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There are 3 heats left on Sunday morning, so the ranking is very tentative in KF2 in the WSK Master event at Sarno, and Felice Tiene (CRG / BMB) is at the top of the category after his four victories. He beat Max Verstappen (Intrepid / TM), who has had three wins and a 2nd place, and Dennis Olsen (Energy / TM) with his two victories. These three drivers emerged from the pack with consistent and fast performance. With one win each Antonio Fuoco and Flavio Camponeschi, both on Tony Kart / Vortex, finish off the unofficial top 5.

The Kartcom unofficial clipboard is available here.



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Kozlinski (PCR / TM) got away first at the lights in the  first Final in KZ1, followed closely by Rick Dreezen (Tony Kart / Vortex). Jonathan Thonon (CRG / Maxter) lost a bit of time and Marco Ardigo (Tony Kart / Vortex) quickly closed on the leaders. Dreezen was able to attack Kozlinski on the 2nd lap, followed by his teammate Ardigo. Thonon was fourth ahead of Bas Lammers (Praga / TM), Mirko Torsellini (CRG / Maxter), Simo Puhakka (PCR / TM), Jérémy Iglesias (Intrepid / TM) and Yannick De Brabander (Formula K / TM).

Thonon grabbed 3rd place on lap 3. He was sandwiched between Dreezen, the leader, and Ardigo, the fastest on the track. On the following lap, Ardigo took the lead. At the halfway point, Paolo De Conto (Birel / BMB) was in 9th place after starting 19th with Jorrit Pex (CRG / TM) on his heels. Koko had to yield to Torsellini and Lammers.

Then Thonon upped the tempo by taking second position in favor at a fast corner and went hunting the leader. But Ardigo had the skill to defend his position until the end, replying with a fastest lap. Dreezen was third, Torsellini 4th closely followed by Lammers, 6th was Kozlinski.



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There was a superb start from Marco Zanchetta (Energy / TM) in final 1 in KZ2 in front of his rival Jan Midrla (Birel / TM). Jordon Lennox-Lamb (CRG / Maxter) was in 3rd place at close range, followed by Massimo Dante (CKR / TM), Ricardo Negro (DR / TM) and Alberto Cavalieri (BRM / Maxter) who had made a great recovery in the heats.

Zanchetta attacked Midrla in the second of the 12 laps and took the lead. Then Lennox-Lamb passed Zanchetta for second position, with the fastest lap. The British driver soon took the lead before mid-race and got away from his fighting comrades, raising the pace again.

Many retirements, often caused by mechanical failures, punctuated the race: one third of the grid was missing. Midrla controlled Zanchetta’s intentions to attack and ensured his second place, behind Lennox-Lamb who was particularly rapid. Dante was fourth, Negro 5th and Cavalieri 6th.



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Leonardo Lorandi (Tony Kart / LKE) regained the lead on the second lap, Remigio Garofano (Top Kart / LKE) then took the lead from Max Fewtrell (Top Kart / LKE). The pole sitter James Pull (Top Kart / LKE) then dropped from fourth to sixth, while Eliseo Martinez (Hero / LKE) took the lead. There was a twist on the last lap, Lorandi fell by the wayside, Garofano dropped two places and Fewtrell, who set the fastest time, prevailed in front of Martinez. Pull finished 4th ahead of Alex (Top Kart / LKE), who started 8th.



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The French driver Kozlinski (PCR / TM) has demonstrated, during the two qualifying heats for KZ1 at the Sarno WSK Master Series race, a highly successful mix of consistency and speed which put him on pole for the final thanks to a 2nd, then a victory. Rick Dreezen, for now the best driver at thr official Tony Kart team, is on the front row at his side, while Jonathan Thonon (CRG / Maxter) is enjoying the increasing form of his equipment to reach the second row. Jérémy Iglesias (Intrepid / TM), 15th in qualifying, was back to fourth ahead of his former teammate Bas Lammers (Praga / TM). The big loser of the day is unquestionably the pole sitter Jorrit Pex (CRG / TM) who suffered an engine failure at the end of the first heat when he was in a solid first place. His 14th place doesn't give him much hope and he will look forward to taking revenge on Sunday.



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