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The top three in the Prefinal in Mini Max found themselves in a fight early in the final; Devin Boutot (USA), Davide Malukas (USA) and Sting Ray Robb (USA). But Antonio Serravalle (CAN) flew back from 11th position on the grid and took control shortly after the halfway point. He resisted attacks perfectly from many of his opponents and crossed the finish line as the winner ahead of Malukas, Samuel Lupien (Canada), and Aidan Boutot 4th and Keel (USA) 5th.



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It was an incredible final for the 34 Micro Max drivers at the wheel of their OK1 chassis, an epic battle from one end to the other of the 10-lap race with very tight groups and constant overtaking. There was a three-way battle to begin with between Matthew Latifi (CAN), Nicholas D'Orlando (USA) and Maxwell Waithman (USA). Then they were back in the pack in the last two laps of madness after which Dylan Tavella (USA) won after a lot of action against Waithman then Patrick Woods-Toth (CAN) 3rd, the Latifi 4th and D'Orlando 5th.



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Kazimieras Vasiliauskas (LTU) led the DD2 Prefinal after the start, but Shaun Slavin (GBR) and Joey Wimsett (USA) didn't let him get away. Xen De Ruwe (BEL) was slightly distanced in fourth position, followed by Daniel Formal (USA) and Simas Juodvirsis (LTU). Slavin lost out after contact on lap 6 and Vasiliauskas took to their heels ahead of Formal, De Ruwe and Juodvirsis. Wimsett, in fifth, lost two places in the process. There was a big fight for second place which Juodvirisis seized from Formal and De Ruwe. But he had to drop out due to a technical problem. Ben Cooper (CAN) made it into the top 5. Juodvirsis was threatened by Formal during the last few laps, but he resisted and kept second position while Vasiliauskas won the race by 4.6''. Formal finished 3rd, Wimsett 4th, Oriol Dalmau Caballer (ESP) 5th and Cooper 6th. Besides De Ruwe and Slavin, Pier-Luc Ouellette (CAN) and Sean Babington (GBR) were the big losers in the prefinal.



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The sky was overcast, and heat and humidity increased together in late morning. Cristiano Morgado (RSA) immediately took control of the DD2 Master prefinal ahead of Alan Rudolph (USA) and Christophe Adams (FRA), who was soon followed by place Fernando Guzzi (BRA), and Jose Luis Chicharro (ESP) 5th. Marc Berteaux (FRA) was 11th, but Michael Dauphin (FRA) had already retired. Morgado was flying but it was between Rudolph, Adams and Guzzi for second position. Rudolph got away from the trio to close on Morgado halfway and Guzzi took third ahead of Adams and Chicharro, and Adam Hunter (AUS) approached.


The chasing trio reformed 1'' behind Morgado. Guzzi attacked Rudolph, followed by Adams who was giving it everything. Marc Berteaux was up to 13th, while Guillaume Berteaux (FRA) was 15th, but Morgan Hipp (FRA) remained far behind. It was heated for 3rd place on the final lap. Hunter attacked and got the better of Rudolph in fourth and Adams fifth, while Morgado won the race followed by Guzzi. Marc Berteaux finished 13th, Guillaume Berteaux 14th after a great recovery, and Hipp was 29th.



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There was a tumultuous start to the Senior prefinal and a red flag to calm things down. After a few minutes and a new briefing, the starting procedure began again, but the pressure is always present on the track. Oliver Hodgson (USA) escaped in in the lead, Philipp Morin (SWE) and Aavo Talvar (EST) were followed by Carlos Gil (ESP) in fifth, Edward Brand (GBR) sixth, Charlie Eastwood (IRL) 7th. Hodgson was almost a full second ahead on the third lap and Talvar was isolated in second position for a few laps ahead of Gil, Eastwood, Fowlie and Morin who had lost four places. Starting at the back Xavier Pozzoli (FRA) was running 27th. Albert Gil (ESP) was very delayed and Harry Webb (GBR) was no longer in the race.


Hodgson increased his lead, and Eastwood returned gradually to Alvar with Gil in his wake. Fowlie, in fifth, was 2" behind. The excellent battle for 2nd place intensified between Talvar, Eastwood and Gil, which allowed Fowlie to close in. Bezel Petr (CZE) and Oliver Askew (USA) were not far behind in 6th and 7th positions. Eastwood took second ahead of a group of six furious drivers with Brand featuring strongly. We almost forgot Hodgson in the lead by 4.4'' on the way to the finish line. Gil took second, passing at the checkered flag in front of Eastwood in third, Fowlie fourth, Bezel fifth, Talvar sixth and Brand seventh. Pozzoli finished 24th.



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