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Alessio Piccini, KF3


The WSK Master Series begins in a good way. In the three categories we run, KZ1, KF2 and KF3 our drivers are at the top positions and our technical material shows to be, as always, winning.
To see again our drivers we have to wait for the second round of the Master Series now, in fifteen days, at the International Naples Circuit.

KZ1 - Convers signs the second best timing in the qualifying with 45.034. The very good performance of Armand Convers was unfortunately fruitless because of a penalty in the first manche, which allows him to end up fourth, but to lose many positions.
Convers' performances, just recovered by an extra-sporting accident, are excellent and in final 1 he got the fourth position at the end of a difficult fight and in the running of a constant rhythm of 45.5.
The other driver of ours, Zdenek Groman also had a positive growth, author of a very good performance allowing him to gain the first final in the scores, at the eleventh position.
Convers arrives also in race-2, on Sunday in the fifth position, signing the win with top timings. On this occasion the unlucky one was Groman, who was forced to stop three rounds before the end.

KF2 - The new arrival, Nicklas Nielsen soon shows to be at his ease with the technical material he has at his disposition, Mercury chassis and Vortex RAD engines. Nielsen signs the second position in the qualifying rounds while in the competitions he's always third, gaining the second row at the starting grid in the pre-final. Very good results have also come from Paolo Ippolito, in the very first positions during the manches; the Italian is slowed down due to an accident in the third manche, who prevent him to get a position at the starting grid next to his teammate, but in the sixth row, only.
In the pre-final Ippolito starts fighting strong and soon gets the first positions, ending up fourth. Nielsen is sixth and he also runs fast.
In the very final Ippolito fights for the podium and finally, the Italian driver ends in the fourth position, gaining even more scores for the classifications.
Nielsen gets the ninth position, showing to have a very good potential, who gives great expectations for the rest of the season.

KF3 - Luca Corberi is in very good health since the qualifying and with the second position (46.367) he misses the pole position for a hair's breadth.
In the manches our drivers is always at the top positions, and wins a manche. Alessio Piccini too, is making a very good work with the technical staff and is constant during his four whole manches which he had always entered in the top ten, always.
The pre-finals are divided into 2 parts since the drivers registered are not less than 75; Corberi runs the "A" group and Piccini the "B" one.
Corberi starts the pre-final in third position and ends up third, signing the absolute best lap with 46.545, remained unbeaten in the very final too.
Piccini, engaged in the pre-final "B" gains the tenth position.
In the final both drivers runs in the leading position and Corberi fights, over and over, for the podium with Roussel, Palou and Jupp. Under the chequered flag he misses the podium for a little and Corberi is fifth. The performances shown make us think we may expect good targets in the next competitions, in KF3 category, too. For our drivers the run to the first podium of the season will start in fifteen days, by the second round of the WSK Master Series at the International Naples Circuit.



Luca Corberi, KF3



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