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Beitske VISSER - Press release n°25

02/08/11 Positive Experience Overall at the WSK
Beitske VISSER - WSK - Euro Series - Zuera

Beitske Visser's experience at the WSK Euro Series has been very gratifying for her. During the four rounds of the Series, she raced against the best drivers in the world and was often the fastest on the track. This was again the case in Spain, at the end of July, with two finals concluded with a 4th and a 6th place. These performances allowed her to climb to 9th in the KZ1 Championship classification, preceding several top seeds...




Beitske Visser came to the Zuera circuit determined to claim a podium at the last round of the WSK Euro Series 2011 and the Dutch female karter had certainly the technical, mental and physical skills to fulfil her goal. At the wheel of her Intrepid-Praga motorised by TM-Tecsav, Beitske lived an exciting weekend, as she explains...
"I had just the time to finish preparing my equipment and I started a bit late in the timed qualifying session, so I could only set two fast laps. But despite all this, I claimed sixth place, which was pretty encouraging. But during the races, I never managed to make a good start. Due to the heat, there was a lot of tyre rubber on the track, and on the start grid the chassis were literally glued to the ground! When I let the clutch up, the kart moved with some difficulty. So I lost a few places in the first heat finishing seventh, though things went better in the following heat, with a second place. In Final 1, I had again a difficult start and was fairly satisfied to climb through from tenth, where I was on the first lap, to fourth (third in KZ1). I was also the fastest on the track but the three leaders had opened up too big a gap for me to bridge".
"On Sunday, I finally made a good start on the first heat. But since I started a fraction of second too early, I was handled a 10 second penalty - I had arrived first with the fastest lap in the race", Beitske regretted. Forced to start from 12th, she brilliantly passed several competitors and moved up to 4th, again with the fastest lap time in the race. Just 11th in the combined classification of the two heats, she showed all her talent again and climbed to 6th. She did not make it to the podium but her extremely high level of competitiveness and her great fighting spirit bode well for the World Cup for KZ1, the major appointment of the 2011 season to be held in Belgium in September.

TKart_Wonder_Visser.jpgRacing in GT at Assen!

Beiske Visser is about to live a unique experience. For the first time in her career, the Dutch karter will compete at the wheel of a super powerful Praga R4 GT in the Dutch "Supercar Challenge" championship. The event will be held on 6 and 7 August on the Assen circuit, which attracts every year several thousand spectators for its famous "Racing Days".

Beitske Makes the Headlines

Thanks to her talent and positive results, Beitske Visser has caught media attention in the field of motor sport. After proving she has the skills to emerge at the highest level in international karting, she has received press coverage on many occasions. She is now on the cover of Italian magazine T-Kart with the highly revealing title "Wonder Visser", which makes reference, of course, to the famous character Wonder Woman.

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