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Reportagem > KSP

A reportagem da 4ª WSK Euro Series 2012 em Zuera (Espanha) e as fotografias dos pilotos estão em linha no site da Agência KSP




A Agência KSP eleita "MELHOR FOTÓGRAFO" CIK-FIA 2007, 2008 & 2011.



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Press > Vroom

Vroom-135-Inter.jpgWhat an end to the Euro KF2 Championship! The PFI weekend was legendary – considering KF standards – producing amazing races both in KF3 and KF2, the latter ending (as you all know) controversially with points leader Verstappen appealing a time penalty in the heats and out of the picture (literally). The likely developments are yet to be made official, but you can read how it all unfolded – and much more - in Vroom August issue...


The beauty of karting

In this important moment of the karting season, the picture that continues to come to my mind is that of spectacular karting, the sort that allowed all of us working with news on printed paper to indulge in choosing the most spectacular shots. It is no longer like it used to be when at least one picture would be of a rear wheel lift at each turn, physical law to which any vehicle without suspension and with the basic mechanical characteristics was subject to. Today things have changed. But it isn’t just the karts that have lost some characteristics that allowed for spectacular evolutions like those we see in races on 2 wheels.
Also the tracks are being designed in such a way that races are less exciting, even more so in KF that is, affecting negatively both performance and show.

And the English track of Paul Fletcher, PF International just north of Nottingham, near Donington Park, which played host to the second round of the KF2 and KF3 European Championship, is proof of that.
On the 1,382 meter track that has been changed and improved for the European Championships, one and a half million pounds have been spent to carry out the changes; the races that we saw were a brilliant show, just like the good old days. Yes, also with the KF. A condition where the percentage of responsibility that falls on the driver increases considerably. Now this aspect of the sport is back in vogue.


Like the abounding presence of spectators; in England more than in other countries (Italy is behind in this too), there are lots of fans that support their favourite sport. This applies to all sports, not only to motorsports (which are considered like all the others): it’s a question of culture. One thing is sure, if the primordial characteristics for the vehicle and for the tracks were brought back, we would see many more exciting races that would end up drawing the attention of all motorsport fans. Also the majority of photo-reporters, who make the events and drivers’ exploits indelible with their work, seem to have forgotten what the important phases of a race really are, the topical instants that get everyone involved in what’s going on, yes also the spectators. In this issue we have chosen some of the most exciting instants captured by the camera, the same that we have published on our Facebook page in the first two weeks of July, the same ones that have helped us to increase the numbers of “like”. Sharing them enabled us to find out that some pictures do stir curiosity more than any other piece of news. And so be it. Also it’s a confirmation that some tendencies never die but they come back as soon as the right setting is created for them. This is the beauty of karting. The kart is a vehicle that can still be used by the mass for racing without any limit, anywhere and even if it might seem absurd, not only on a tarmac track. And thanks to Facebook, we see more and more examples. The kart is and remains a vehicle with no barriers, free to attract the younger and the older generation. Just like a wild animal that cannot be segregated inside cages, because within a restricted place it wouldn’t be able to show all its explosive magnificence.


Happy reading and enjoy your holidays…  

Giuliano Ciucci Giuliani



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International Event > CIK-FIA

Marcel Maasmann (Anderson/FPE) delighted the 60,000 Dutch crowd at Assen with two excellent ‘Home' victories which put him six points clear in the Championship standings with just two more races remaining.



Marcel Maasmann, Superkart


His closest Championship rival Lee Harpham (Anderson/FPE) had to be satisfied with a 2nd and a 3rd place as did Denmark's Henrik Lilja (PVP/PVP) who is 3rd in the standings but over 40 points behind Maasmann.


The weekend did not start well for Maasmann. He was only 7th quickest in qualifying practice. ‘I trapped the fuel lead with my knee and lost power - a silly thing to do' he explained. So he started both races on the 4th row. He made swift progress in Race 1 and took the lead on lap 6 and beat pole-sitter Lilja into 2nd place with team mate Harpham in 3rd.


But Race 2 was a bigger challenge. It was the best race of the season so far and Maasmann became involved in a titanic battle with Lilja and Romano de Ruit (Anderson/FPE). In the meantime Harpham and former Champion Gavin Bennett (Anderson/DEA) pulled away.


But the safety car was deployed just before the half race distance to permit some debris to be removed from the track following a collision between Drivers towards the back of the grid. Neither Driver was hurt but the safety car was not welcomed by race leader Harpham. The restart came with just 3 laps remaining and whilst Harpham was quickly back up to racing pace, Maasmann was immediately closing on him and took the lead on lap 10 of 11.


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Descubra os resultados completos do fim-de-semana ( semana 31 )...


- European Championship - Assen - SUPERKART
- WSK - Euro Series - Zuera - KZ1 / KZ2 / KF2 / KF3



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Kartcom Video > WSK Euro Series


Sébastien Segond (Tony Kart/Parilla) retrouve la compétition internationale en KF2 après une année studieuse. Toujours fidèle à l'équipe T3M Compétition de Jean-Claude Nato, Sébastien découvre le circuit de Zuera, un mois et demi avant la Coupe du Monde...



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