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Good weather has returned to all of Europe, the peak of the sporting season is approaching, and there will be frequent races at all levels until the break in August. While a particularly cold and troubled start to the year probably slowed down the activity, it is now possible to get an idea of the level of competition in 2018. Top level karting is doing pretty well with encouraging entries in the European Championship, apart from KZ. The cost of these races is high, but this is no surprise.



We have noticed the gradual disappearance of the major champions that we enjoy seeing among the favourites from one event to another. In the direct-drive categories, young people often take the advantage over their elders by taking advantage of highly developed equipment and numerous preparatory tests. Predictions are usually risky depending on the tracks used and the grip conditions. But no name really emerges as a sure bet for karting in 2018. Exciting Junior drivers such as Jonny Edgar sometimes struggle to find their place in the top category. Ongoing for several seasons, this trend is confirmed without any satisfactory explanation, except perhaps in the degree of development of the equipment.

Two questions arise for the future with the growing internationalisation of the German DKM Championship and the possible return of a WSK International series in 2019, two factors that will not lead to a reduction in budgets and which risk competing with the official CIK-FIA competitions.

For the national championships or series, the smaller entries are due to the increase in categories and challenges rather than a single drop in attendance. It is more of a fragmentation of the population, accompanied by a devaluation of national events that no longer stand out from other races, except in terms of the titles at stake. Regional karting seems to be marking time, which is not conducive for the renewal of competitors.

It is as if the promoters and organisers of independent competitions have embarked on an escalation of events in their own interest, as well as that of their partners: engine manufacturers, tyre manufacturers and professional teams of all kinds. The market looks lucrative, for the moment, but is it really healthy to care less about competitors, enthusiasts and customers, their desires and their needs?

The growing success of a consumer concept such as the Sodi World Series proves its success each year with growing demand, all over the world. The CRG factory is developing a fairly similar challenge in terms of positioning. The Sodi World Final 2018, which was held for the first time in Italy, gave its 280 participants from 40 nations the utmost enjoyment at a memorable event.

Being able to exercise your passion for racing in the simplest possible way, at a time compatible with other activities and without spending astronomical sums, is probably the recipe that will allow karting to regain the popularity it deserves. A good subject to meditate on by the pool before a siesta ...


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