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Sportingness vs Injustice, the contradictions of racing. The recent incident between Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc at the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Austria puts the eternal conflict between sportsmanship and injustice back on the stage. This news curiously brings to the surface an older confrontation between these two prodigies, during the 2012 WSK Euro Series at Val d'Argenton to anchor the story of a long-standing rivalry. It is certain that the general public is fond of a confrontations where everyone can take the side of their favourite, forgetting all objectivity. Sport is definitely not the domain of impartiality, contrary to what one might believe or hope for, it is after all only a reflection of humanity.



Does the show feed on injustice?
It is the main focus of wrestling matches and also applies to most sports disciplines, except perhaps curling or throwing tree trunks. Some recent examples in kart racing are thought-provoking. The Final of the European KZ Championship at Sarno first saw Anthony Abbasse being accompanied off the track by Matteo Vigano at the start, then Simo Puhakka mounting Alex Irlando on the second lap, minor incidents which however upset the result of the Championship. Can we point the finger at those responsible? The debate is open and everyone forges their opinion from a chair via video. Is it bad luck, undervalued risk-taking or deliberate bad intention? Only the competitors involved know, but do not always divulge. As social networks show more and more every day, accusing others is the most popular sport among homo sapiens. Meanwhile, the audience explodes.

Ultimately, it is the steward who bears all the wrongs by making or not making the expected decision. Some participants are sufficiently disappointed to leave the stage, but most others add the injustice, real or imagined, to the long list of the hazards of racing that they face. Injustice is part of life, it is a certainty, and the variety of possible reactions builds the framework of our lives. In any case, we have to deal with inequalities and continue our journey, accepting or rebelling. In the end, the winners often draw strength by overcoming adversity, as the human species has always done since its appearance on earth.

To return to the subject, you cannot help but be more excited when an incident occurs. On the other hand, one can try to preserve a minimum of humanity and not encourage one's weaker instincts. The media often forget it, but the public plays an important role in choosing to watch or not, even if they have to turn the idea over seven times in their brain before clicking.


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