. The expertise of the FFSA Academy team allowed him to assimilate the basics needed to master the skills required to drive an F4 as effectively as possible in record time.

The experience was completed by test sessions on the Bugatti circuit at Le Mans with the supervision of the FFSA Academy. The debriefing sessions were conducted by the instructors of the federal organisation who have the knowledge of their subject at their fingertips, relying on data analysis and viewing of embedded videos.

Thanks to the irreplaceable experience in this field of the FFSA Academy, this training provided Jules with all the information needed for a personalised programme, that proved its effectiveness with his recent success at the Winfield Volant.

"Known for the organisation of the French F4 Championship and for training the French Teams, the FFSA Academy is less well-known when it comes to individual driver preparation", explained Christophe Lollier, the National Technical Director. "The federal structure, however, offers many courses adapted to everyone's needs throughout the year. At the end of the preliminary tests, a personalised programme is provided to each driver so he can reinforce his strengths and reduce his weak points. The example of Jules Mettetal's success at the Winfield Volant confirms the precision and efficiency of our approach."

Jules Mettetal will take part in the 2019 French F4 Championship with the support of the Winfield Racing School, as the Brazilian Champion Caio Collet successfully did last year.



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