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The third race of the World KF1 Championship at Macau is probably the most crucial for winning the title. The show was once again intense throughout the 21 laps of the 1203 m circuit . On the grid, the CRG drivers and the LH hugged before settling in their machines. The starting phase was then crucial as Flavio Camponeschi (Tony Kart / Vortex), starting at the front head defended at the first hairpin to protect his position. Under full braking, Max Verstappen (CRG / BMB) hit him violently, both drivers were unbalanced and were left on the outside of the corner on the dirty side of the track.

Felice Tiene (CRG / BMB) led the 1st lap ahead of his teammate Jordon Lennox-Lamb, Tom Joyner (LH / BMB) and Eddy Tinini (CRG / BMB) who was definitely in great shape. Pedro Hiltbrand (FA Kart / Vortex) followed in fifth, Ben Hanley (ART GP / Parilla) 6th, Verstappen 7th. Campo moved up to 12th, Davide Fore (CRG / BMB) was 28th following contact at the hairpin. Verstappen and Camponeschi soon gained places, but the young Dutchman was under investigation about the start.

Slower this time, Lennox-Lamb gradually lost places seats. Hiltbrand took second place, until Joyner joined him and passed. Verstappen was back in third position. Camponeschi passed Lennox to gain 7th place, but the British driver found the performance and went well again soon after. At the halfway Joyner made a brave attack at the hairpin on Tiene and settled in the lead. The Italian was less fast at the end of the race, Hanley and Verstappen benefited. Joyner pocketed his third straight victory in Macau, Hanley finished second to Verstappen, Tiene and Lennox-Lamb, Camponeschi finished sixth before Hiltbrand, Chang Wing Chung, Basz and Tinini. In 12th, Yuya Suzuki (Sodi / TM) set the fastest lap.




This exciting race virtually gives the title to Camponeschi who is two points ahead of Joyner, but the LH driver will no longer score points: he has already scored the maximum results since the best 3 of the 4 are retained. Sasaki can still threaten Campo, if he has problems in the last race. Tiene, Verstappen and Lennox are hopelessly behind. Verstappen later had a penalty of 10'' for his actions at the second corner on Camponeschi.



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The weather was even better on Sunday morning in Macao: a clear blue sky, more than 28°, reasonable humidity so conditions are ideal. Firstly Daiki Sasaki (Kosmic / Vortex) set the pole lap of Sunday's World KF1 Championship in Macau, then Flavio Camponeschi (Tony Kart / Vortex), Max Verstappen (CRG / TM) and Felice Tiene (CRG / BMB) took over. Campo had a best lap of 45'' 323'' ahead of Verstappen by 0.59, third by 0.77'' was Tiene, Eddy Tinini (CRG / BMB) set a superb fourth time by 0.106'', Jordon Lennox- Lamb (CRG / BMB) was 5th from Sasaki and Tom Joyner (LH / BMB), was 7th. So we will see a Tony Kart followed by four CRGs on the starting grid for Race 3 ...



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The KF1 World Championship has just completed its third of four days of racing. The circuit at Macau is much improved since the last world event in 2009. The installation of a new surface was essential for high level competition. However, according to the European drivers, the tarmac remains both slippery and abrasive, often bumpy in places. The karts are almost always slipping slightly. The relatively compact layout allows many overtakes, under braking at the hairpin remains the area most used for this. Both races on Saturday were quite spectacular.

The General Automobile Association Macao-China and the Macau Motorsports Club are working hard to offer a luxury event with significant financial support and it is overstaffed even for a serious event. To a Westerner, the strict compliance of the instructions and hierarchy can sometimes look heavy-handed, and everyone faces inflexible plans, but it is also part of the charm of international travel.   




The U18 style paddock puts all teams on an equal footing and allows more contact with the drivers and their mechanics. The press is very well received in a fully equipped temporary structure, one of the best we have attended, the staff are knowledgeable and PR +, a PR agency commissioned for the occasion by the AAMC is available.



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World Championship Leader before the second Event, held this weekend in Macau, Flavio Camponeschi had mixed emotions this Saturday. After abandoning even before the start of the first Race, he started the second confrontation from 30th position. While the Briton Tom Joyner took control for a second time, Flavio climbed back to 2nd place and almost tasted victory. Two Races are on the schedule for Sunday, but the Italian has confirmed that he is rightly favourite to don the world crown.
Not surprisingly, it was sunny and warm at the Macau-Coloane track for the second and last Event in the World Championship. With four Races on the programme, there was plenty of suspense and uncertainty before this first day of racing.


Race 1: Joyner wins, with the favourites out for the count
A great many scenarios were possible before the start of the first Race, but certainly not the one which chance and race circumstances had it store for us. Let down by his starter on the grid, Flavio Camponeschi (Tony Kart-Vortex), who had been second in practice, was unable to move off. The championship leader though at that point he would be losing most of his advantage, but in his moment of mishap the Italian saw a flicker of success when none of his direct adversaries was able to profit from the situation. Never up with the pace of fastest, the Japanese Daiki Sasaki (Kosmic-Vortex) had to be content with the points for 7th place. As for the Italians Felice Tiene and Davide Foré (both in CRG-BMB), they collided after a few laps, with the four-time World Champion forced to retire immediately, and his young team-mate giving up a few laps later with an engine failure. In the CRG camp the atmosphere was anything but celebratory …
With the main contenders for the world title not among the leaders, the outsiders were to take the laurels. Fleetingly leader at the start of the Race, the Briton Ben Hanley (ART GP-TM) could do nothing against Max Verstappen (CRG-TM), from pole position, and then Tom Joyner (LH-BMB). With his chassis flying the colours of Lewis Hamilton, the Briton was clearly the fastest and, after getting the better of his Dutch rival, he went on to what seemed an easy victory. Behind him, Verstappen was resisting the advances of Ben Hanley and Pedro Hiltbrand (FA Kart-Vortex). The fierce battle between the Briton and the Spaniard seemed to be turning to the advantage of the former, but he was given a 10-second penalty and fell back to 6th place. So Hiltbrand took the third step on the podium ahead of the Briton Jordon Lennox-Lamb (CRG-BMB) and the Japanese Takashi Kasai (Tony Kart-Vortex). Behind Ben Hanley and Daiki Sasaki, the Top 10 was completed by the Italian Eddy Tinini (CRG-BMB), the Australian Cian Fothergill (Kosmic-Vortex) and the amazing Chinaman Kang Ling (Tony Kart-Vortex).



Race 2: Joyner makes it a double, Camponeschi is the hero
Probably somewhat relieved to watch his adversaries failing to shine in the first confrontation, Flavio Camponeschi started Race 2 with a taste for revenge in his mouth and a firm desire to save his leadership of the World Championship. Making the most of fresher tyres than those of the other contenders, the Italian was going to do much better than that! With fastest laps one after the other, the spearhead of the Tony Kart team climbed from 30th to… 2nd place! That returned a smile to his face and made him favourite for the Championship once more before the two Races scheduled for Sunday. After his win in the first joust, Tom Joyner did it again, almost as easily since behind him Max Verstappen was force to retire with ignition failure. The son of the ex-Formula 1 driver knows that, failing miracles and an incredible turnaround, he will not be donning the world crown this year. In contra st, Joyner propelled himself to the provisional podium for the Championship and could provide the surprise on Sunday.
After extremely consistent driving, Jordon Lennox-Lamb stood on the podium for the second Race with Joyner and Camponeschi. Very competitive despite his slower pace than his rivals, Daiki Sasaki kept his second place in the race for the title by coming 4th in this second Race. He led Ben Hanley, and also the Italians Felice Tiene and Davide Foré, climbing to 6th and 7th places after their retirement in Race 1 and thus retaining a slight chance of taking the Championship. The Japanese Takashi Kasai was in the Top 10 once again ahead of Pedro Hiltbrand, slowed by a loss of power, and Yuta Shiraishi (Sodi-TM).
On Sunday, the last two Races of the season - to be broadcast live on - will determine the 49th World Championship. As Flavio Camponeschi was saved by others’ misfortune, he is more than ever favourite to take the title. But karting is not an exact science and frequently throws in some surprises.



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Tom Joyner (LH / BMB) added another win to his tally of at the World Championship this Saturday in Macau. But his race was less clear than the previous one, as Max Verstappen (CRG / TM) had to stop shortly after the hairpin due to a broken ignition rotor on the 11th of 21 laps. The duel for the lead was cut short and all eyes were focused on the fantastic climb through the rankings from Flavio Camponeschi (Tony Kart / Vortex) who started in last position after a starter problem in race 1. Equipped with new tires, he drove past his opponents, having taken care to avoid the pitfalls of the first lap which was the most lively.

At halfway Camponeschi had already taken more than 20 places when he joined Jordon Lennox-Lamb (CRG / BMB), then 7th. But the British driver refused to give up. Andy Chang Wing Chung (Tony Kart / Vortex) was sixth, Pedro Hiltbrand (FA Kart / Vortex) fifth, Daiki Sasaki (Kosmic / Vortex) 4th after losing time to the fast pair. Ben Hanley (ART GP / Parilla) was a more difficult obstacle to overcome, mainly for Lennox, who had to give up the fight against Camponeschi. Positions stayed static on the last lap with a clear victory going to Joyner, 2nd place and the fastest time to Camponeschi and 3rd place for Lennox-Lamb. Sasaki recovered to 4th position over Hanley. Felice Tiene (CRG / BMB) successfully completed his mission from 23rd up to 6th place, as did Davide Fore (CRG / BMB) from 29th to 7th. Takeshi Kasai (Tony Kart / Vortex) finished 8th place ahead of Hiltbrand and Yuta Shiraishi (Sodi / TM).




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