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International > Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals


Excelente partida de Adrien Renaudin que consegue uma pequena vantagem, desde o primeiro cotovelo depois da recta, face a Noah Roovers, Cody Gillis e Nikolas Szabo. Berkay Besler cai para 23º na 1ª volta. O Francês aumenta a sua vantagem de maneira impressionante ao acumular as voltas mais rápidas com uma regularidade de um relógio. Koki Mizuno sobe à 3ª posição na frente de Gillis, mas é Ruben Kverkild quem ataca fortemente o 2º, Roovers, antes da meia corrida. Mais longe, Glenn van Parijs alcança a 5ª posição. Renaudin termina a sua demonstração como vencedor, mais de 7'' na frente de Kverklid e Van Parijs, Gillis é 4º e Rasmus Tuominen, finalmente detentor da melhor volta, é 5º. Besler consegue qualificar-se na 11ª posição.



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The Prefinal B in Junior Max started on a track that was still wet, but the rain had disappeared from the landscape. Titus Schmidli quickly took the lead, followed by Jonathan Hoggard and Michael Rosina while Mark Kimber returned to 4th position. A tight and lively group battled for 5th place. Yann Bouvier began a memorable ascent by joining the top 15 before mid-race from 29th position at the start. Hoggard gradually moved back to the leader and ended up winning the race ahead of Schmidli, Kimber 3rd, Axel Koss 4th and Georg Charpentier 5th. Bouvier was rewarded for his efforts with an interesting 11th.



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As fortes chuvas não são uma surpresa para os habituais de Sarno. No entanto, as chuvas desta Sexta-feira, 21 de Outubro, precisaram da implementação de várias técnicas para deixar a pista praticável. A energia e a criatividade da equipa de Giuseppe Sorrentino resolveram rapidamente este mini dilúvio.









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The rain started to fall as soon as the start of the Prefinal was given in DD2. Ferenc Kancsar immediately took the lead of the race ahead of Andreas Backman, but Kacper Bielecki quickly took 2nd position. Constantin Schoell was 4th in front of Cosimo Durante. Pierre-Alexandre Pennequin made a good start and moved into the top 10 while Lucas Joly lost a lot of places on the third lap when the rain increased in intensity. Kancsar escaped and Backmann distanced Bielecki.


Schoell then attacked Bielecki to grab 3rd place. Pennequin broke down and retired before halfway. Joly was regaining ground and was close to qualifying. The race was stopped by the red flag after nine laps because of the sheer deluge that struck the track. Victory went to Kancsar ahead of Backman and Schoell.




The race resumed for 6 laps after lunch, and especially after the track staff activated several pumping systems to drain the excess water flooding the circuit. The positions didn't change in the lead and Kancsar retained his victory ahead of Backman and Schoell. In contrast, none of the French qualified ... 



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Fernando Guzzi was a victim of the first lap of Prefinal A in DD2 Masters, where he ended up 21st. Luis Schiavo fell to 4th while Antti Ollikainen took control ahead of Robert Pessevski. Up until now careful in 12th position, Charly Hipp went on the attack. The experienced Ollikainen was very fast at the front of the race on a track still very wet, although the rain had gone from the Neapolitan sky now. Hipp's climb ascended to 5th position while Ollikainen, Schiavo and their pursuers were held up before the race director shook the blue flag with a red cross. Ollikainen took a great victory, although Thomas Schumacher finished strongly in 2nd position before being excluded. Pessevski took 2nd place, Schiavo  3rd place, while Hipp qualified a superb 4th position ahead of Javier Campo. Guzzi did not give up and finished 22nd, but unqualified.



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