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GPO Karting - Press release n°31

03/05/11 Countdown to Angerville GPO Meeting
GPO Karting - Grand Prix Open Karting - Angerville

The Angerville GPO - second round of the French Karting Championship 2011 - promises to start under the best auspices both for the number of entered drivers - 180 with Rotax - and for the quality of the different groups of participants. The race for the title has just started and there are still a lot of chances to witness some radical situation changes. If the weather holds up, a good sporting weekend can be expected in the Ile-de-France.




This time it will be Rotax drivers' turn to be part of the event in the framework of the Rotax & Rotax Master French Cups, on a circuit very suitable to them and well known by most of them. In the GPO, French drivers are still the majority, but the Belgian delegation has definitely a distinctive style while there are always a few Britons happy to cross the Channel to race on the French Championship.


KZ2 continues to be a success with new arrivals to the French Championship such as Bejamin and Clément Da Silva on Birel/TM and Paul David (Tony Kart/TM). Tony Lavanant (PCR/TM) will be in for it again with a Dutch team, AVG Racing. Mathieu Gaillard (Energy/TM) will have the task to maintain his advantage vs. other very determined drivers of the calibre of Thomas Mich (Birel/TM), second in the provisional standings, Anthony Abbasse and Pierre Ragues (Sodi/Maxter). Morgan Weber (Merlin/TM), Yan Pesce (BRM/Maxter), Christophe Benoit (Birel/TM) or Charles Fiault (Sodi/Maxter) will be there to enliven the fight for leadership.


The number of KF drivers will be slightly lower than at the Varennes meeting, which attracted a high number of foreign drivers registered for the European Championship. This situation should not upset a few GPO regular participants, who might take advantage of the situation to improve their standings.


KF3 remains a very crowded category, with 32 entered drivers in Angerville. The recent European round in Varennes confirmed a few talents and revealed some more candidates to success such as Benjamin Gérard and Valentin Naud (Tony Kart/Vortex) or Dorian Guldenfels (Sodi/Parilla). But the leaders of the French Championship are in excellent form, starting with Esteban Ocon (FA Kart/Vortex). Paolo Besancenez (Sodi/Parilla) and Dorian Boccolacci (Birel/BM), high-profile rookies in KF3, have not intention of losing ground, but rather to move up the standings at the expenses of mainstays such as Valentin Moineault (Sodi/Parilla), Simon Tirman (Tony Kart/Vortex) or Florian Latorre (Sodi/Parilla).


Despite the lower number of entered drivers, KF2 attracts the best international drivers of the specialty and it is difficult to hazard a forecast while some of the drivers are in full progression. The battle for leadership should be epic within the leading trio Victor Sendin (Tony Kart/Vortex), Alex Baron (Sodi/Parilla) and Léo Roussel (Sodi/Parilla). But their pursuers are there, ready to try and take advantage of the situation to make it to the podiums. Anthoine Hubert (Sodi/Parilla), Andréa Pizzitola (FA Kart/Vortex), Pascal Belmaaziz (DR/Parilla), Loïc Réguillon (Sodi /Parilla), John Filippi (Exprit/Vortex) are ready and able to move closer to the top of the standings. In any case, there will be a scent of revenge in the air.



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