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Beta Epsilon - Press release n°1

Not content to offer the cheapest single seater car on the market, the manufacturer of the Formula Premium, ßeta Epsilon, is continuing to innovate by offering new solutions for entering single seater racing on a controlled budget. To participate in the Formula Premium Trophy, competitors will be able to choose from a wide range of options. Drivers can buy or rent a car, organize their own support or use professional teams with different services from simple technical assistance up to a turnkey deal.




The first level is to enter the Formula Premium Trophy events as a privateer. A return to the fundamentals of motorsport, with family or friends, so there's no shortage of advantages! If you were able to run a kart, transition to this car is not insurmountable in terms of technology or logistics. To carry out this project, ßeta Epsilon is selling the Formula Premium (price: €35,000 HT) or offering it to rent for the season (€19,900 HT with a comprehensive review at the end of the year). You can choose either solution according to the expected duration of your commitment to the discipline.


If you prefer not to manage all aspects of your involvement in racing, there are professional teams in the Formula Premium Trophy who can offer a range of services. Again, several options are available: drivers can entrust their own car to a team that will be responsible for the workshop maintenance, transportation and assistance at the track. The teams are also able to provide a classic turnkey service, for the driver to focus on... driving! In the latter case, the price range is between €4800-5500 per meeting* for two or three races in the Formula Premium Trophy.


Private testing is not limited, and you can mix the advantages and limit the budget by practicing as a privateer, while using a team for the race meetings!


Finally, for the professional teams, ßeta Epsilon has developed a three year lease programme with an option to purchase at maturity, which will suit those who don't wish to make the investment in the purchase of the car.


Test Formula Premium: advice from a pro

Engineers and technicians from ßeta Epsilon benefited from the experience of development driver Lionel Robert for the initial tests. The driver from the Sarthe is a former runner-up in the French Formula Renault and Formula 3 B championships, and he has participated seven times in the 24 Hours of Le Mans including a class victory. He has also won a dozen races in 2 litre prototypes in recent years. He told us his impressions after pushing the Formula Premium into corners at Bugatti and Fontenay-le-Comte:


"We have not encountered any technical glitches, which surprised me in the case of a brand new car. When I saw the bare chassis for the first time, I had an immediate feeling of safety and rigidity. At the test track, I found that indeed, she responded well to adjustments. Beyond the limit, she reacted but not abruptly. It will be a good training tool. I know Michel Lecomte and Alain Duluard, who designed Formula Premium, almost since I started. I have the utmost confidence in the success of their project. They designed a versatile car that works on both circuit or hillclimb and that meets the needs of race schools."




The kickoff of the Formula Premium Trophy will be on 20th and 21st April at the Val de Vienne circuit.


Specification of the Formula Premium: Tubular chassis, complies with FIA safety 2013. Curb Weight: 470 kg. 140 horsepower Peugeot Engine. 5-speed transmission with sequential control.


Purchase price of the complete car: €35,000 (setup training included)


Car hire for individuals: €19,900 (end of season full rebuild included)


*Team package: from €4800 to €5500 per event (indicative price for a turnkey deal. Possible breakage, entry fees, licence, equipment and travelling costs of the driver not included).


Formula Premium Trophy, 7 meeting championship held under the authority of the FFSA within the Trophée Tourisme Endurance (2 sessions of testing, one qualifying session from 20 to 30 minutes, 2 or 3 races of 20 minutes depending on circuit)


About ßeta Epsilon
Based near Le Mans, the organisation is headed by Michel Lecomte, who has assembled a team of experienced technicians and engineers to give life to the Formula Premium project. A specialist in the training of young drivers and professional motorsport, he has been involved since the late 80s in different single seater and endurance racing teams (Epsilon by Graff, Epsilon, Epsilon Euskadi, Epsilon Sport, Barazi-Epsilon). He is also responsible for the creation of the Formula Renault 2.0 launched in 2010.


Infos Formula Premium :

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Contact presse : Romane Didier - future racing commm
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