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Pilote > Nyck DE VRIES



Nyck De Vries avait préparé, pour la dernière fois en karting, un ensemble casque, combinaison et carrosserie spécifique en guise d'hommage à Dino Chiesa pour son ultime compétition, lors du Championnat du Monde KF1 à Suzuka. Une fois certain d'avoir obtenu pour la deuxième fois consécutive la couronne mondiale, il a pu afficher un sourire de soulagement en même temps que ses nouvelles couleurs. Sur son kart, le mot "Zanardi" a été habilement transformé en "Grazie Dino", et un patchwork de photos retraçant les moments forts de sa carrière ornaient l'ensemble. Ciao Nyck, KSP et Kartcom ont été fiers d'être tes partenaires privilégiés en photo et communication durant ces belles années.








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International Event > CIK-FIA Asia-Pacific Championships

In the Final, Shuehi Hayashi (Birel-Parilla) made a fast start in front of Max Klingby-Silver (Birel-BMB) and Damiano Fioravanti (Tony Kart-Vortex). But on lap 5 the Japanese driver dropped to 3rd and Klingby-Silver charged into a lead which grew lap by lap. He was far in front at half way but by two-thirds race distance, Arata Saeki (FA Kart-Vortex) was closing fast. The gap came down and it was no surprise when he took the lead on lap 20. So the Dane had to be content with 2nd place with Fioravanti taking 3rd place to squeeze Hayashi off the podium.



Saeki was delighted with his win. ‘I am very, very happy to come from 14th on the grid up to the front and passing many good rivals. I felt very confident in the handling of my kart.

Klingby-Silver was clear in the cause of defeat. ‘We made the wrong tyre choice for the 24 lap race. I couldn’t do anything to defend against the pass by Saeki, but I am still very happy to be on the podium’.



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International > World Karting Championship


Sporting a new design on his Zanardi / Parilla, new graphics and a new helmet, Nyck De Vries, now assured of his second world title, probably wanted to do honor to his last race in karting. He perfectly fulfilled this mission in race four in the World Championship for KF1, the most competitive of the weekend at Suzuka. There were four different leaders, more than a dozen changes to the lead and an finish full of suspense. The audience, as always, were indulged as two Japanese drivers were on the podium.

Slightly headed by De Vries at the lights, Ignazio D'Agosto (Tony Kart / Vortex) quickly regained the lead before being attacked by Daiki Sasaki (Birel / Parilla). The skirmish between the two men lasted for four laps before Kazuya Ishii (Birel / BMB) joined the fight in mid-race by taking first place, a great feat for a driver who started last!

Meanwhile, Alex Albon (Intrepid / TM) was having a torrid time, last following a collision on the first lap. His second in the championship was then compromised by Flavio Camponeschi (Tony Kart / Vortex), who was second in the opening laps. But the Italian lost a few places and retired on lap 8. Yu Kanamaru (Tony Kart / Vortex) attempted to join in the fray early in the race, 3rd on lap 3, but he had damage and gradually fell to ninth.




Losing two places at the start, Karol Basz (RK / BMB) was then between fifth and sixth positions. At the front of the race, Ishii led D'Agosto on lap 12, with De Vries taking 4th place. The battle intensified towards the checkered flag with the arrival of Kiyoto Fujinami (LH / TM) who started 16th. The changes in position were multiplying, De Vries held the lead but was unable to get away by a sufficient distance. On the last lap, D'Agosto dropped to fifth with Fujinami 2nd, Sasaki 3rd and Basz fourth, while De Vries celebrated on the finish line.







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Evenement International > World Karting Championship

International > World Karting Championship


There was a strange atmosphere for race 3 in KF1, the first on Sunday at Suzuka. The challenges started to weigh heavily on the shoulders of some and confrontation was in prospect between the protagonists of the World Championship. Nyck De Vries (Zanardi / Parilla) made the best start to lead at the first corner ahead of Flavio Camponeschi (Tony Kart / Vortex) and the amazing Kazuya Ishii (Birel / BMB) then Ignazio D'Agosto, the pole sitter. Ishii inflamed his audience, then Camponeschi grabbed the lead on lap 2. Unfortunately, Ishii's engine died on the following lap: De Vries, on his heels, could not avoid him and was held up, but without consequences.

De Vries lead from D'Agosto who stayed in his wheeltracks throughout the race. Behind them, Karol Basz (RK / BMB) was in a solid third place while fourth was Camponeschi following the retirement of Ishii. D'Agosto stayed close to De Vries, and seemed to have the resources, but waited until two laps before the end to attack the Dutch driver. Everyone drove very correctly, De Vries tried to reply, but D'Agosto was definitely faster and won. Basz gained his third podium in a row ahead of Camponeschi, who in fourth set the fastest lap, then Alex Albon (Intrepid / TM) from 10th on the grid. It is rumored that Nyck De Vries has already won the Championship, so the battle is between Camponeschi, Albon, D'Agosto and Basz for the second step of the podium of the season.



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