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30/06/13 - 14:58

Final issues in Genk



Moments before the start of the Finals for KZ and KZ2, it may be worthwhile to have a quick look at the situation on Sunday morning after the hierarchy has been changed. In KZ2 Riccardo Negro's retirement eliminated him from the title race with mechanical failure. Marco Zanchetta saw his chances compromised during a crash, he will start 20th in the Final. In contrast, Joel Johansson is ideally placed with his victory. Another win in the Final would ensure him the title, but any other result would be more random and necessitate a larger gap from Zanchetta. Emil Antonsen could also have a say and Felice Tiene proved impressive in the Prefinal. The podium is widely accessible, and victory is not completely impossible.


In KZ, Max Verstappen undid his disadvantage and has every chance to overcome everything as it is not necessary for him to win the race to take the title. His priority will be to ensure a good result without retiring. Bas Lammers is not in the game this weekend, Marco Ardigo and Anthony Abbasse are among the main protagonists, but Jordon Lennox-Lamb is now very well positioned to compete for at least the second position in the championship. We could also see Charles Leclerc and Jonathan Thonon on the podium of the season.



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Jordon Lennox-Lamb (CRG / Parilla) made the best start in the KZ Prefinal, Jorrit Pex (CRG / TM) defended from Ben Hanley (ART GP / TM), but Charles Leclerc (ART GP / TM) quickly took third position ahead of Marco Ardigo (Tony Kart / Vortex) and Anthony Abbasse (Sodi / TM). Max Verstappen (CRG / TM) pushes to make s recovery and was already behind Jonathan Thonon (CRG / Maxter) in 7th and overtook on lap 4. Abbasse was not slow to attack Ardigo, Verstappen was following and Ardigo dropped to 8th.


At the halfway point, Lennox had 0.630'' on Pex, who was closely followed by Leclerc. Verstappen passed Abbasse on lap 9, now 4th, but Lennox was still the fastest. Verstappen continued his fight and now passed Leclerc, when Thonon overtook Abbasse. But it was not over. Verstappen managed to pass Pex, whose chain broke at the last corner.


Lennox-Lamb won the race with the fastest time and 1.7'' ahead of Verstappen. Leclerc took third position, Thonon finished fourth, Abbasse fifth, Hanley sixth and Ardigo 7th.



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Berkay Besler got away first at the start with Maxime Potty in his wake and Adeline Prudent going very well in this phase of the meeting. Potty put pressure on Besler who slid, allowing Prudent to move ahead for a few hundred meters. Ralf Aron, then Potty were in the lead. Nathan Hédouin moved up to fifth, but Prudent dropped back again.


At the halfway point, Arturo Melgar led from Aron, Potty and Mike Beckhusen, but the battle was intense in the close pack. Especially once Gautier Becq joined them. On lap 10 Potty returned to lead from Aron and Becq, with Beckhusen fourth, Melgar fifth, Magnus 6th and Prudent 7th. Apart from the top two who had got away slightly, there were 11 drivers following closely.


Becq found the strength to attack Aron for second place with two laps to go. Shaken, Prudent dropped from 5th to 12th position. Hédouin dropped to 23rd on the last lap. Potty won the first race of the 2013 Academy Trophy from Becq and Aron.




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Jan Midrla (Birel / TM) immediately took the lead in Prefinal 2 from Symen Wiggers (CRG / TM) and Jules Szymkowiak (Zanardi / TM), while Joel Johansson (Energy / TM) was slightly pushed at the first corner at Genk. But the Swede didn't take long to regain ground, passing for second on the fourth lap, and probably now knew he has a great opportunity to win the European title.




Szymkowiak retired shortly after Victor Öberg (Gillard / TM), though well placed in the top five fell to 32nd. Christopher Hays (Energy / TM) moved up to fourth behind Wiggers, Menno Paauwe (Birel / TM) was fifth, and Felice Tiene in particular moving up the field, 6th after halfway. Johansson took the lead on the 10th of 15 laps and won the race ahead of Midrla and Wiggers. Tiene set the fastest lap and finished fourth behind Hays and Paauwe.



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The weather is beautiful at Genk on Sunday morning, the temperature is close to 20 ° and there is no rain, the sun is trying to break through the thin cloud cover.


Riccardo Negro (DR / TM) lost it all at the start, retiring on the 2nd lap of prefinal 1 of the European KZ2 Championship. His main adversary, Marco Zanchetta (Maranello / TM) was caught in a collision shortly after and dropped to 16th. Meanwhile, the German Alexander Schmitz (Tony Kart / Vortex) was comfortably ahead of the Croatian Kristijan Habulin (CRG / Modena), Emil Antonsen (DR / TM) and Nicola Marcon (Tony Kart / Vortex). Pedro Hiltbrand (LH / Maxter) was back into the top five with Kenny Charles (Merlin / TM), Alex Palou (CRG / Maxter) and Yard Pex (CRG / TM) in pursuit.


Daniel Bray, Clement Da Silva and Charly Bizalion joined the group of dropouts. Just behind Zanchetta, just qualified, Charles Fiault (Sodi / TM) was 13th from Maxime Roy (Tony Kart / Vortex). The finish didn't bring big changes: Schmitz won ahead of Habulin and Antonsen, while many competitors were called to the sporting commission.



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