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The objective of a driver is to cover a distance as quickly as possible. But a fast time does not suit me as Vice-President of the CIK-FIA. Frankly speaking time flies too quickly and 2014 has gone by like a qualifying lap. Very fast!




Looking back on the past twelve months I realize that I could have done with more time, on the other hand a lot was achieved so I suppose that the balance was right and no time wasted.


We enjoyed very successful championships with entries at a similar level to the start of this century despite the fact that the world has not recovered in full yet from the economic crises. The introduction of wildcards for drivers who would like to enter just a single race boosted the grids. I am confident that the reduction of the entry fees, shorter events and tyre limitation helped as well.


The effort put in by the CIK-FIA staff in Geneva on the Academy Trophy was rewarded with all available slots on the entry list taken up by drivers representing no less than 32 ASNs from all around the globe. With the Trophy winner only decided after the last lap of the final event, one could not have wished for more competitiveness. A proof that the Academy is working well is the fact that Brazil is adopting the concept in 2015.


In general driving standards improved thanks to strong cooperation between the stewards, the race director and race control. However we saw some extremely unfair driving. Hopefully this will be a thing of the past with the introduction of the mandatory new front fairing mount during all CIK events in 2015 for all categories.


I always said that the CIK Championships should visit as many different countries as possible. Therefore the return to Scandinavia in general and in particular Sweden was very much welcomed and the circuit of Kristianstad with its enthusiastic people a worthy addition to the calendar.


The highlight of the year to me was the World Championship event at Aunay-les-Bois. Not only because Lando Norris (KF) and Enaam Ahmed (KF-Junior) are two very talented World Champions with a bright future in front of them, or the fact that I was able to demonstrate my very noisy historic kart. No, the support race for disabled people made the difference. It did show that karting is a sport that can be enjoyed by all kinds of people regardless of their physical conditions. Thanks to Claude Gripon and his staff the event became a classic, therefore the ASK61 is the deserved winner of the "Best event of 2014'' award.


But not all went well this year, for example it was much too long before the 2015 calendar was finalised. This can't happen again. There is still not perfect harmony between WSK-Promotion and the CIK. The lack of respect and treatment of officials and competitors is a worry and countermeasures should be taken. The lack of commitment from some people, whether they are competitors, constructors or even Commission members, is not doing the sport any good. Criticizing is fine but providing sensible alternatives is better and fulfilling your duty a matter of good manners.


Last but not least procedures with the new direct drive engine are too slow to my liking. It takes too long to get things done and therefore we are behind schedule despite the good cooperation we enjoy from the industry.

To end on a high, those who had the opportunity to drive or see the engine in action have positively welcomed the work done so far on the new engine. It is just a matter of the finishing touches and above all regulations. If the "I‘s" are dotted in time than we can go ahead with the two demonstration races scheduled for 2015.


All in all I am looking back on a successful season and feel confident that 2015 will be even better.


CIK-FIA Best Of 2014 / © Photo KSP

International > CIK

27/01/15 - 15:15

2014 CIK-FIA Awards in Milan

Organised by WSK Promotion for its second year as promoter of the CIK-FIA international Competitions, the award ceremony for the 2014 season was held on Saturday, January 24th, 2015 in Milan, in the halls of the hotel Melia Milano.



In the presence of Sheikh Abdulla Bin Isa Al-Khalifa, the President of the CIK-FIA, and its Vice-President Kees Van de Grint, Luca De Donno, Chairman of WSK Promotion, opened the ceremony in front of numerous guests who included former Karting World Champion Nyck De Vries and a great figure in the history of the discipline, Angelo Parilla.

The awards presented to the three Karting World Champions of 2014, Marco Ardigo in KZ, Lando Norris in KF and Enaam Ahmed in KF-Junior, as well as the drivers classified 2nd and 3rd in the World Competitions, were the highlight of the ceremony. The European Champions, the top three in the Academy Trophy and the winner of the KZ2 International Super Cup were also rewarded, as well as Marta Garcia Lopez, the female driver supported by the FIA Women in Motorsport Commission.

The French club K61, represented by its President Claude Gripon, received the Trophy for Best CIK-FIA Event of 2014 for organising the World Championships for KF and KF-Junior at Aunay-les-Bois Essay (FRA) last September.

The CIK-FIA photo contest was won for the first time by a woman, the young Italian Manuella Nicoletti, who scored the most votes during the evening.

Dinner was served with music during the course of the ceremony along with projected videos showing the highlights of the season. All the guests were presented with The CIK-FIA Best of 2014, a 170 page book describing the key points of the year that has just ended in text and pictures.



Info CIK-FIA / © Photo KSP

Circuit > France



Fermée depuis le 10 décembre, la piste de compétition d'Angerville (91) réouvrira ses portes aux licenciés à partir du mercredi 28 janvier 2015. Les entrainements vont pouvoir reprendre en vue d'une saison bien remplie sur le circuit francilien. La première course aura lieu les 7 et 8 mars avec la traditionnelle Inter-Clubs. Le calendrier s'annonce ensuite ainsi:


28 et 29 mars - Championnat régional IdF
30 et 31 mai - Challenge Minarelli
21 juin - Course Club
10-11-12 juillet - Défi France KFS
01 et 02 Août - Championnat de France Nationale & Minikart

12 septembre - Course Club
26-27 septembre - Championnat régional IdF
07 au 11 octobre - Rotax International Cup
31/10 au 01/11 - Star of Karting
08 novembre - Championnat de France d'endurance


Retrouvez toutes les infos licenciés sur le site de l'ASK Angerville:



Info Kartcom

Team > France



Invité de la cérémonie de remise des prix de la CIK-FIA, le président du club organisateur d'Aunay-les-Bois Claude Gripon n'imaginait pas qu'il allait devoir monter sur la scène pour recevoir le trophée du meilleur évènement de la saison 2014. On lui avait pourtant dit que les instances dirigeantes de la CIK-FIA avaient particulièrement apprécié la prestation de toute l'équipe de K61 pendant les championnats du monde KF et KF-Junior en septembre dernier. Un club de passionnés qui a réussi avec des moyens financiers très raisonnables à se hisser au niveau des meilleures organisations mondiales grâce à une bonne volonté et un travail acharné de tous les instants. Les Normands étaient fiers d'accueillir cette double épreuve mondiale, cela se voyait et cela a été remarqué. Le vice-président de la CIL-FIA, Kees van de Grint, ici en photo avec Claude Gripon, ne tarissait pas d'éloges à l'égard de l'équipe de K61.



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Team > RM Concept



RM Concept, la structure de compétition karting de Morgan Riche, entame en 2015 sa 6e année d'existence. Team reconnu dans le milieu pour son sérieux, la qualité de ses prestations et les performances de ses pilotes, RM Concept a toujours tenu à valoriser son image et celles de ses clients avec beaucoup de soin. Cette attention au moindre détail ne doit cependant pas faire oublier que les services de RM Concept ont toujours été très abordables en termes de budget.


Ancien pilote renommé, Morgan Riche a toujours la compétition dans le sang. « C'est une autre aventure que de faire courir les autres, mais cela reste de la course pour moi. La recherche de la performance s'étale désormais sur toute la saison puisque les bons choix doivent être effectués très tôt et que la préparation du matériel mobilise une grande partie de mon temps. »



Lire le communiqué complet > ici <


RM Concept - Morgan RICHE
96 rue de la Marseillaise - 60740 Saint Maximin - France
Mobile : +33 626 763 704


Email :



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