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It was a flawless start for the pole winner Anthony Coudert (Kosmic) in the Nationale final, ahead of Anthony Fotia (Intrepid), Maxime Bidard (CRG), Frederic Pierre Herpin (Kosmic), Thomas Laurent (Tony Kart) and the fifth Camil Belbachir (FA Kart) . Fotia attacked the leader, but he was tough then Bidard attacked. There was also a fight for sixth place, now occupied by Francis Xavier Venet (Kosmic), followed by Lucas Brion (Kosmic), Joffrey Bourhis (Intrepid) eighth, Enzo Felicioni (Tony Kart) 9th and Mathias Vaison (Tony Kart) 10th.

Bidard attacked on lap 7, going ahead of Coudert, and Laurent, Herpin and Fotia. 5th place was hotly contested in the wake of Herpin. Coudert was trying to regain control from Bidard who defended well, but gave way on lap 10. Fotia joined the top two and took second position ahead of Bidard. In fifth, Venet was closely followed by Bourhis, himself followed closely by Brion and Felicioni, while Laurent dropped to ninth.

With 5 laps to go, the leading trio was Fotia, Bidard and Coudert. Everything was still to play for for the win. Coudert attacked Bidard who was now just in front of Venet, who was up to fourth. Coudert succeeded with a beautiful maneuver on Fotia 2 laps before the checkered flag, while Venet took 3rd and tried to get away. After a high-class thriller, Fotia won ahead of an ultra tight bunch headed by Bidard who emerged in second position and Venet in 3rd. Brion finished 4th, Bourhis 5th, Herpin sixth, Laurent seventh, the unfortunate Coudert 8th, Nectoux 9th and Felicioni 10th. This was probably the best race of the weekend from the drivers in Nationale.



Anthony Fotia, Nationale



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Carton plein pour Alex Baron qui a remporté la course 2 du Championnat de France F4 à Magny-Cours, presque 7'' devant Darius Oskoui, alors que le podium était complété par Simon Gachet. Enzo Guibbert termine 4ème dans les roues de Gachet, Nicolas Jamin 5ème, talonné par Simon Tirman, Joffrey De Narda 6ème et Victor Sendin 7ème.



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Paul Boutonnet (Tony Kart / Parilla) and Hubert Petit (Sodi / Parilla) were on the front row of the KF2 final ahead of Pascal Belmaaziz (DR / Vortex) and Remy Deguffroy (Tony Kart / Vortex), while the third row is 100% Belgian with Bryan Laloux (Kosmic / Parilla) and Sébastien Bailly (Swiss Hutless / TM). The latter had problems on the formation lap with a mechanical smoking and backfiring and couldn't take his place despite an extra lap. Boutonnet flew ahead of Belmaaziz and Petit. The first lap was quite lively, Petit ended up sixth. Deguffroy, Victor Compere, and Laloux (Kosmic / Vortex) now followed Boutonnet, who had got away and Belmazziz, who was determined. The marshals waved yellow flags before the hairpin.

Bailly finally managed to get his machine running and attempted to return to the forefront. Boutonnet had already built a big lead of more than 4 seconds by lap four, leaving his opponents to fight seriously. Laloux was now second to Deguffroy, Compere, Belmaaziz, Petit and Moineault. The fight was intense in this group of four drivers, and more particularly between Deguffroy and Compere for second place. On lap 10, Belmaaziz attacked Compere for 3rd place. Deguffroy, then second, lost his neck brace on the 11th lap and an orange-black flag directed him back to the pits ... Unluckily. Annoyed, the TKF driver complied and was at the back of the pack.

Belmaaziz thus recovered 2nd place, 4/10 from Compere, and Petit by 2.7'', and Bailly and Moineault engaged in a duel for fifth place. Moineault closed on Petit on the final lap, attempted an attack, but did not pass. It was a great victory for Paul Boutonnet, 6 seconds ahead of Belmaaziz and Compere, Petit 4th, Moineault fifth, Bailly sixth, who set the fastest lap.



Paul Boutonnet, KF3



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Valentin Naud (Kosmic / Parilla) and Gautier Becq (Sodi / Parilla) took the front row for the KF3 final, in front of Matteo Raspatelli and Julien Darras, both on Tony Kart / Parilla. Gabriel Aubry (Birel / TM) and François Bécamel (Kosmic / Parilla) were the third row ahead of Callum Ilott (Zanardi / Parilla) and Bastien Leguay (ART GP / Parilla). Delayed, Ilott failed to regain his position. Becq got the better of Naud at the lights, but Naud reversed the positions before the end of the first lap. Bécamel advanced to third from Leguay, and Benjamin Lessennes (Kosmic / Parilla), Darras in sixth and Paolo Besancenez (Sodi / Parilla) seventh. Bécamel passed Lessennes, and Darras took Besancenez before the 3rd lap. Naud controlled the race with a small lead from Becq who didn't give up, as well of the always incisive Bécamel. The French also attacked Becq who did not expect it and gave away his second place.

Romain De Leval (Kosmic / Parilla) joined the fray in sixth position, behind Besancenez. Bécamel inexorably closed on Naud who hit the gas at the halfway point, setting the fastest time to protect the lead. Ilott made a fantastic comeback, this time to 10th from last place at the start. Since the morning, the marshals waved yellow flags before the hairpin so that competitors were vigilant about the trace amounts of water on the fastest part. Unfortunately, this removed one of the main overtaking points of the circuit.

Bécamel was back in the wheels of Naud, Becq was closely followed by Lessennes and Besancenez who was threatened by De Leval: in short, the Belgians were on the attack! Darras, in 7th, set the fastest lap time on lap 14. Suddenly Lessennes attacked Becq, Besancenez tried to take advantage, but Becq skillfully kept his place ahead of Besancenez, Darras, De Leval and Lessennes. The Belgian offensive failed. But it wasn't over, De Leval and Lessennes resumed the advantage over the French at the beginning of the last lap. Naud won the race after bravely resisting Bécamel in second. 3rd place was uncertain until the end, De Leval eventually seized it before Lessennes in fourth, Darras fifth with the fastest lap in front of Besancenez in 6th, Raspatelli 7th, Becq 8th, Ilott 9th and Nikita Mazepin (Zanardi / Parilla) 10th.



Valentin Naud, KF2



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The rain stopped, so it was a dry / wet track for the KZ2 drivers at the start of their last final. Charles Fiault (Sodi / Maxter) was at the top as might be expected, followed by Adam Maatougui a way back (Energy / TM), while Eric Goron (Intrepid / TM) was fighting against Francois Santoni (PCR / TM) for 3rd place. We were looking out for Christopher Benoit (Birel / TM), Pierre Ragues (Sodi / Maxter) and Maxime Roy (Tony Kart / TM), currently the sixth, seventh and eighth.

Nolan Mantione (Birel / TM) attacked Santoni for fourth place. Benoit fall to ninth, behind Lucile Cypriano (Tony Kart / TM). On lap 5, Fiault was more than 3 seconds from Maatougui who saw the pressure intensify behind him. Ragues overcame Mantione and Goron on lap 6. The Sodi driver advanced to third less than a second off Maatougui. Although faster, Ragues didn't close up right away and there was open competition behind him. Finally, on lap 11, Roy and Ragues passed Maatougui who then fell into sixth position. Roy became very threatening to the second placed Ragues. Fiault won a race he dominated from start to finish, while Roy crossed the line in second position ahead of Ragues and Goron.



Charles Fiault, KZ2



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