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A young hopeful among many others, Lorenzo Travisanutto has climbed the regional, national and international ladder patiently alongside his father, managing the technical side, the logistics and the budget! In these conditions he reached his first world top 10 in 2013 and later he was able to join factory teams. Today, he wears the Rosberg Racing colours in the KR Motorsport team in OK.



Lorenzo, can you describe your journey in Karting?
- I was born on 8th July, 1999, I'm 19 years old, I'm from north-east Italy, an hour from Venice and I think I was only 3 ½ years old when I sat in a baby kart. I was so small that we needed to make modifications to the chassis so that I could reach the pedals. Later on, I wanted to race. Since I was too young to race in Italy, I had to go to Slovenia and Croatia to enter competitions. My father is passionate about motorsport, he is a big fan of Gilles Villeneuve and, in the beginning, Karting was really a pure hobby, a way to spend time together. At that time, I never thought I would join a factory team in the World Championship!

When did you take Karting seriously?
- In 2011, I won the WSK Final Cup in 60 Mini and, logically, I continued in KF-Junior in the following years in the CIK-FIA international events. But we were still doing it independently. My father had to manage everything: the mechanics, the engine and carburettor preparation, the finance, the driver psychology... We did not have enough money to join a big team, but we experienced wonderful moments. Each result was a great reward for our efforts. In 2013, I finished 8th in the round of the World Championship in Bahrain, a great memory! It is this kind of performance that opened the doors of the factory PCR team in 2014.


Was it like a new beginning?
- Yes, because I had to develop the equipment for the factory. At that time, PCR was not really one of the biggest teams and I did not start as a favourite, which did not stop us from winning a round of the KF-Junior European Championship in Sweden, at Kristianstad. For me, it's a moment that counted. Subsequently, I moved to KF in 2015 with the Kartronix team, with whom I finished 10th in the World Championship at La Conca. When OK was created in 2016, I drove with Ward Racing. It was a good year, with a title in the WSK Super Master Series, 9th place in the European Championship and 8th in the World Championship.


OK, you are now one of the benchmark drivers. Is this an additional pressure?
- It is certain that from now on, my goal is to get on the podium at every race. But I like to challenge myself. Every moment of my life feels like a competition. I always want to be first, even at school, getting the best results possible. With karting and the travelling that implies, it is not always easy, but I chose to attend a private school to benefit from an adapted schedule.


Are you proud to have the confidence of Dino Chiesa, one of the most famous team managers in the paddock?
- Obviously! Our ties got even closer when I finished 3rd in the 2017 European Championship with a win at Le Mans. I think I passed a test that day and he helped me to do it. He is a person who may seem a little unusual. Sometimes he does not speak much, but he has a way of thinking and seeing races different from others. During a meeting, he constantly analyses what is happening, places all the elements in the right place and, in the end, it works. We can only respect his choices and applaud. I had the chance to participate in the development of the KR chassis. It was technically interesting, but also very rewarding to see that the whole team and the Kart Republic distributors can rely today on very competitive equipment. We are going in the right direction ...



How do you feel about racing under the Rosberg Racing banner?
- When Dino Chiesa and Nico Rosberg asked me to be part of Rosberg Racing, I was very happy. It makes me work harder and gives me more motivation to win. In addition to being F1 World Champion, Nico has a personality that I appreciate. He made a difficult choice in deciding to leave Formula 1 and it's great to see him back in a karting paddock, with big ambitions.


How do you see your future? Staying in Karting? Trying cars?
- I want to keep my feet on the ground. I know cars are financially not possible. I really need a proposal that I cannot refuse. Today, I have the chance to be a professional Driver and to be part of one of the best international teams. I have titles to win in karting, which is motivating. Winning a CIK-FIA European or World Championship remains something strong in a career.


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