Nyck De Vries superbly turned the situation to his advantage at the 5th event of the 7 rounds that compose the very international and difficult WSK series. The Dutch KF3 kartman had a series of problems during qualifiers, but then showed one of his races and won in France, on the difficult Salbris track. A victory that allowed 2009 European champion to reach the lead of the Championship provisional ranking with his Zanardi-Parilla...


Nyck De Vries' series of victories is long, like pearls threaded in a necklace. At international level, the 14-year old Dutch junior driver is definitely the best performer in KF3 this season. When his rivals think they can finally make it, Nyck De Vries adds another adjustment to his equipment and makes the difference in the final phase.

"I started my weekend pretty well, with 5th best time in official timed practice", Nyck said. "But the qualifiers did not go as I had expected. In one of them, I lost two places when I was involved in a collision, at the start. In another occasion, a driver pushed me and I lost some more ground. Then, a technical problem had serious consequences in another qualifier. Luckily enough, in the fourth and last race, I crossed the finishing line second, so I enhanced my chances for the final".

After all those accidents, which fortunately did not force Nyck De Vries to abandon, he had to start from 10th place. "When the race started, I knew I could reach the leading pack rather easily. My times were excellent and I pushed to the maximum to recover ground". Finally, Nyck concluded his progression in 5th place. At that point, everything remained possible for Nyck, especially with the motivation and talent of this young driver from Chiesa Corse Team.

Nyck-De-Vries.jpg"In the final, I got an excellent start. I attacked very hard on the first laps and I think it was then that I paved the ground for victory". When he reached the lead of the race, Nyck fully exploited the deserted track ahead of him and set a series of fast and regular laps. Already second behind Nyck at the European Championship, Carlos Sainz went after him at the end of the race, but the advantage Nyck had built up allowed him to win easily.
"Two weeks after the European Champion title, it was great to gain another success so early and to win for the 9th time this year! Moreover, I am WSK leader again. A big thank you to my whole team!"

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