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Joel Johansson and Simas Juodvirsis filled a front row that was 100% Energy / TM for the KZ2 final, followed by Mirko Torsellini (Tony Kart / Vortex) and Jordon Lennox-Lamb (CRG / Maxter). Juodvirsis stayed ahead perfectly ahead of Torsellini, Lennox-Lamb and Johansson who were engaged in a battle which ended with both drivers off the track on the second lap, ruining the title hopes of Lennox-Lamb and causing a regrettable loss of composure on his part ... As Riccardo Negro (DR / TM) dropped to the back on the first lap, the title should revert to Juodvirsis who quietly continued his race ahead of Torsellini, Philipp Orcic (CRG / TM) and Dylan Davies (PCR / TM) . Torsellini gradually closed back up to the leader, it was believed that he would attack with three laps to go, but Juodvirsis gained a few meters and crossed the line as winner and champion in KZ2, following his European title. Torsellini was second, Orcic third, Davies 4th, Stefan Riener 5th (DR / TM).



Conditions of the race:

Air temperature 28.7 °, track temperature 53 degrees, sunny skies, moderate winds.



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Alessio Lorandi (Tony Kart / Vortex) and Alex Palou (CRG / BMB) were on the front row of the KF3 final. Vitor Baptista (CRG / BMB) had trouble starting. Lorandi already got away ahead of Georgy Antonov (CRG / Parilla), Palou, Callum Ilott (Zanardi / Parilla), George Russell (Intrepid / Vortex) and Dorian Boccolacci (Intrepid / TM) who stole fifth place on the second lap. Antonov fell to sixth, Russell and Boccolacci fought over fourth position, Julien Darras (Tony Kart / Parilla) advanced to sixth from Luca Corberi (Kosmic / Vortex), José Fortunato (Energy / TM), Alessio Piccini (Kosmic / Vortex) and Dan Ticktum (Zanardi / Parilla).

It was a close trio leading the race with Lorandi, Ilott and Palou, then Russell, Darras, Boccolacci, and Corberi. Ilott attacked Lorandi for the lead, Palou followed in second position ahead of Lorandi. At the halfway point, Darras passed Russell who was also passed by Boccolacci and Corberi. The top three stretched out, Darras was a few steps ahead of the furious pack of Corberi, Russell, Ticktum, and Piccini. Darras was caught up by Corberi who passed on lap 9. On the last lap, Simone Cunati (Top Kart / Parilla) closed up to Boccolacci but couldn't pass.

Victory went to Callum Ilott, who set the fastest lap, ahead of Alex Palou who wins the championship. Alessio Lorandi was on the third step of the podium in front of Corberi, Darras, Russell and Boccolacci.



Weather for the race:

Air temperature 28.5 °, track temperature 52 degrees, sunny skies, moderate winds.



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The inner line was taken by Ben Barnicoat (ART GP / Parilla) who started slightly ahead of Tom Joyner (LH / BMB) at the start of the KF2 prefinal. Behind Barnicoat, Nicklas Nielsen (Kosmic / Vortex) beat Dennis Olsen (Energy / TM), Joyner, Damiano Fioravanti (Tony Kart / Vortex), Charles Leclerc (ART GP / Parilla) and Antonio Fuoco (Kosmic / Vortex). Max Verstappen (Zanardi / Parilla) started 31st. Olsen went second in the wheels of Barnicoat, Joyner was a little behind, followed closely by Nielsen and Leclerc in full battle. Felice Tiene (CRG / BMB) recovered to sixth ahead of Carlos Gil (Tony Kart / Vortex). Verstappen returned to the parc ferme.



Barnicoat got away from the threat of Olsen, Joyner slightly outpaced Leclerc and Nielsen. Fuoco was delayed and advanced to eighteenth from Flavio Camponeschi (Tony Kart / Vortex) who started last. Remy Deguffroy (Tony Kart / Vortex) had a good race in 12th position. Shortly after the halfway point, Leclerc captured third place and Joyner seemed slower. Olsen stopped at the start of the last lap, apparently suffering a mechanical problem.

Barnicoat easily won the prefinal by 8/10 ahead of Leclerc who was in good position for the championship. He set the fastest lap, with Nielsen, Tiene, Joyner, Fioravanti, Gil and Vivacqua behind.

Weather for the race:

Air temperature 28 °, track temperature 50 degrees, sunny skies, moderate winds.



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With a solid run, Ben Barnicoat (ART GP / Parilla) was at the front after the qualification heats leading in KF2 at the WSK Euro Series in Zuera, followed by two very consistent drivers, Tom Joyner (LH / BMB) and Nicklas Nielsen ( Kosmic / Vortex). But Charles Leclerc (ART GP / Parilla) was still in the game, well back in his last race after a collision early in the race. In fifth, Dennis Olsen (Energy / TM) had won three races, but also had an 18th place. 6th place was the Brazilian Thiago Vivacqua (Zanardi / Parilla) from Antonio Fuoco (Kosmic / Vortex).

Felice Tiene (CRG / BMB) showed up 12th despite his two victories, Anthoine Hubert (Formula K / TM) 15th, Max Verstappen (Zanardi / Parilla) 24th with a performance boost in the last two hears, just ahead of Remy Deguffroy (Tony Kart / Vortex). Flavio Camponeschi (Tony Kart / Vortex) was the last qualifier in 34th position. Kevin Rossel, Karol Basz, Paul Boutonnet (Tony Kart / Parilla), Valentin Moineault (Tony Kart / Vortex), Niklas Nylund (ART GP / Parilla), Kenny Marquez (Kosmic / Vortex), Nikolaj Moller-Madsen (CRG / BMB), Victor Compere (Kosmic / Vortex) didn't qualify ...



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There was an electrifying front row in the KF3 Prefinal B with Alex Palou (CRG / BMB) and George Russell (Intrepid / Vortex). Palou escaped at the front, far ahead of Dorian Boccolacci (Intrepid / TM) and Georgy Antonov (CRG / Parilla). Russell dropped to fourth.  Next were Jose Fortunato (Energy / TM), Niko Kari (Tony Kart / Vortex), Julien Darras (Tony Kart / Parilla) was 7th, Bryan Elpitiya (Zanardi / Parilla) 8th. Paolo Besancenez (Sodi / Parilla) went off the track at the start line. Boccolacci was closely followed by Antonov in sector 3. Darras passed for 6th, Elpitiya dropped to 13th.

Russell returns to Boccolacci at halfway, to third, and was in his wake before fighting with Antonov. Palou was on his own in the lead, 2'' from a group of three drivers, Antonov, Russell, Boccolacci, then Kari 6/10 back, then Darras 2s back hounded by Thomas Bale (FA Kart / Vortex). Palou won the race ahead of Russell who overcame Antonov. Boccolacci narrowly saved his fourth place with a lot of opposition from Kari, Darras finished 6th from Bale. Elpitiya moved back into the top 10.



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