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Grâce au fort intérêt qu'il suscite chez les passionnés de sport auto, le site Issuu a décidé de placer les deux derniers numéraos de Kartcom News dans sa rubrique consacrée aux magazines automobiles, ce qui constitue un exploit pour un magazine spécialisé dans le karting. A voir par ici.




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Two drivers were ahead of everyone in terms of pure performance in the qualifying heats of the WSK Gold Cup at Adria. They were Clement Novalak (Tony Kart / Vortex) and Ivan Shvestov (Tony Kart / Vortex), the top two in timed practice, each winning three races on Saturday. But as they also fell heavily once were they were in 7th for Shvestov and 8th for Novalak. This won't undermine their chances for the finals, especially as the qualifiers will be selected by prefinals A and B.




Christian Lundgaard (Tony Kart / Vortex) leads the rankings: with two victories ahead of Artem Petrov (DR / TM), winning once. Another DR / TM driver is in 3rd place, Zahar Slutskiy ahead of Ye Yi Fei (Exprit / Vortex) 4th, Charles Milesi (Tony Kart / Vortex) 5th, particularly lively this weekend and Logan Sargeant (FA Kart / Vortex) in sixth, both level on points. The other good surprise in the French camp is the achievement of Milane Petelet (Kosmic / Parilla) 24th despite two less successful heats, just ahead of Sebastian Fernandez Wahbeh (Exprit / Vortex). Although capable of great speed, Jean-Baptiste Simmenauer (Tony Kart / Vortex) did not seem comfortable in the racing at this track and was 31st.



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Camponeschi retains the lead in the first heat

Lorenzo Camplese (Formula K / Parilla) made the best start, but Flavio Camponeschi (Tony Kart / Vortex), the pole sitter, was not long in recovering the lead, soon joined by Marco Ardigo (Tony Kart / Vortex). Then the World Champion made an attack on his young teammate, but Jonathan Thonon (Praga / Parilla) threatened and stole his 2nd place in a superb overtake on the left before the hairpin. The fastest man on the track, Thonon didn't however manage to reach the leader, who was busy controlling Ardigo, who was threatening for two laps. Camplese tried to regain third place, but in vain, while Jorge Perscador (Praga / Parilla) retained 5th position, close to the back of Bas Lammers (Formula K / Parilla).

Thonon wins in H2

Ardigo took advantage of a hesitation from Camponeschi at the start to take the lead in the second heat, but Thonon, again the fastest on the track, passed Camponeschi, who missed a turn, then took the lead on the third lap by outbraking Ardigo at the Hairpin. Camponeschi attempt to close back up to his teammate, without success. Long fourth, Lammers was with Patrik Hajek (Praga / Parilla) at the end of the race.

... And also in the last

Thonon dominated the last race unchallenged, while the battle raged for 2nd place between Ardigo and Camponeschi. He attacked the World Champion, who didn't give way, and it was only because of a small slip from Ardigo that Camponeschi, the fastest, was able to grab second. We saw several strange mistakes. First Lammers spun then Hajek went off and was passed by Pescador, 4th and Stan Pex (Intrepid / TM) 5th.

Thonon led after the qualifying heats ahead of Camponeschi and Ardigo. Pescador and Hajek confirmed the performance of Praga in 4th and 5th places ahead of Lammers and Camplese.



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The weather was beautiful and it was a rather hot day at the Adria Raceway Karting for the qualifying rounds of the WSK Gold Cup. Little spoiler problems were noted and the races were correct.

Basz wins the first heat

Leonardo Lorandi (Tony Kart / Vortex) was ahead in the first qualifying heat in KF of the WSK Gold Cup at Adria, while his pursuers were fighting among themselves. Karol Basz (Kosmic / Vortex) was able to take advantage from Nicklas Nielsen (Tony Kart / Vortex), and Casper Andersen Roes (FA Kart / Vortex) in 4th, ahead of his teammate Max Fewtrell (FA Kart / Vortex). Basz came back to Lorandi and grabbed the lead with three laps to go and Nielsen tried to follow him, but Lorandi managed to keep 2nd place at the chequered flag. Martijn Van Leeuwen (CRG / TM) finished 4th in front of Roes Andersen and Fewtrell.




2nd heat: Nielsen returns to the lead

Basz had gone ahead on the second lap, but Nielsen was attacking Lorandi before halfway and then grabbed the lead two laps later. Van Leeuwen then challenged Lorandi for 3rd position during a duel over several laps, but Alexander Vartanyan (Tony Kart / Vortex), again the fastest, took the opportunity to overtake them both. Marcus Armstrong (Tony Kart / Vortex) continued his ascent which he began in heat 1 to take 6th place behind Lorandi. Tom Joyner (Zanardi / Parilla) gained nine places and was in touch with the top 10. Maxime Potty (Kosmic / Vortex) gradually found his feet and gained four places to 13th, thanks to better performance. It was a difficult race for Benjamin Lessennes (Zanardi / Parilla), in 19th, who lost several positions in an early race incident.

3rd heat for Vartanyan

Basz had problems starting before rising to 13th from the bottom of the grid in the final heat, and Lorandi went back to the pits after the start. Vartanyan was quick to get the better of Nielsen who could not find a way to repass, while Van Leeuwen kept pace a few lengths off the top two. Roes was still ahead Fewtrell, up to 5th with the fastest time to Joyner who was now more effective. There was a big gain for Lessennes in 9th position, followed by Potty in the top 10. Richard Verschoor (Exprit / Vortex), 11th here, seemed less comfortable than at La Conca.

In the intermediate classification, Nielsen returned to the lead ahead of Van Leeuwen and Vartanyan. Basz was 4th, Roes 5th, Fewtrell 6th, Correa 7th, Armstrong 8th, Verschoor 9th and Lorandi 10th.



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Kartcom prépare comme à son habitude le classement intermédiaire non-officiel pour suivre au mieux les manches qualificatives de la WSK Champions Cup à La Conca. Les mises à jour se font dès l'arrivée des courses, puis en fonction des pénalités publiées.



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- See more at: prépare comme à son habitude le classement intermédiaire non-officiel pour suivre au mieux les manches qualificatives de la WSK Champions Cup à La Conca. Les mises à jour se font dès l'arrivée des courses, puis en fonction des pénalités publiées.

As usual Kartcom has prepared the unofficial intermediate classification to follow the heats of the WSK Gold Cup at Adria. There are updates at the end of the races, then according to the published penalties.



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