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At the meeting of the CIK-FIA Commission in Paris on 7th May, 2018, several decisions were taken regarding Superkart and Mini to be approved during the next World Motor Sport Council to be held in Manila (PHL) on 7th June.


The Homologation Regulations have been updated. Date of implementation: immediate.

The homologation process for Superkart engines will be similar to that of the other categories in terms of timing. The application form must be returned to the CIK administration no later than 1st August 2018 via the ASN of the applicant. The validity of the homologation will run for a period of three years.


Superkart engines shall be homologated as from 1st January 2019. All engine manufacturers with a valid engine approval as from 1st January 2018 will be able to request the homologation of the engines concerned by presenting only two engines during the homologation inspection. For any new homologation, ten engines will have to be presented at the homologation inspection.


The Technical Regulations concerned have been updated and simplified. Date of implementation: 01/01/2019

At the request of the ACI and several manufacturers, the homologation of Mini chassis, engines and tyres will take place at the same time during 2019 for implementation on 1st January 2020 instead of being spread over three years as in the other categories.


The application forms concerned must be returned to the CIK administration no later than 1st August 2019 via the ASN of the applicant.




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