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Karting is hurrying to enjoy a winter break that is now very short before returning to the circuits for the 2019 season. Two events have just closed the current year, the WSK Final Cup on one hand and Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals on the other.



The big annual Rotax rendezvous created a sensation by crossing the Atlantic to Brazil after four successive editions in Europe. The summer climate at that time and the charms of the largest country in South America were among the main attractions of this world competition, in addition to the magnificent layout of Conde Paraiba. Such a long trip does not happen without some complications for the organisers and their partners, who have had to adapt to the laws of a nation that does not always facilitate the entry and exit of goods on its territory.

If the RMCGF 2018's balance sheet proved to be positive, it is also thanks to the efforts made by Rotax to offer engines that are as reliable as ever, but now extremely close in terms of performance. This great sporting fairness has resulted in thrilling races in all categories. The attractiveness of the Austrian engines seems to be on a rising curve with many professionals involved in the great battle between the brand trophies.

Brazil is increasingly present in the discussions about the near future of the FIA Karting Championships, with the presidency of the CIK-FIA held by Felipe Massa probably being no coincidence. Several points, however, will have to be studied with care so that a world event overseas receives the success it deserves.

Meanwhile, the last two events of the WSK Final Cup were held in Italy. The second round of Castelletto attracted fewer drivers, while the field increased for the conclusion at Adria. The KZ2 however remained at a low level, a general trend that led to its limited participation in six of the 12 events of the 2019 WSK Promotion calendar.

To stay on the subject of next season, the FIA Karting calendar was revealed very late, on 5th December at the World Motor Sport Council, while the CIK-FIA was able publish its dates much earlier in previous years. It seems that the FIA did not fully understand the importance of providing this information as quickly as possible for thorough preparation for the international and national season of several ASN directly involved. Let's hope this situation is better managed in the future.

The season ended with the traditional awards, moments of conviviality conducive to exchanges between all members of the sporting ommunity.

The KSP-Kartcom team wishes all the readers of Kartcom News a happy holiday season, whose enthusiasm for this free digital magazine deserves to be highlighted.

See you around 15th February, 2019 for the first echoes of the new season.


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