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Moller-Madsen almost ran the first lap in the KF1 Final 2 in front, which seemed impossible as he started last! However Albon led the race ahead of Mark Litchfield and Nyck De Vries. The latter was soon to take second. D'Agosto was in fourth place ahead of Pakari, Basz, Kanamaru and passing Moller-Madsen, who was 10'' penalized in the standings, but not on the track ...

In mid-race, Albon still led by almost one second from Nyck De Vries. Litchfield retained third place, far enough from D'Agosto who might be worried by Basz. This was when De Vries seriously got under way. The difference was now falling by almost two tenths per lap between Nyck and the leader.

On the 11th lap De Vries took out his secret weapon, an unstoppable attack under braking at the hairpin coming from far back, the same that had given him the world title last year in KF2 on the same track. Albon had not really landed yet. Lennox-Lamb attacked Kanamaru on the last lap to take sixth place, but the Japanese driver replied and Toman got between them on the line.




Victory in the last WSK round went to Nyck De Vries from Albon, Litchfield, D'Agosto and Basz. A nice way for the young Dutchman to celebrate his title in KF1.



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Stefano Cucco (Birel / Parilla) went out in the final ready to win the WSK title: he had both a good lead in the standings and an excellent performance on Sunday. Two false starts later, the race was on. Very carefully, Cucco passed the speed traps at 35 km / h but kept the lead ahead of Sami Luka and Tanart Sathienthirakul, Antonio Giovinazzi, Victor Sendin and Damiano Fioravanti.

The first 3 were together, Tanart passed Luka on the third lap. Sendin, in fourth, led the chasing pack but almost 2.5 off the trio. Unfortunately, he found himself behind the 14th placed Pascal Belmaaziz after the chicane. Tanart returned to within 0.3 s the leader, but Luka was biding his time. Hansen overtook Fioravanti for fourth place. Cucco seemed to control the race and did not let Tanart any closer than 4 / 10.




The situation could change on the 12th lap. The Thai driver took 1 tenth suddenly. Cucco replied with the fastest lap. The final lap was coming ... but it did not change the hierarchy at the front. Victory and title went to Stefano Cucco (Birel / Parilla) and the MGM team. Sathienthirakul finished second in front of Luka, Hansen, and Michelle Gatting. In 6th was Fioravanti, who set the fastest lap.



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The KF3 final risked being like the Prefinal unless some outsiders could join in the fight. It was hoped nonetheless that the first laps would be calmer. Involved in the accident at the previous race, Alessio Piccini was missing. Dennis Olsen did not start on the grid and gave up. Verstappen was close, but Sylvest finished first lap in the lead and Matthew Graham joined the leaders. Nielsen was 4th from Esteban Ocon.

A collision slowed much of the peloton including Dorian Boccolacci. Verstappen recovered rapidly, but remained in a tight cluster. Takashi Kazai took Ocon for fifth place, but the French driver passed again on lap 4. Verstappen was fourth after leading an attack on Sylvest, the new leader, resulting in a the top 8 bunching together. Sylvest tried to escape fron Nielsen, Verstappen, Ocon and Palou. At halfway Sylvest had 1.4s lead ahead of Nielsen. For some time in his wake, Ocon attacked Verstappen, who was less incisive. Sylvest had widened his lead over Nielsen who was now closely followed by Ocon. Palou also took Verstappen.

It was a clear victory for Nicolai Sylvest then Niclas Nielsen and Esteban Ocon. Palou was fourth, Verstappen fifth, Kasai sixth.



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Antonio Piccioni (Parolin / TM) shared the front line of the second of two KZ finals with Marco Ardigo (Tony Kart / Vortex), while Rick Dreezen (Tony Kart / Vortex) was within a few meters of the title. Armand Convers stalled on the grid and another lap was given. Yannick De Brabander (Parolin / TM) was alongside Mirko Torsellini (CRG / Maxter) on the second row ahead of the CRG / Maxter pair of Arnaud Kozlinski and Davide Fore.

Ardigo led the way from Piccioni and De Brabander, then Kozlinski, Lammers, Thonon and Visser. Torsellini was hit on the line and had to retire. Lammers went to attack Piccioni, third, while De Brabander chased the leader. Ardigo, De Brabander, Piccioni, Lammers, Thonon, Kozlinski, was the order of the top 6 on the fifth lap.

De Brabander took the lead on lap 6, Piccioni returned to Ardigo and Lammers, Kozlinski overtook Thonon. The battle was between the leaders Ardigo and De Brabander. Visser, in 7th, took Thonon. De Brabander got away. Piccioni was finally finding some performance and took the second-placed Ardigo. Lammers tried to get closer to Ardigo while the drivers pulled away in the Formula Ks.




Visser had passed Thonon and started on Koko. Lammers was on Ardigo's bumper, but could not find the opening, allowing Kozlinski back into their wake. It was a double victory for Parolin / TM in the colors of Formula K and De Brabander and Piccioni. Ardigo was on the podium, Lammers finished fourth, Kozlinski fifth, Visser sixth, Thonon seventh and Dreezen, the WSK champion, eighth.



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The front row of the Prefinal in KF2 was Antonio Giovinazzi (PCR / TM) and Stefano Cucco (Birel / Parilla), followed by Sami Luka (Energy / TM), Damiano Fioravanti (Tony Kart / Vortex), Victor Sendin (Tony Kart / Vortex) and Tanart Sathienthirakul (Tony Kart / TM).

Giovinazzi took the lead ahead Luka and Cucco, then Fioravanti, Rudakov and Sendin. Cucco attacked Luka, but in vain, allowing Giovinazzi to escape Fioravanti a moment ahead of Cucco in third position.

On lap 4, Cucco and Luka moved to attack. Cucco first took Luka. Giovinazzi was now closely followed by Sathienthirakul, Sendin approached and took fourth. Fioravanti advanced to sixth ahead of Klinkby-Silver, Rudakov and Orudzhev.

Cucco was about 0.4s ahead of Luka, 0.25s ahead of the Thai driver. The laps were linked together without any changes. The drivers were trying to keep the tyres in good condition for the final. Stefano Cucco won in front of Luka, Sathienthirakul, Sendin, Giovinazzi and Klinkby-Silver.



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